10 Reasons to Visit Kadavu | Resoundingly Peaceful

Diving at Oneta Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji.

The Kadavu Group, Fiji’s fourth-largest island lies about 100 kilometres south of Viti Levu. Divers are particularly fascinated by the 50km-long Astrolabe Reef which encloses a lagoon containing a number of islands.  Widely acknowledged as one of Fiji’s most unspoiled islands, its lush rainforests and exotic wildlife have earned Kadavu a reputation as one of Fiji’s most beautiful islands. Kadavu still has 75% of its original rainforest cover and rich bird diversity, including four species endemic to the island. Kadavu is one of the least developed areas of Fiji with few roads, and a local economy largely dependent on subsistence…

Small is Beautiful

Lady Snorkelling of the Coast of Kadavu with flippers, half underwater half above water photography, backdrop Kadavu coastline
Snorkeling of the Coast of Kadavu | Image: kadavufiji.org)

Small resorts and traditional villages dot the coastline of the archipelago’s two main islands, Ono and Kadavu. This is about as far a cry from the high-rise buildings that one might be used to seeing as possible. Escape the fast-paced urban lifestyle and relish in island living on incalculable Fiji time.

Safe and Unspoiled

Imagine a place with no roads, no noise, and away from the everyday hustle and bustle. All around are beautiful beaches, dive sites, forest trails, and other uninhabited islands where you’re not likely to see anyone except the occasional resort staff, local guide, fellow traveler, or perhaps a Kadavu Islander(s) going about their daily lives.

True Travel Adventures

Kadavu is a destination for adventurers of all ages and abilities. Activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, outrigger canoeing, sea kayaking, fishing, hiking, bird watching, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming under waterfalls, and much, much more. Travelers seeking a close-to-nature adventure in a safe, remote, and yet easily accessible Pacific Island setting need to look no further.


Fiji is best known for its friendly people and famous, infectious Bula smiles. This Bula spirit is certainly not lost while in Kadavau. For most travelers, the Kadavu experience starts with a spectacular, scenic flight from Fiji’s mainland followed by an exhilarating boat ride along the coast. As you journey to the archipelago, enjoy the amiable service and orientation from our crew.

Outside the Tourist Bubble

Interested in doing something different instead of visiting the usual tourist destinations? Picture yourself surrounded by all of Mother Nature’s creations including plunging volcanic rainforest slopes, azure coral lagoons, and the main attraction, the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. Combine all this with the sounds of cascading waves along crystal clear waters, tall swaying palms, and singing birds hopping among the trees, it’s heaven on earth.

Diving the Great Astrolabe Reef

Two Guests at Kokomo island Resort are preparing to go for a dive off the coast of the islands, pristine clear waters, coral reef in the background. Aerial View
Diving at Kokomo Private Island Fiji | Image: kadavufiji.org)

Explore the notable Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef and witness breathtaking moments of nature below… and above the water. This idyllic and pristine setting is bound to capture the true essence of evolution and make an indelible impression on your soul.

National Park-like Environment

The sparsely populated islands of Kadavu are protected by one of the world’s largest and healthiest coral reefs and are surrounded by lagoons home to abundant marine life. Here travelers will find an unpolluted, tropical archipelago largely undeveloped and in many ways unchanged from generations past. It’s the place to be. It’s Fiji untouched.

No Roads and Towns

With no large towns, busy roads, or big hotels, Kadavu offers a fresh alternative to Fiji’s main tourism destinations and let’s face it, most of the world’s populated areas. The largest settlement we offer is a village, the only roads are for feet or horses. The Kadavu archipelago is bordered by the illustrious Great Astrolabe Reef which will be your main pathway other than a few hiking trails on the island.

Safe: No Dangerous Animals, Diseases, Etc.

There are no dangerous animals, no social unrest, no significant levels of crime, and no particular health risks. In this tranquil natural park-like environment, the dominant sounds are the distant roars of the ocean breaking on the outer reef and the calls of the many birds of the rainforest. Enjoy the resoundingly peaceful Pacific wilderness.

Authentic Culture

Various cultures celebrate their diverse belief and traditions, and for us in the South Pacific, it’s no different. The island countries in Oceania share almost the same cultural practices such as kava drinking, mat weaving, and Lovo making (underground cooking). In Kadavu, Fiji, visitors are invited to explore villages and schools, experience a homestay with a local family, and participate in song and dance performances and other traditional activities. Live ‘among us’, ‘with us’, ‘like us’, and ‘as us’.

Video: Kadavu Island scuba diving the Great Astrolabe Reef