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Set sail on a range of small-ship discovery cruises, day tours, and restaurant cruises with Captain Cook Fiji – and make it a holiday to remember.  From the volcanic Yasawa Islands, to the remote Northern Islands, we can take you to some of the most beautiful and remote places in the world. You’ll visit places rarely seen by tourists, away from the hustle and bustle so you can truly relax and enjoy what Fiji has to offer. You’ll take part in cultural activities and immerse yourself in the traditional Fijian way of life, then return to the luxury and elegance of our modern vessels.

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Day Cruises | Dinner Sail

Our day cruises are designed to give you a taste of the real Fiji; it’s great food, spectacular scenery, friendly people, and the opportunity to be as active or laid back as you want. From our Tivua Island Day Cruise and Fiji Sunset Dinner Cruise to our Private Yacht Sailing Adventure Cruises, there’s something for every traveler. So if you’re staying at a resort and want to explore the real Fiji by yacht, read on to find your perfect day in paradise.

Tivua Island Day Cruise

Step aboard our magnificent tall ships – Ra Marama & Spirit of the Pacific – or the luxurious sailing catamaran Fiji One to set sail for beautiful Tivua Island, a tiny jewel in the Mamanuca island group.

Tivua Island is our exclusive atoll surrounded by a circle of white sandy beaches and 500 acres of coral gardens. Here visitors will enjoy an unforgettable day in paradise, with a big range of activities to choose from and something for absolutely everyone.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

As we cruise amongst the magnificent Mamanuca Islands, you’ll be treated to traditional Fijian cultural entertainment, including the song and dance Fijians are famous for and dine on a superb buffet dinner, which includes the option to upgrade to whole lobster if desired.

Diving Packages

  • Small Ship Cruise Dives: Explore various dive sites when you join a Mamanuca, Yasawa Island, Lau Group or Kadavu cruises.
  • The Awakening Shark Dive (3 or 7 night Yasawa Cruise): Enjoy an intimate dive with sharks in their natural habitat.
  • Day Trip Dive Safari to Tivua Island: Learn to dive straight from the beach. For advanced divers, dive off the wreck of the MV Raiyawa on the edge of the Tivua Island reef.

Fiji Small Ship Cruises

Leave the tourist trail behind and experience the ‘real Fiji’ on a Captain Cook Cruises adventure and discovery small ship cruise. Whether it’s a 3, 4, or 7-night cruise or a relaxing 11-night island cruise, we have an itinerary designed to give you the best possible experience in the time you have available. Visit places where larger cruise ships simply can’t venture and discover the stunning natural beauty of Fiji and the amazing cultures of its people.

Southern Yasawa Island Cruise | 3 Night

Southern Yasawa Island Cruise | 3 Night (Courtesy of Management)
Southern Yasawa Island Cruise | 3 Night (Courtesy of Management)

Cruise amongst the breathtaking scenery of Mamanuca and Southern Yasawa Islands on this spectacular small ship adventure. Designed for those with limited time, it allows you to enjoy the best of this extraordinary part of the world in 3 unforgettable nights.

You’ll sail through the Mamanuca Island group to Nuku-I-Mana cay, a famously beautiful location renowned for its excellent snorkeling. The Mamanucas are Fiji’s most popular island group, made up of 20 palm-fringed islands that are home to some of Fiji’s most exclusive resorts. With stunning white sand beaches, warm turquoise water, swaying coconut palms, and amazing coral gardens, you’ll be completely captivated by their untouched beauty.

Northern Yasawa Island Cruise | 4 Night

Northern Yasawa Island Cruise | 4 Night (Courtesy of Management)
Northern Yasawa Island Cruise | 4 Night (Courtesy of Management)

Join MV Reef Endeavour for a journey of discovery, as we cruise around the north of Yasawa and visit Pacific jewels like the famous Sawa-i-lau limestone cave and blue lagoon. This 4-night cruise is perfect for those who have limited time but want a slightly longer break than 3 nights.

You’ll cruise to our privately owned Tivua island and spend time exploring the beaches and coral reef and if diving is your passion, there’s also a new wreck, Raiyawa to explore. You’ll see many beautiful beaches along the way including Drawaqa Bay and Yaqeta Beach and the pinnacle of our cruise is a visit to the world-famous Sawa-i-lau aquamarine limestone lagoon, which featured in the 1980 movie ‘Blue Lagoon’.

Yasawa & Mamanuca Island Cruise | 7 Night

Yasawa & Mamanuca Island Cruise | 7 Night (Courtesy of Management)
Yasawa & Mamanuca Island Cruise | 7 Night (Courtesy of Management)

For those who just can’t get enough of Fiji’s beautiful beaches, coral reefs, islands, and rich customs and culture, our 7-night tour of the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands are the ultimate discovery cruise. Combining 7, our 3 and 4-night tours of the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, our 7-night tour will give you access to all of the most breathtaking scenery and cultural experiences that this beautiful region has to offer.

The Mamanuca group is comprised of 20 stunning palm-fringed islands with beautiful white sand beaches, stunning coral gardens, and some of Fiji’s most famous resorts, while the rugged Yasawa group is composed of 16 islands stretching for some 90 kilometers, making it the place to experience the pristine, untouched natural beauty of Fiji.

Remote North Discovery Cruise | 7 Night

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Enjoy a truly unique Fiji Islands cultural experience set amongst unforgettable scenery on our spectacular 7 night Remote North Discovery Cruise. You’ll cruise beyond the Yasawa Islands to the remote town of Levuka on the island of Ovalau. Steeped in history, this time capsule to colonial rule boasts a stately backdrop of 19th-century architecture and waterfront promenades, including the historic Royal Hotel, the oldest continuously operating hotel in the South Pacific.

Levuka was Fiji’s first capital from 1874 until 1883, but the rugged mountains that surround it stifled its economic growth and when Suva was declared the new capital in 1989, Levuka literally froze in time. It was later designated a historic town and given World Heritage Status in 2013.

4 Cultures Discovery Cruise | 7 Night

4 Cultures Discovery Cruise | 7 Night (Courtesy of Management)
4 Cultures Discovery Cruise | 7 Night (Courtesy of Management)

If you enjoy experiencing new cultures and customs, you’ll love our 7 Night Fiji 4 Cultures Discovery Cruise. You’ll spend seven glorious days and nights exploring stunning and remote islands rarely visited by tourists and on the way, you’ll discover the four distinctly different and colorful cultures of Fiji, including the Ellice Islanders, Barnabas, Indian and Fijian people.

Cruise highlights include exploring the stunning islands, rivers, and rainforests of the remote north, circumnavigating Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second-largest island, snorkeling on The Great Sea Reef, and experiencing the rich Indian culture of Labasa with a visit to the Hindu snake temple to touch the sacred Cobra Rock. You’ll also enjoy a trip to the bustling Labasa markets, a cultural experience that wouldn’t be complete without sitting down to a fabulous Bollywood show at the local hotel.

Lau & Kadavu Cruise | 7 or 11 Night

Lau & Kadavu Cruise | 7 or 11 Night (Courtesy of Management)
Lau & Kadavu Cruise | 7 or 11 Night (Courtesy of Management)

If you want to experience the real Fiji, join us on MV Reef Endeavour as we explore the Lau Islands and Kadavu; a beautiful and remote region rarely seen by tourists. A visit to this region offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to a select few travelers, visiting turquoise bays and remote villages where they only see a supply boat once a month.

Cruise highlights include a swim at a waterfall, exploring old ruins, snorkeling untouched reefs, and getting up close with nesting turtles. You’ll also explore the caves, reefs, and lagoons of Qilaqila renowned for its mushroom-shaped islands, and the central lake on uninhabited Vuaqava island where you’ll find turtles, snakes, and amazing birdlife. Best of all, you’ll be welcomed and entertained by the friendly people of this region and experience a traditional Meke, Sevusevu, and lovo quite different from the traditional Fijian feast.

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