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Nabogiono Farms Taveuni is a family-owned heritage property with close links to the National Trust of Fiji Islands. The Farm is located on Taveuni Island and comprises a freehold property of just over 40 hectares (98 acres), situated on arguably one of the most stunningly beautiful islands in the entire Pacific ocean.  The Farm actively preserves traditional knowledge and demonstrates this to all visitors, in particular to the young people of Fiji. The land managers hope to inculcate ecological and biodiversity values and demonstrate good husbandry practices and sustainable farming.

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Initially used for coconut copra farming until 1978 the farm has since been conserved by the owning family as a natural habitat for wildlife while continuing to be run as a farm. The colonial-designed home in which the owning family resides is over 70 years old and is made from timber and concrete. The property comprises of 400 meters of sea frontage, 10 hectares of jungle re-growth around the homestead, a rich natural habitat for the birds, and approximately 17 hectares of the farming area.

Integrated farming management is used on the farm. The agriculture practiced here includes agroforestry, traditional medicinal plant, tropical fruit trees, and native forest trees and plants. The farm is broken into three sections comprising:

  1. A section of coconut palms, fruit frees, and yaqona and dalo (traditional field crops);
  2. Another section of coconut palms for green fuelwood trees, yaqona and dalo; and;
  3. The balance of the area (approximately 13 hectares) comprises tropical virgin rainforest. A wide range of seasonal fruit trees, 35 varieties, produce seeds that are collected for local distribution. A similarly broad collection of traditional medicinal plants are grown which are necessary for traditional medicinal practices.



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