Mamanuca Islands

'Flawless Beaches and Showstopping Sunsets'

The Mamanuca (pronounced Mah-mah-noo-tha) islands lie to the west of Nadi and off the mainland of Viti Levu. These volcanic outcrops follow a very majestic arc, curving to the northwest and nudging the Yasawa chain. They formed thousands of years ago, and through the passage of time and generational change, they hold major significance in Fijian folklore. The archipelago of islands is comprised of two distinct groups known as Mamanuca-i-ra and Mamanuca-i-cake.

The famous movie Castaway, released in the year 2000 and starring Tom Hanks, placed these islands on the world stage, having been filmed on the Monu and Monuriki islands.

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