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Sheraton Fiji Golf & Beach Resort has unveiled an art exhibition allowing visitors to experience the beauty of Fiji’s creative spirit. Art Vibes Exhibition brings together the work of three talented artists

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The exhibition will see 10% of the overall art sales, donated through Marriott Fiji’s charitable foundation, Solia Lesu, to provide essential aid to the local community.  Open until September 11, the Art Vibes Exhibition can be found at Sheraton Fiji Golf & Beach Resort’s Sota Lounge.

Featured Artists:

Kalani Muller – @kalani.muller

A photographer and content creator based in Fiji. Growing up with the beach, ocean and outdoors played a big part in his life and the artistic journey he is on today. Kalani moved to New Zealand after school which inspired him to pick up the camera and shoot scenes around him – naturally, a large part of his creative passion gravitates towards to ocean, capturing its many faces as well as the beautifully ordinary – the coconut trees, sunsets and untouched landscapes.

Noila Souza – @a_lion_draws

A Brazilian artist with an undying love for Fiji and New Zealand, Noila Souza’s art is a joyful burst of vibrant colours that celebrate the exuberance of life and nature. Whether it’s a small canvas, a surfboard, or a grand mural, Noila’s creations breathe life into her profound connection with Fiji’s stunning natural environment.

Arvin Sukul – @redcavearts

Arvin Sukul started his journey as a self-taught freelance artist eight years ago. Reflecting his own identity as a Suva-born Fijian of Indian descent, Arvin’s themes often contain an interesting fusion of the Pacific and Indian cultural references. He uses his fish paintings and thick textured abstract art to convey messages with the use of rich, exotic colours giving his paintings a strong physical appearance, bringing beauty to many empty walls in Fiji and abroad. Arvin enjoys pushing boundaries and exploring different painting styles in his quest to create his best painting yet.



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