Fiji Packing Guide: What to Pack for Your Fiji Adventure

Checked Baggage at Fiji Airport Fiji - Fiji Packing Guide: What to Pack for Your Fiji Adventure

Prepare for your Fiji getaway with our essential packing guide. Whether you’re headed to the pristine beaches or exploring Fijian villages, we’ve got you covered. From swimwear and comfortable clothing for excursions to cultural considerations for village visits, we provide valuable insights on what to pack. Dive into adventure with proper snorkelling gear, and embrace the vibrant spirit of Fiji by incorporating bright colours and floral patterns into your wardrobe. Whether you’re relaxing at the resorts or engaging in outdoor activities, our comprehensive guide ensures you’re well-equipped for a memorable and comfortable Fiji experience.

Fiji Packing Guide

Traveler navigating the international airport in Nadi - Fiji Packing Guide: What to Pack for Your Fiji Adventure
Airport Guide | Image: Fiji Airways

In crafting this comprehensive packing guide for a Fiji getaway, we have organized the items into eight distinct categories to facilitate a clear and user-friendly breakdown of the essentials. These categories aim to streamline the packing process, making it easier for travelers to organize their belongings efficiently, customize their selections based on personal preferences and trip duration, and ultimately embark on their journey to Fiji well-prepared and stress-free.

Swimwear Essentials

HELAVA pink paradise bikini The Project Collective - Fiji Packing Guide: What to Pack for Your Fiji Adventure
HELAVA pink paradise bikini The Project Collective | Image: Supplied

List of Swimwear Essentials:

  1. Swimsuits and bikinis / Boardshorts (At least two pairs of togs, preferably three or four)
  2. Swimsuit cover-up
  3. Boardshorts
  4. Rash vest for sun and surf protection

Visitor Advisory 1: What is a rash vest you ask? A rash vest, also known as a rash guard, rashie, or rashguard, is a form-fitting, lightweight shirt crafted from fast-drying synthetic materials. Its purpose is to offer protection against UV rays and minimize skin abrasions caused by sand and rugged surfaces, making it an ideal choice for various water activities like surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming. Rash vests are a crucial piece of gear for individuals engaging in water-related pursuits, ensuring both sun protection and added defense against potential skin irritations.

Casual and Stylish Wear

Resort Wear in Fiji Jacks of Fiji
Resort Wear in Fiji Jacks of Fiji | Image: Supplied

List of Casual and Stylish Wear:

  1. Singlets, T-shirts, and light shirts
  2. Shorts, skirts, and rompers
  3. Cute dresses for evenings out
  4. Comfy Airport Outfit
  5. Sarong (Sulu) for village visits (women)
  6. Light jacket, cardigan, or pajamas for cooler evenings

Visitor Advisory 2: Remember to choose breathable fabrics like linen, organic cotton, and ethically-made silk for comfort in warmer climates. When preparing your casual clothing packing list for Fiji, consider the tropical climate and the diverse activities you’ll engage in. Ensure you pack a mix of short and long-sleeved shirts, perfect for the warm weather, and include beach-appropriate clothing for island-hopping adventures. While shorts and skirts are ideal for everyday wear, keep in mind the dress code for Fijian villages, where it’s recommended to cover your shoulders and knees..

Adventure Ready

Hiking in Fiji With Talanoa Treks Fiji
Hiking in Fiji With Talanoa Treks Fiji | Image: Supplied

List of Adventure Ready Items:

  1. Activewear for hiking, trekking, or ziplining
  2. Undergarments
  3. Bras, sports bras, underwear, and socks
  4. Sleepwear
  5. Mask and Snorkels

Visitor Advisory 3: Mask and Snorkels: When planning a snorkeling adventure, it’s worth considering bringing your own mask and snorkels. While resorts provide masks, they are often well-used and may have stretched over time. Packing an anti-fog mask ensures you won’t miss a moment of the underwater beauty. For those looking to elevate their snorkeling game, the new full-face snorkel masks are worth exploring. With a 180° full-face design and an automatic breathing system, they offer an enhanced viewing area and convenience.

Visitor Advisory 4: Activewear: When packing for your Fiji getaway, consider including casual activewear, as many resorts provide wellness activities such as yoga and Pilates. Having a few sets of activewear on hand allows you to join morning or evening sessions, providing an opportunity to stretch and relax your muscles during your stay.


Water Shoes being cleaned with a a hose
Water Shoes | Image: Supplied

List of Footwear:

  1. Flip-flops and Sandals
  2. Walking or Sneakers
  3. Reef Shoes
  4. Hiking Shoes (This would only be needed in you plan to partake in a hiking experience). 

FJ Experience 1 : Living in Fiji, my footwear journey has evolved from socks and shoes to sandals, eventually transitioning to the freedom of bare feet. Grounding through barefoot walking has been associated with benefits such as a reduction in white blood cells and an increase in red blood cells, suggesting improved immunity. Additionally, barefoot walking has been shown to increase antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and contribute to better sleep.  While immediate barefoot walking might not be recommended, allowing the air to flow through your toes for 10–15 minutes each evening around the resort can be a good start.

FJ Experience 2 : Purchase any new shoes a good week to fortnight before your holiday:  When introducing new shoes, a gradual approach is key. Break them in over a period of at least three, ideally five, days. Start by wearing them around the house for a few hours on the first day, gradually increasing the duration each subsequent day. By the fifth day, you can confidently wear them all day.

Visitor Advisory 5: Reef shoes:  originally designed for ocean reef hikers and explorers to protect their feet, are essential when navigating through reef and seaside rock pools, shielding against sharp rocks, barnacles, corals, and other potential hazards.  Make sure you have well-fitted, industrial strength reef shoes

Visitor Advisory 6: Always ensure to dry your feet and shoes thoroughly after each day to prevent fungal infections and blisters.

Sun Protection

UV 400 Protection Label
UV 400 Protection Label | Image: Supplied

List of Sun Protection:

  1. Sun hat and Sunglasses
  2. Reef-safe sunscreen and aloe vera

Visitor Advisory 7: Sunglasses: When shopping for sunglasses that provide optimal UV protection, it’s essential to look for those that are labeled with specific details regarding UV blocking. UV Protection Label: Look for sunglasses that explicitly mention 100% UV protection or UV 400 protection. This indicates that the lenses block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays.  and Polarized Lenses: While not directly related to UV protection, polarized lenses can reduce glare, providing clearer vision. Some sunglasses combine UV protection with polarization for enhanced eye safety.

It is advisable to purchase your eyewear from a reputable brand rather than a lesser-known vendor. This caution is warranted as it’s relatively easy for someone to affix a sticker to a lens, making it appear to be a branded pair of glasses.

Health and Safety

Pure Fiji Lemongrass Insect Repellent Body Spray
Pure Fiji Lemongrass Insect Repellent Body Spray | Image: Supplied

List of Health & Safety Products:

  1. Mosquito repellent
  2. Travel first aid kit and necessary medications
  3. Mosquito net (if staying in a village overnight)
  4. Travel Motion Sickness Tablets
  5. Toiletries

Visitor Advisory 8: Insect Repellent: A quick spray of insect repellent on your way out can ensure you won’t be the one getting bitten. Locally-made repellents are often effective, and we recommend Pure Fiji Lemongrass Insect Repellent, available online or at the Pure Fiji Boutique.

Visitor Advisory 9: Essential Medication Tips for Travel:  A vital aspect of travel preparation is ensuring you have a sufficient supply of your required medications. Pack at least twice the amount you anticipate needing and store them in separate secure locations during your journey. Additionally, obtaining a letter from your doctor, requesting a prescription document, is a prudent measure. This ensures that if necessary, you can visit a pharmacy in Fiji for a new prescription. While pharmacies in Fiji are generally reliable, there’s no guarantee that the available brands or types of medication will perfectly match your prescribed ones.

FJ Experience 3 : First Aid Kit, I have found that the best place to purchase a first aid kit for travelers is from your local Red Cross Society. They typically have a small shop at their headquarters, and I always prefer them because they understand the importance of creating a compact product containing only the essential items you might need without unnecessary extras. These kits also often include multi-use equipment. My advice is to familiarize yourself with the contents before you leave; you may never need to use it, but it’s crucial not to leave it behind.

Visitor Advisory 10: Mosquito Net: Ah, the joys of dealing with mosquitoes. If you find yourself staying in a village or with local backpackers away from the main tourist hubs, you might discover that the provided mosquito net, if available, may have a few holes along the lining or sides from frequent use. These persistent mosquitoes seem to possess a homing device, instantly zeroing in on any openings and finding their way inside, patiently waiting for you to sleep before making their move. To combat this, consider purchasing several bottles of mosquito repellent, a good pair of socks, and a sturdy mosquito net. Practice setting it up and taking it down at home to ensure you’re well-prepared.

Visitor Advisory 11: Mosquito Coils, while many Fijians use mosquito coils, it’s important to use them outdoors only, as they pose a significant fire hazard and can be highly toxic if the fumes accumulate indoors. NEVER USE THEM IN THE PRESENCE OF CHILDREN.

Tech and Accessories

Fiji Travel Adaptor
Fiji Travel Adaptor | Image: Supplied

List of Tech and Accessories:

  1. Plug adapter
  2. Waterproof camera (such as GoPro)
  3. Drybag
  4. Kindle & Kindle Protective Case
  5. Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Software)
  6. Laptop and Charger
  7. Mobile phone and Charger
  8. Drone (Do I need a license to fly a drone in Fiji?)
  9. LifeStraw
  10. Waterproof Buoyancy Devices and Protective Cases
  11. Noise Cancelling Earbuds (Luxury item, not essential)

FJ Experience 4 : Universal Plug Adaptors: When dealing with travel plug adapters, it’s prudent to keep a handful at your disposal. A pack of three usually costs around 10–15 dollars. It’s crucial to ensure a snug and secure fit when plugging in your electrical devices. Cheaper alternatives may lack this support, resulting in issues like the plug moving around and necessitating frequent adjustments.  If you do indeed forget to bring these, you can simply pop into any supermarket, and they will normally have a loose box of them sitting on a shelf or behind the counter.  Fiji operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz

Visitor Advisory 12: Virtual Private Network (VPN): Although not a conventional item on a Fiji packing list, a reliable VPN is a travel essential. Consider options like NordVPN for one-click protection across all your devices.

FJ Experience 5 : Reading Material: For book enthusiasts, a Kindle Paperwhite is a must-have, especially when encased in a protective cover to shield it from sand and rain. Weighing a mere 200 grams (excluding the cover), a Kindle allows you to effortlessly transport an entire library, seamlessly fitting into your carry-on bag. While I appreciate the convenience of a digital reader, there’s an irreplaceable pleasure in the tactile sensation of a physical book. It typically takes me weeks to finish a book, making it unlikely to complete during my vacation. As a tip, I always read the initial chapters to assess if the story enthralls me enough to justify the space it occupies in my luggage.

FJ Experience 6 : LifeStraw: If you’re wondering what a LifeStraw is, it’s a portable water filter designed in the form of a “straw.” This ingenious device effectively removes almost all waterborne bacteria, microplastics, and parasites, making it a true lifesaver. Reflecting on my experience in Fiji several years ago during volunteer work, where I frequently dealt with an upset stomach, I found myself boiling water and purchasing numerous plastic water bottles, which are harmful to the environment.

While larger resorts typically offer filtered water, venturing out on day adventures prompted me to invest in a LifeStraw and accompanying bottle. Simply fill it up at the resort’s breakfast bar, and you’re ready to explore. Every small step contributes to environmental conservation and ensures your health. After all, why buy Fijian water when you’re already in Fiji?

Visitor Advisory 13: Cords & Chargers, managing the multitude of devices, chargers, and cords required for powering up our gadgets can be simplified by using a cord organizer. This handy accessory allows you to easily unravel and plug in whenever needed.

Visitor Advisory 14: Waterproof Buoyancy Devices and Protective Cases: In today’s era, many of us carry around significant tech gear worth thousands of dollars, including phones, earbuds, tablets, and laptops. Safeguarding these devices during your holiday is crucial, and you can achieve this by using waterproof cases and buoyancy aids. This has become a necessity in modern times.

Visitor Advisory 15: GoPro Series: In the expansive realm of underwater camera technology, there are abundant options available. If you’re on the lookout for an underwater camera, take the time to explore, as these devices can be a significant investment, and you may not require all the features they offer. Simply inputting the question “What are the Alternatives to the GoPro Series?” into the Google search engine will unveil a multitude of options. Proceed to to compare various features, read reviews, and assess prices. Typically, I focus on the top 3 or 4 options as they represent the main competitors in the market.  Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the depth the camera can reach before requiring a waterproof casing?
  2. Does it provide an option to upload to the cloud, allowing you to store an unlimited number of images
  3. Could an older model of GoPro offer the features you need, often at a more budget-friendly price?
  4. What is the overall cost of the device?, with accessories

Notably, GoPro has recently collaborated with Tourism Fiji to promote the country. As part of their new release, you can watch their adventures here

Convenient Carriers

Rise Beyond the Reef Beach Bags - Fiji Packing Guide: What to Pack for Your Fiji Adventure
Rise Beyond the Reef Beach Bags available at The Project Collective Store in Fiji | Image: Supplied

List of Convenient Carriers:

  1. Beach bag, Bum Bag and backpack for day trips and excursions

Visitor Advisory 16: Bags: Selecting the right bag for each occasion is essential. A beach bag is perfect for effortlessly throwing in all your personal belongings for a day by the sea. A bum bag is perfect for carrying essentials., and a dry bag ensures your electronics stay protected from water.

Visitor Advisory 17: When embarking on hiking adventures in the interior of Fiji, you don’t need a military-grade survival bag—a compact one that can carry your essentials for a day trip is sufficient. Fiji offers several-day hikes that take you through different villages. You can find their recommendations for what to take on these trips here.


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