Fiji Packing Guide: Official Travel Documents

New British Passport

While the excitement of embarking on a journey to Fiji,  it is crucial to ensure that all your documentation is in order before you depart. Properly preparing your documentation ensures a smooth and stress-free travel experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip without any last-minute complications. It’s advisable to create two photocopies of the following essential documents and keep them in separate secure locations while traveling. Leave one copy at home with a trusted family member or friend, and carry the other with you, separate from the originals

Official Travel Documents

Ensure that you have backup copies of crucial documents in case of loss or theft, providing added security and facilitating a smoother resolution in unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Passport
  2. Itinerary and tickets
  3. Visas
  4. Traveler’s cheques and credit card numbers
  5. Driver’s license or international driving permit
  6. Insurance policy
  7. Travel Prescriptions & Vaccinations Records


Visitor Advisory 1: Please be advised that non-Fijian passport holders intending to travel to Fiji are required to have their passports valid for 6 months from their intended date of arrival into Fiji. If the validity of your passport is less than 6 months you will not be permitted to travel to Fiji.


We have compiled a comprehensive article that meticulously outlines whether obtaining a visa is required for your travel or if you fall under the exemption category. This resource breaks down the intricate details to provide you with a clear understanding of the specific visa regulations. 

IN DEPTH SUPPORTING ARTICLE: This resource breaks down the intricate details to provide you with a clear understanding of the specific visa regulations.  Do you need a visa to come to Fiji 

Cash and Credit Cards

Visitor Advisory 2: Before embarking on your travels, it’s crucial to notify your bank about your trip details. Many banks offer a “travel notice” feature to simplify this process. By informing your bank about your destination and the duration of your trip, you ensure that charges and withdrawals during your vacation won’t trigger any security alerts. The procedure for notifying your bank of your travel plans may vary, but if you use online banking, you likely have access to an online travel notice feature where you can input the necessary information.

Driver’s license or international driving permit

Please do not automatically presume that your regular driving licence is universally accepted in Fiji, you may need an international driving permit to rent a car.   An International Driving Permit is also a United Nations regulated travel document for your safety and ease of travel.  Countries List

IN DEPTH SUPPORTING ARTICLE: Driving in Fiji: Car Rental the Definitive Guide – Apply for International Drivers License: International Drivers License Fiji

Insurance policy

The importance of travel insurance cannot be overstated. If you find yourself unable to afford travel insurance, it may indicate that you can’t truly afford to travel. While this might come across as blunt, securing insurance is a fundamental aspect of trip preparation. Without it, you (or your family) assume personal responsibility for covering any medical or additional expenses arising from unforeseen incidents or accidents during your travels. Prioritizing travel insurance ensures financial protection and peace of mind throughout your journey.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy should encompass all facets of your journey, covering medical expenses in case of injury or illness, theft of valuables, flight plan cancellations or interruptions, baggage damage, and more. This inclusive coverage not only safeguards you from unforeseen circumstances but also alleviates the worry and financial strain associated with accidents or illnesses abroad, where medical costs can soar into the tens of thousands of dollars.

When selecting a policy, it’s advisable to shop around, explore online options, and carefully examine the policy’s exclusions, especially concerning pre-existing illnesses. Ensure that your insurance provides coverage for all your planned activities throughout the entirety of your trip. Additionally, be aware that certain policies may not offer refunds for changes in safety and security conditions in overseas environments.

Travel Health and Vaccination Record

Visitor Advisory 3: Maintain an updated medical passport containing information about your vaccinations, blood type, and allergies. Include a list of medications you are currently taking. This comprehensive record ensures you have essential health information readily available during your travels

Notebook and Pen

Visitor Advisory 4: Carry a list of emergency contacts, including embassies, state departments, airlines, hotels, banks, and family members. While it’s convenient to document this information on your phone, having a small pocket-sized notebook and pen serves as a reliable backup. Keep a hard copy in the front pocket of your carry-on luggage for easy access, providing a tangible and reassuring sense of preparedness during your travels.

Airline Baggage Allowances

Checked Baggage at Fiji Airport Fiji - Fiji Packing Guide: What to Pack for Your Fiji Adventure
Checked Baggage at Fiji Airport Fiji – Fiji Packing Guide: What to Pack for Your Fiji Adventure | Image: Supplied

Baggage allowance refers to the predefined limits set by airlines on the amount, weight, and dimensions of luggage that passengers are allowed to bring on board or check-in during a flight. These limits can vary depending on the airline, the class of service, the specific route, and the passenger’s frequent flyer status. Typically, baggage allowance includes both carry-on (hand luggage) and checked luggage.

Carry-on baggage Allowance: specifies the maximum dimensions and weight of bags that passengers can bring into the cabin and store in the overhead compartments or under the seat.

Checked baggage allowance: defines the number, weight, and size of bags that passengers can check in to be transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

It’s important for travellers to be aware of the baggage allowance, as exceeding these limits may result in additional fees. Passengers are advised to check the airline’s official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information on baggage allowance policies.

A hanging luggage scale is a practical travel tool that allows you to accurately measure the weight of your luggage by suspending it from the scale. This device is particularly useful to avoid exceeding weight limits.

We have compiled links to the individual baggage allowances for all the different airlines flying to Fiji below:

  1. Air New Zealand– New Zealand National Airline
  2. Air Nuigini– Papua New Guinea National Airline
  3. Air Vanuatu – Vanuatu National Airline
  4. Aircalin– New Caledonia National Airline
  5. Fiji Airways: Baggage Allowance
  6. Jet Star–  Australian low-cost airline
  7. Qantas – Australia’s Global Airline
  8. Virgin Airways– Australia’s Global Airline