Be at the Pace of Nature rather than at the Pace of Mankind

Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Group of Islands (pronounced Yah-sow-wah) completes the majestic arc of islands, resting north off Viti Levu and nudging the Idyllic Mamanuca archipelago. The Yasawa Islands, as a consequence of their geographical location, have avoided becoming heavily commercialised and have remained true to the Fijian traditions, steeped in history and Fijian folklore.

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Fiji’s Events Calendar is loaded with festivals and celebrations to delight and inspire you. Flamboyant cultural festivals are held throughout the year, many of which are Hindu festivals put on by the Fijian-Indian community. Experience the week-long carnival-type festivals in Nadi, Suva, and Lautoka, or for something more cultural, head to Savusavu or Levuka. There are 10 public holidays in the Fijian calendar, some of which feature traditional dance and other public displays. Yachting regattas and music festivals are also popular, and there are regular rugby, golf, and surfing tournaments. Whether you’re into music, culture, or sport, you’ll easily find an event or festival for you.



If you’re seeking richer, fuller experiences through travel, know that it’s worth it to embrace the slower pace of travel that comes with wellness retreats on the blue and white pristine islands of Fiji.

Wellness retreats have many benefits, from supporting your personal growth to helping you heal yourself mentally and physically, encouraging you to reconnect with friends and family and yourself, slowing the mind and body by getting away from everyday responsibilities, and giving yourself the space to focus on your own personal goals.  Be at the pace of nature rather than at the pace of mankind.

Guests can experience the power of Fluidform and join Australia’s leading Pilates instructor, Kirsten King, to rediscover confidence and inner power.

The First Pilates and Wellness Retreat in Fiji With Fluidform at Six Senses Fiji

Six Senses Fiji is excited to invite guests to its inaugural four-day wellness retreat in May 2024, in collaboration with leading Pilates brand, Fluidform. For the past two years, Six Senses has been successfully hosting wellness events, retreats, and festivals around the world. Now Six Senses Fiji has partnered with Fluidform to host a unique four-day retreat from May 16 to 20, 2024 to transform minds and bodies through functional movement led by Fluidform founder, Kirsten King. 


Fiji has become the culinary epicentre for the South Pacific, with its unique variety of multi-cultural cuisine, flavours, ingredients, and historical tales that bring the nation alive. Activities such as tastings, cooking classes, and visits to food markets allow you to fully absorb the essence of the islands through their gastronomy.  The variety present in Fijian cuisine is the product of the sum of its own factors, such as its pristine geography, rich biodiversity, and cultural traditions, as well as external ones, such as the multi-cultural heritage given the mergers with cultures from the rest of the world throughout history.

So when you come to Fiji, do a deep dive into the culture through its many fine dishes. From the local markets to internationally awarded restaurants, the essence of the food remains the same: love and respect for the individual elements and cultural heritage of each dish. 


Kokomo Private Island and Chef Lennox Hastie Unite for an Exceptional Culinary Affair

In an exciting collaboration, Kokomo Private Island has teamed up with internationally renowned Chef Lennox Hastie of Gildas and Firedoor, Australia’s only fully wood-fired restaurant, to curate a unique culinary adventure on the island in 2024.

The three-night gourmet experience will take place from the 8th to the 11th of February, seamlessly blending the island’s pristine natural beauty and produce with Chef Lennox Hastie’s culinary mastery to create an extraordinary journey for foodies.

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