Easter Yoga retreat at Kauwai Retreat on Ovalau Island


Easter Yoga retreat at Kauwai Retreat on Ovalau Island.  I warmly invite you to relax into your breath, enjoy this Fijian paradise, and develop your own Yoga Practice to support your daily life.  No previous experience is required. All levels are welcome!

Main Details

The heart and breath-centred practice brought forth from the ancient traditions by Sri Krishnamacharya.  The breath is the central focus of the practice.  Yoga is not a method to get anywhere, it is your participation in life as it actually is. It is the practice of intimacy with your breath, body and life.  Asana (Body postures) are the whole body’s reverence to life.

About the retreat

Escape to a tranquil retreat nestled in the heart of nature, where the art of yoga intertwines with the essence of life itself. Dive deep into intimacy with your body and soul through the practice of mindful breathing and relaxation. This exclusive getaway offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation, providing ample opportunities to rest, reflect, and unwind amidst the lush serenity of the rainforest and the soothing embrace of Fiji’s warm waters. Indulge in moments of peace and connection with the natural world, allowing yourself to luxuriate in the gentle rhythm of life.

About the Venue

Located on the scenic south-west corner of Ovalau Island, Kauwai Retreat is a sanctuary for adventure, relaxation, and wellness seekers. What sets it apart is its unique approach, with all business operations managed by local families deeply rooted in the island’s history. From guided adventures through lush landscapes to tranquil wellness experiences inspired by traditional Fijian practices, every aspect of Kauwai Retreat is infused with the authenticity and warmth of the island’s culture.



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