Yasawa Islands

View of Drawaqa Island coastline and Nanuya Balavu Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji

The Yasawa Group of Islands (pronounced Yah-sow-wah) completes the majestic arc of islands, resting north off Viti Levu and nudging the Idyllic Mamanuca archipelago. The Yasawa Islands, as a consequence of their geographical location, have avoided becoming heavily commercialised and have remained true to the Fijian traditions, steeped in history and Fijian folklore.

Yasawa Islands | Location of the Resorts

Kava Ceromony at Yasawa Islands Resort and Spa, Yasawa Island, Fiji
Kava Ceromony at Yasawa Island Resort and Spa, Yasawa Island, Fiji | Image: Supplied
2-2.5Gold Coast Inn
3-3.5Nanuya Island Resort, Octopus Resort, Manta Ray Island Resort, Barefoot Manta Island Resort, Coralview Island Resort, Oarsman’s Bay Lodge, Blue Lagoon Beach Resort
4-4.5Navutu Stars Resort, Viwa Island Resort, Paradise Cove Resort
5Turtle Island Fiji, Yasawa Island Resort
Table: Star Rating Yasawa Accommodation. UnKnown Rating | Wayalailai Ecohaven | Botaira Resort | Korovou Eco-Tour Resort | White Sandy Beach | Long Beach Resort | Bay of Plenty | Coconut Beach Resort | Nabua Lodge | Safe Landing Resort

Yasawa Archipelago of Islands

KUATUKuata Natural Resort
WAYALAILAIWayalailai Ecohaven | Naqalia Lodge
WAYAOctopus Resort | Adi’s Place | Bayside Resort | Sunset Waya
VIWAViwa Island Resort
NAUKACUVAParadise Cove Resort
NANUYA BALAVUManta Ray Island Resort
DRAWAQABarefoot Manta Island Resort
NAVITIBotaira Resort | Korovou Eco-Tour Resort | White Sandy Beach | Coconut Bay Resort | Manuka Bay Resort | Qereqere Resort
YAQETANavutu Stars Resort | Sanawai Resort
MATACAWA LEVULong Beach Resort | Bay of Plenty
TURTLE ISLANDTurtle Island Fiji
NANUYA LAILAINanuya Island Resort | Gold Coast Inn Fiji
TAVEWACoralview Island Resort | Coconut Beach Resort | David’s Place | Kingfisher Lodge | Otto & Fanny’s
NACULAOarsman’s Bay LodgeBlue Lagoon Beach Resort | Nabua Lodge | Safe Landing Resort | Nalova Bay Resort | Melbravo Resort
YASAWAYasawa Island Resort and Spa
Table: Yasawa Archipelago of Islands – The above table details the significant islands comprising the Yasawa Archipelago that lies northwest of the main principal island of Viti Levu, Western Division of Fiji. the islands have a total area of 135 square kilometers (52 sq mi).

Yasawa Weather & Climate

MonthMin Temp *Max Temp **Rain
January26°C (78.8°F)30°C (86°F)231mm
February26°C (78.8°F)31°C (87.8°F)271mm
March24°C (75.2°F)30°C (86°F)272mm
April23°C (73.4°F)29°C (84.2°F)219mm
May23°C (73.4°F)28°C (82.4°F)90mm
June23°C (73.4°F)28°C 82.4°F)95mm
July22°C (71.6°F)27°C (80.6°F)46mm
August22°C (71.6°F)27°C (80.6°F)62mm
September22°C (71.6°F)28°C (82.4°F)68mm
October23°C (73.4°F)28°C (82.4°F)106mm
November23°C (73.4°F)29°C (84.2°F)149mm
December24°C (75.2°F)30°C (86°F)164mm
Table: Yasawa Weather & Climate – – Usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night
** – The average maximum daytime temperature
°C – Celsius, also called centigrade, scale based on 0° for the freezing point of water and 100° for the boiling point of water.
°F – Fahrenheit temperature scale, scale based on 32° for the freezing point of water and 212° for the boiling point of water, the interval between the two being divided into 180 equal parts. Primarily used in the United States

Getting to and around the Yasawa Islands

Turtle Airways
Turtle Airways Fiji | Image: Supplied

Explore the beauty of the Yasawa Islands, skim through the crystal-clear waters via ferry transfer to your beachfront bungalow, or experience a breathtaking low-flying scenic transfer via helicopter or seaplane. We have created a shortlist of the different transports available to and from the Yasawa Islands to help you start your Fijian adventure in style.

Ferries and Water Taxis | Inter-island Transfer

Awesome Adventures | Departs from Port Denarau – Explore the Yasawa Islands of Fiji at your own pace. Awesome Adventures offer a range of Passes and Packages. Be it a spur-of-the-moment flexible trip or something a bit more organized, they have the right travel options for you. Departs Daily | Travel Times – 30 mins to 5 Hrs

Tavewa Seabus | Departs Lautoka Daily – provide transfers between Waya & the Nacula region. The vessel is a fully licensed passenger catamaran taking a maximum of 60 passengers at any one time. (Price range from $70 – $160 FJD. Always refer to the official venue for up-to-date pricing.)

SeaFiji | Departs from Port Denarau – offers a fast boat transfer service from Port Denarau to the Yasawa Islands They have been in operating for 16 years.

Domestic Flights | Helicopter, Seaplane & Fix Wing Aeroplane

Island Hoppers | Departs from Nadi Airport – Island Hoppers is simply the fastest way to and from your resort holiday. Experience the thrill of flying in one of our helicopters over the shimmering waters of the inner reef. Air-conditioned courtesy transport operating on Denarau & Nadi Airport ensures fast, seamless transfers between Island Resorts. (Always refer to the official venue for up-to-date pricing.)

Turtle Airways | Wailoloa Beach – Offer our passengers a breathtaking low-flying scenic transfer that is safe, reliable, convenient, fast, and affordable. With limited holiday time in Fiji, our passengers are looking to get more out of their stay. We deliver on this, with flights departing every other hour to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. (Flight to the Yasawa Islands takes around 30mins)

Fixed Wing Aeroplane – Island Hoppers | Depart from Nadi Airport – A direct flight to Yasawa Island Resort and Spa | Daily charter service. Flight to the Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is around 25 mins, from the International Airport in Nadi. Domestic Airports | Yasawa Island – Yasawa | NFSW | YAS | Yasawa Island Airport

Historical Snapshot

Portrait-of-Rear-Admiral-William-Bligh-by-Alexander-Huey and Mutiny HMS Bounty
Portrait-of-Rear-Admiral-William-Bligh-by-Alexander-Huey and Mutiny HMS Bounty | Image: Supplied

Pre-1987, the government of Fiji prohibited land-based tourism in the Yasawa Islands to protect the traditions, communities, and unique Flora and Fauna. In the preceding three decades, in partnership with the local villages, small boutique backpackers owned and operated by the local people were established, allowing the islanders to become more economically sustainable.

As the world became more aware of the natural beauty and kindness of the Fijian people, several top-end resorts came into being. With their relative isolation intertwined with the finest luxury resorts, this instantly became a destination for honeymooners and wedding ceremonies. From the stunning Turtle Island Resort to the Yasaawa Island Resort and Spa, each receives international accolades across the world in the tourism profession.

The Yasawa islands and their natural splendour, captured in the 1980s movie The Blue Lagoon, starring the then-teenager Brooke Shields, are still as present today as they were then, a testament to the harmony between the people and the natural environment.

Brief History

1643 – The first discovery of the Fijian Outer Islands was made in 1643 by the Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman

1774 – The second intrepid explorer to set foot in Fiji was English navigator Captain James Cook in 1774, and he also continued to explore the islands during the 18th century.

1789 – One of the most profound historical events that affected Fiji’s history was the infamous mutiny on the HMS Bounty. Captain Blight and 18 of his loyal crew were cast away on a seven-metre-long whaleboat. Here he navigated through the Bligh waters of Fiji, narrowly avoiding the then-hostile Fijian Cannibles and their famous war canoes. They eventually navigated to Timor in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), 5800 kilometres away.  Navigating through the Yasawa Group of islands, the British navigator William Bligh charted the positions of the outer islands with remarkable accuracy.

1794 – Captain Barber in the HMS Arthur visited the islands

1840 – The Yasawa Islands were charted by American explorer Charles Wilkes who arrives in Fiji in 1840. It was part of an exploring expedition (Wilkes Expedition). The expedition consisted of 6 ships and included naturalists, botanists, a mineralogist, taxidermists, artists, and a philologist.

Video: Breathtaking Yasawa Islands
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