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LIQUID STATE FREEDIVING is the first to bring AIDA freediving education to Fiji. AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) was founded in France in 1992. The original founders developed the education system that all other training agencies base their freediving courses on. AIDA is the governing body for international freediving competitions and world records. AIDA is a nonprofit organization working towards the advancement of freediving as a sport as well as the physiological science involved We at LIQUID STATE FREEDIVING in Fiji are driven by the passion for freediving and want to share that passion with you. Freediving can be a positive life-changing experience.

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Whether you are a snorkeler wanting to spend more time at depth or an advanced freediver wanting to increase breath-hold time and depth; whether you are a spearfisherman wanting access to bigger targets deeper down or a surfer who wants more breath-hold confidence to tackle bigger waves; whether you are interested in the meditative and relaxation aspects of apnea and pranayama yoga or you are a gas-guzzling scuba diver wanting to improve air consumption and become a safer scuba diver, we at LIQUID STATE FREEDIVING can help you to unlock your bodies potential to dive on one breath. We are all born with this ability.

Freediving is not an extreme sport and is extremely safe to learn and practice following AIDA standards.

LIQUID STATE FREEDIVING is 100% Fijian-owned and operated. We use only late model, state-of-the-art equipment and we choose to dive and train sites with the best possible conditions to make your experience as fun and safe as possible.  For those who are more familiar with PADI, we also offer PADI freediver certification.

In addition, we teach EFR (Emergency First Responder & CPR) courses with certification for scuba divemasters, instructors, master freedivers, or anybody interested.

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