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Zip Fiji is the first canopy tour operator in Fiji! Opened in 2008, our tour has become one of the most popular attractions in the South Pacific.

Main Details

The majority of attractions of this type offer an adrenaline-oriented experience with little or no ecological or educational component, hence the growing use of the term ‘zipline’, rather than ‘canopy tour’, which implies a broader experience. Zip Fiji however remains true to the original concept of using the giant zipline as a vehicle for ecological and cultural appreciation.

Every year, Zip Fiji receives guests from all over the world, many of whom have little or no knowledge about the ecology or the people of our region. We believe that not only is the canopy zip line experience and thrilling adventure, but it also provides a unique opportunity to share ecological information and to promote respect and understanding between cultures.

Responsible Policies and Procedures

Our operational policies and procedures are based on recognized environmental protection and conservation practices as well as cultural sensitivity and preservation concepts.

To this end we:

  • Provide ecological, cultural, and historical information to residents and visitors and promote intercultural understanding
  • Protect and conserve the ecosystem within the tour sector
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Avoid contamination of the environment
  • Use water and electricity conservatively
  • Respect, protect and support local traditions, culture, and values
  • Provide employment opportunities to residents
  • Create a respectful, safe work environment
  • Protect culturally or historically-sensitive areas or artifacts

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