Learn the Intricate Skill of Weaving


Discover the Artisan’s Touch: Learn the Intricate Skill of Weaving – Join us for a delightful and social evening, where you can create your very own masterpiece to take home! No prior experience is necessary, as our professional artists will guide you in crafting your artwork. And you get to take home your masterpiece.

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About: Weave Sip and Savour

Our Weave & Sip Art sessions provide step-by-step instructions and all the necessary art materials. It’s a perfect opportunity for a social outing, and you’ll leave with a unique piece of art to enhance your interior décor or gift to a friend. Everything you need is provided.

Following the event, you get to go on a journey through the world of wines with Lawhill Wines. An exclusive wine tasting experience, where you’ll not only savour exquisite flavours but also delve into the art of winemaking. Explore the nuanced notes and aromas, guided by experts.

After this enriching experience, you have the opportunity to purchase or place orders for your favorite selections, bringing the essence of the evening’s tastings to your own collection.

Cheers to an unforgettable evening of learning the art of weaving and wine discovery!

Limited spots available. Make a Reservation

The event is brought in partnership with Lawhill Wines.

Facilitated by: Peter Sipeli, Guided Walking Tours

Peter Sipeli, Guided Walking Tours.
Peter Sipeli, Guided Walking Tours.

Peter possesses over two decades of expertise in utilizing and managing advocacy through artistic expression. He serves as an Arts Manager and is a fervent supporter of the Spoken Word arts movement in Fiji. In 2013, Peter founded ‘The Poetry Shop, Fiji,’ a poetry collective that organizes regular poetry events in Suva and facilitates poetry circle discussions with new and emerging Fijian writers. Additionally, he is the co-founder of the Centre for the Arts, Suva, a new community art center in Suva designed to provide space for new emerging art forms and artists.

As a gay activist, Peter employs storytelling as a form of advocacy and was one of the speakers at the inaugural Tedx Suva. He is deeply passionate about developing the literary arts in Fiji and addressing prolonged silences within the art form. Peter, a SLAM poet with a substantial following, champions the revival of the literary movement in Fiji. He works tirelessly to create spaces for new and emerging poets and artists, enabling the framing of authentic local voices.

Residing in Suva with his partner Mark Lal and their two cats, Friday and Nala, Peter continues to make significant contributions to the cultural and artistic landscape of Fiji.  Source: https://bit.ly/47MX4gb

Partner: Lawhill Wines

Our journey commenced in the year 1988, in the Coffee industry. Today Lawhill consists of a group of companies that provide all your Coffee & Wine essentials. In addition, we cater for the demand of LifeRafts & Marine essentials. We also have skilled technicians that provide around the clock service.  Website

About Venue: Grand Pacific Hotel

Rara Lounge, Grand Pacific Hotel.
Rara Lounge, Grand Pacific Hotel.

Experience the ultimate in luxury at the Grand Pacific Hotel, a 5-star heritage property located on Suva Waterfront.

With 113 beautiful rooms & suites, newly-built meeting and event spaces, elevated restaurant & bars, and warm Fijian hospitality, it’s the perfect destination for discerning travellers. Immerse yourself in the history and charm of Fiji and its heritage while enjoying panoramic views and modern amenities. Discover the magic of the Grand Pacific Hotel.

The Grand Pacific Hotel has been an icon of the South Pacific for over a century. The Hotel reopened in May 2014 on the hundredth anniversary of its original opening and has already regained its place as the “grand old lady” of the Pacific – a wonderful blend of fascinating colonial architecture and history combined with magnificent Fijian hospitality and friendliness.



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