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Get on board Sea Venture the only boat of its kind in the South Pacific her unique hydrofoil design allows the vessel to skim the water’s surface while maintaining stability seaworthiness and ensuring guest comfort and safety. Enjoy the reef without ever getting wet! Day or Night, turn on the underwater lights to reveal what happens at nightfall. Look for sharks, spot Nemo no swimming is required just relaxed comfortable viewing through the optical viewport onboard Sea Venture. Suitable for all ages with private charters and group booking available.

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  • Avatar of Ashley Buchanan Ashley Buchanan

    I’ve never dealt with such disrespect over simply asking for clarification on information provided by a company. My daughters looked forward to doing this excursion, and initially speaking to the owner Cindy, was told that the tour passes through the Shark reef. After speaking to a staff member trying to lock in the time for my co workers and kids, she informed me that they don’t go through the Shark reef if there are divers and that it wasn’t guaranteed passing through the Shark reef. I immediately stopped her and said I was informed and advised we would and that I really don’t understand how your company could promise one thing and it be another. The customer service I received was totally disappointed and the staff member lied and said I threatened her. My daughter stood right next to me when I asked because she really wanted not to go if we couldn’t see the sharks. Never raised my voice nor threatened anyone.

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