Fiji Untold: The Fringe Festival 2024


VOU is an explosive and vibrant Pacific experience that transports you to our island paradise rich in ancient stories, tradition and culture. Through the medium of live music and dance, VOU (meaning new in Fijian), is the blending of old and new, tradition

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Performer: Fiji Untold

Fiji Untold: The Fringe Festival 2024

Dive deeply into the Fiji untold story of Mystical Giant women; Octopus Gods of the vast Fijian ocean; and a Shape Shifting Iguana spirit adorned in the long-lost dance sticks of a village crying out for a hero. A young girl of chiefly Fijian heritage is plunged into a journey of daring self-discovery. One that takes her so far beyond the soil she is born of, and into the dreamy Fijian underworld she has only ever heard of through the half-whispered half-remembered dance stories of aunties and uncles around late-night story sessions. Begin your night with a live drumming extravaganza then be drawn into an enticing mix of contemporary and traditional song and dance performance, which awakens the senses and gives you a deeper understanding and connection with beautiful Fiji!

Video: Fiji Untold at VOU Hub Fiji


About The Fringe Festival 2024

The Fiji Fringe Festival, an annual celebration of Fijian arts and culture, has gained popularity since its inception in 2013. Taking place in Suva, the capital city, this multi-day event brings together artists from across Fiji, offering a platform for both emerging and established talents in diverse art forms like theater, dance, music, and visual arts. Renowned for its eclectic mix of performances, the festival occurs in unconventional venues like cafes and art galleries, providing an intimate and immersive experience for performers and audiences alike.

Noteworthy for its unique focus on sustainability, the Fiji Fringe Festival incorporates themes of eco-consciousness into many performances and events. Workshops, panel discussions, and interactive sessions allow artists and attendees to engage with one another, fostering a sense of community and creativity. This cultural extravaganza showcases the vibrant and diverse aspects of Fijian culture, making it a must-attend event for those seeking an enriching and unique experience while visiting Fiji.

Venues: The Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival Fiji

Venue: VOU Hub Fiji

In 2019 VOU established the VOU HUB for arts, culture and Activities located 5 minutes from Denarau Island in Nadi. The VOU HUB is the first artist owned and run venue in Fiji and houses a 450 seat theater that hosts high quality Fijian performing arts.

In 21 st century world that is so fragmented VOU believes that the arts have the potential to build bridges. We are passionately dedicated to our work because we believe we can connect and heal the world in unity and oneness through innovative creative experiences.

Festival Organiser: The Festivals Company

The Festival Company Fiji - Director - SHARLEEN ALI

DIRECTOR: Sharleen Ali

A former professional dancer, gained national recognition by winning the inaugural Fiji’s Dancing Superstar competition in 2014 with her dance partner. She transitioned into entrepreneurship, establishing her business initially as the event production arm of the successful Exquisite Decorations and Hire. Her clientele included prominent names such as Novotel, Holiday Inn, and Alliance Française de Suva. In 2020, Sharleen undertook the management of operations and logistics for Dance Fest Fiji’s inaugural edition, a nationwide event featuring dance companies, which was broadcasted on FBC. With over a decade of event management experience, Sharleen is dedicated to creating safe spaces and beneficial platforms for all Fijian artists and communicators, reflecting her passion for the Creative Arts.  Official Website



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