Mindfulness, Meditation, Snorkeling and some gentle Yoga with Susie Spinks

Mindfulness Meditation-Snorkeling and some gentle Yoga with Susie Spinks

This is a mind-expanding, but at the same time thoroughly practical, week of the three components of the title: Mindfulness and Meditation, Yoga, and Snorkeling. It is suitable for all levels, from beginners to teachers of meditation.  The snorkeling makes for a very special part of the trip: a wide variety of hard and soft coral, abundant fish life, and glorious warm waters. And a snorkel trip becomes a unique meditation of its own.  There’s science in all three. And there’s a transcendent aspect to all three.

Main Details

Price includes:

  • Daily mindfulness and meditation workshops with Susie Spinks with detailed handouts
  • Snorkeling every day
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Accommodation – choose from our bures at the front (Ocean View bures), or at the back (standard rooms)
  • Meals : breakfast, lunch and dinner – a mix of local Fijian and Indian food and international recipes
  • Excursions: visit a Fijian village and thrill to the beat of the traditional meke dance, get absorbed in a demonstration of making masi (traditional bark cloth), revel in the abundant nature of the landscape and experience the rich Fijian culture

Mindfulness and Meditation – and the science behind it.

There is now a huge amount of research showing the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation.  It has been shown to reduce stress, improve our concentration, our memory, thinking creatively and flexibly, and even build more brain cells.  It increases our positive emotions, builds empathy and emotional intelligence, makes us less anxious, and more accepting of ourselves and others, and leads to better relationships.  But have you ever wondered how?  If so, this course is for you.

You will learn what Mindfulness and Meditation are, and understand what is actually happening in your brain when you meditate, and why it is so effective that even companies are implementing it in the workplace.

A combination of workshops and practices will teach you the different types of meditation and by practicing each you will discover which are the most effective for you personally.

The guided sessions will include:

  • breath meditations
  • mantra meditations
  • mindfulness body scan
  • open-awareness meditations
  • loving-kindness meditation
  • meditation for compassion / self-compassion

The workshops and discussions will include:

  • what is meditation and why does it benefit us?
  • stress – the physiology of what is happening in your body and how meditation helps
  • what is mindfulness and how is it different from meditation?
  • what are emotions?
  • what is happiness and how can we create it?


Fiji is renowned for the abundant marine life of its reefs: colorful fish, hard and soft corals, mysterious invertebrates – all in the clear warm waters of the South Pacific.  Suspended in the waters above this wonder world is entrancing, mesmeric…..it’s a floating meditation, an opportunity to immerse yourself in another aspect of our planet. It is deeply and wonderfully complementary to the rest of the week.



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