Seven Magical reasons to say i do in the Fiji Islands

Remote settings and complete privacy
Tropical ambiance in lush garden settings
Your very own secluded beach
Fijian Choirs and warrier escorts
Unique Cultural ceremonies and adorned traditional costumes
Variety of all inclusive resort wedding packages
Quaint wedding chapels and churches.

One for each day of the week

Fiji an idyllic and relaxing tropical paradise a haven for the about-to-be weds, newlyweds and the romantic at heart

Getting hitched in Fiji has become quite a trend in this century, to the extent that many resorts, hotels and even cruises, are offering fabulous wedding and honeymoons packages to suit every couple’s needs

Choices range from luxurious private hideaways to more modest options. Experience clifftop decks set against cascading waterfalls enjoy lush tropical surroundings, feel the waves lapping beneath your feet, or even partake in an underwater ceremony.

Many Resorts have created a special wedding chapels to insoire a unique and memorable Fijian experience. You could choose to wear white or opt for traditional Fiji tapa costumes personally made for you. Adorn yourself with a fragrant salusalu (Floral Necklace), be escorted by Fijian Warriors, stepping to the rhythm of lali drums and harmonious island choir.

Couple this with a varied range of land and water based activities, choice of elegant restaurants and nightly entertainment, or simply the opportunity to sip champagne and watch the chaning hues of a classic tropical sunset from your palm suspended hammock,

Come and celbrate your dream wedding in the peace and tranquality of Fiji beautiful islands. Experience that romantic feeling with a fresh hibiscus behind your ear, and listen to a lvoe song softly strummed by serenading staff. Have an intimate picnic for two on your own secluded beach, or romantic moonlit dinner in a spot overlooking the shimmering ocean

Whether to whisper I do or au domoni iko ( i Love you). Fiji welcomes you to the most rxotic romantic experience of your life time.

Wedding requirements

Wedding Facilities
Most of the larger resorts cater towards the first growing trend of getting married in Fiji, with special facilities and services being provided

Facilities range from spectular tropically inspired wedding chapels, traditional thatched wedding bures, beautiful local churches, specially adapted and adorned boats…. even underwater settings

Wedding chapesl have been built at the following resorts

Mana Island Resort
Shangri La Fijian Resort
Sheraton Resort
Tokariki Island Resort
Treasure Island Resort.


Wedding In Fiji

A wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution.Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. In Fiji, marriage customs differ slightly between different provinces. In most cases, weddings can only go ahead after the father of the bride-to-be has given his permission.

FIJIAN WEDDING:Traditional Fiiian marriages are mostly arranged by the groom’s parents and senior members of his Mataqali, resulting in a relationship created between two clans. Both the parties adorn traditional masi outfits. Three layers of tape apparently makes a wedding masi, along with elaborate wreaths around the neck. The groom presents a taboo (whale’s tooth) – these are very precious objects that play an important part in a wedding ceremony, and families have to save up for a long time to obtain them.

The pastor officiates, singing hymns, while the couple exchanges vows.The ceremony ends with an official handing over of the bride to the groom’s family.

INDIAN WEDDING: The fire – deity (sacred fired or agni holds a prominent position. In contemporary Hindu marriages, the tradition of seven encirclements around the fire by the bride and groom together is considered to be most significant.

This is known as the “saptapadi “, or the seven steps, which takes place after the groom ties the sacred thread (mangalsutra) around the bride’s neck This ritual is symbolized by the marriage knot by tying one end of the groom’s scarf with the bride’s dress. The groom holds the hands of the bride and leads her around the fire seven times; each step representing nourishment, strength, prosperity, happiness, progeny, long life, harmony and understanding.At the same time, the couple blessings.

M US Ll M WEDDING:A Muslim wedding is weaving together of families, of two souls, and of two destinies.

Brides are decorated and beautified in various ways for weddings. Mehndi or Henna as it is called has a great significance.The bride is decorated both on the hands and feet

The Nikaah or wedding ceremony is conducted by the Maulivi (priest) in the presence of close Emily members and relatives. In orthodox Muslim communities, the men and women sit separately. The maulivi reads selected verses from the Quran and the Nikaah is complete after the flab – e – qubul, which is the proposal and acceptance. The groom proposes and the bride conveys her assent. The mutual consent of the bride and groom is of great important for the marriage in order to make it legal.

CHINESE WEDDING: Traditional Chinese marriage is a ceremonial ritual within Chinese societies that ~ involve a marriage established by ~ Atpre-arrangement between ~ families. Within Chinese culture, ~ no romantic love was allowed, and monogamy was the norm for most ” ordinary citizens.

A band of musicians with gongs and flute-like instruments accompanies the bride parade to groom’s home. Similar music is also played at the wedding banquet. The Chinese wedding banquet begins with the bride and groom served with water for washing hands.

The bride and groom worship the shrine together.This is also called “worshiping the heaven and earth”.This is to pay respect to gods and ancestors. Nowadays, three kowtowing are to be done by the couple.The first one is to kowtow to heaven and earth; the second one is to kowtow to parents; the third one is to kowtow to each other.


Chinese Wedding
Chinese Weddings
Fijian Wedding
Fijian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Muslim Wedding
Muslim Weddings
              Turtle Island Resort | 5 Star Resort | Yasawa Islands  Celebrate with an intimate, private wedding or with a grand beach wedding surrounded by guests and loved ones. On Turtle Island, weddings are special events and the locations yours to discover – like sunset on the shore of the Blue Lagoon, sunrise on Long Beach, or late afternoon on Mountain Top. Let us handle all the preparations while you relax in paradise.  Don your dream gown or Fijian wedding attire of tapa, a cloth of tree bark and hand-painted with tribal symbols in tan, brown and black.  And let us bedeck you with garlands of fresh, fragrant flowers. In the grand wedding the trumpeting of conch shells announces the bride’s arrival on the wedding raft, called a billi billi. Drums beat rhythmically as two Fijian warriors escort the bride to her groom, and our Fijian choir herald the approach. If you like, choose a Methodist ceremony with the minister who resides across the lagoon.  After the ceremony, everyone gathers for kava, an ancient tradition.  You are then carried onto the billi billi for your return to the wedding feast or traditional lovo, typically consisting of roast pork, fresh seafood and local root crops.  Under the soft glow of lantern light, guests and staff alike raise their glasses in a toast to your sparkling life together while you enjoy cake and celebrate with everyone.
Kokomo Island Resort | 5 Star| Kadavu Island | Fiji islands Pristine reefs, azure waters and spectacular white sand beaches set the scene for unrivalled celebrations on Kokomo Private Island. Create treasured memories that will last a lifetime as you celebrate your wedding day on Kokomo. Our pristine natural environment, spacious accommodation options and personalised approach to service, promise an extraordinary and world-class experience. Broucher | FIJI WEDDING PACKAGES | JUST FOR TWO | A SHARED CELEBRATION | EXCLUSIVE WEDDING BUYOUT | WEDDING VENUES | CEREMONY | ENHANCEMENTS
Nanuku Resort | 5 Star| Pacific Harbour | Fiji islands Our specialists are romantics at heart who delight in collaborating with each couple to create a wedding that reflects their vision and the details that matter most. Along with this highly personalized approach, Nanuku entices with a stunning sandy beach setting and an intimate scale that keeps the attention on you and your wedding party. Exchanging vows on a private desert island as the sun dips below the horizon is just one way the story goes. At Nanuku, your wedding will be as unique as you are.  Link 
  • 15 suites and 22 villas & residences
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces accommodate 6 – 120 guests
  • Located 30 minutes from Nadi International Airport by private scenic air transfer or 2.5-hour drive; 1-hour drive from Nausori International Airport

Tokoriki Island Resort | 5 Star | Mamanuca Islands Tokoriki Island Resort is famous for being the most romantic resort in Fiji. Our child-free environment provides peace and quiet for couples to escape and reconnect. Tokoriki is perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, renewal of vows, proposals & elopements. Honeymoon Indulgence – Enjoy your honeymoon at the recently awarded number one Romantic Hotel in the South Pacific. We have many offers to choose from or we can create your dream honeymoon for you. When staying with us a minimum of 5 nights you will receive complimentary honeymoon amenities in your Bure or Villa. Intimate Beach Wedding – Choose a barefoot beach wedding, a traditional chapel ceremony, or on the deck of your Beachfront Pool Villa – the choice is yours. We’ve designed wedding & elopement packages to ensure a truly memorable wedding day at Tokoriki Island Resort. Elopement – Elope barefoot on the beach, on the deck of your Bure or Villa overlooking a tropical sunset, or at the exquisite stone chapel with amazing stained glass windows. Our onsite Romance Co-ordinator will arrange the most idyllic location, hair & makeup by professional therapists on the island, and a creative photographer to capture the ‘moments’ followed by a romantic oceanfront dinner. Proposal – Your choice of endless locations to pop the question! An island beach picnic, romantic exclusive Moet & Chandon Jetty dinner, in the privacy of your Bure or Villa at sunset, to name a few. Our Romance Co-ordinator will deliver the most amazing day to be remembered.

7 Magical reasons to say I DO in the Fiji Islands ….

  1. Remote settings and complete privacy
  2. Tropical ambiance in lush garden settings
  3. Your very own secluded beach
  4. Fijian choirs and warrior escorts
  5. Unique cultural ceremonies and adorned traditional costumes
  6. Variety of all-inclusive resort wedding packages
  7. Quaint wedding chapels and churches