Suva Municipal Market


Situated beside the Suva bus station, the Suva market has vegetable stands on the first floor with kava, spices, and basic vegetables such as potatoes and onions on the second. You can find a large variety of freshly grown vegetables and local fruit grown and harvested in the interior.

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The seafood section is especially interesting with many species unknown to westerners such as nama and lumi (seaweed) usually mixed with coconut milk (lolo), lemon and chillies. Root crops such as cassava, dalo, uvi (yam), kumala (sweet potato), duruka (a bit like gigantic asparagus) are also in abundance. It’s a fascinating place to wander around and see the locals in action as they go about their daily business with an atmosphere that is always buzzing with activity and chatter.  Produce is usually displayed in bundles with a set price.



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