Who Are We

Fiji Guide consists of a small team of creative storytellers, who connect, and inspire independent travelers around the world. We’re obsessed with travel and passionate about helping you explore your curiosity and gain a deeper understanding of Fijian Culture, and Islands.  Travel is not just an opportunity for adventure but a way of life.

David Language Barnes (CEO) (Owner)

Since the start of Covid 19, I have taken complete ownership of the platform and made some important changes to the website and other platforms, to enable people to find the appropriate information they require within a few clicks of the mouse. This has formed an interactive platform, where people can ask questions and discuss subjects on the website, enriching the narrative and securing the knowledge in one place for future reference.

‘The country symbolizes the soul of every Fijian, the beaches and sands that sweep our shorelines represent our external beauty, as you slowly move inland you discover the resilience, strength, and natural raw beauty of the mountains and waterfalls, this is the core strengths that will keep us strong through these hard times and admired around the world.’