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Mobile-Phone-and-Internet-Services-in-Fiji-Fiji Mobile Phone and Internet Services Expat’s Guide

The phone has become an appendage to our body over the last 20 years, with the majority of people interacting with their devices almost continuously throughout the day. The need and importance of knowing mobile phone and internet service providers while on holiday have become paramount. In this article, we simplify this process, relinquishing any uncertainty and reassuring you of the standards and high-quality services available across Fiji.

Mobile Phone & Internet Service Providers in Fiji

Table: Mobile Phone and Internet Services in Fiji

What is the difference between PrePay and Post Pay

Prepay (most commonly known as Pay as You Go): is a popular way of making telephone calls and using the internet, allowing the customer to control spending without making a commitment to the telecommunications company. This is the kind of SIM card you will receive when obtaining your travel SIM.

PostPay: The customer normally signs a one- or two-year contract, allowing you to pay your bill after using the service, normally at the end of the month or every 30 days.


Mobile Phone Coverage

Fiji has always hit above its weight; this includes mobile phone coverage, with extremely good service across the two main cities of Suva and Lautoka, major towns, and coastal tourism destinations. As of the year 2023, the standard is 4G+, and with this service, Netflicks has become a popular streaming service.

Now does this cover the whole of Fiji’s archipelago of islands uniformly? The answer to this question is NO, NOT QUITE; the outer reaches of the Yasawa Islands, some parts of Labasa, and the Eastern Division of Lau all slightly dip down to 3–4 G. Just keep this in mind.

Vodafone and Digicel Stores at Nadi International Airport
Vodafone and Digicel Stores at Nadi International Airport | Image: Supplied

Visitor Advisory 1: (Tourists & Holiday Makers) When you arrive in Fiji, pass customs, and collect your bags, you will enter the main arrival lounge. This is a wide, open area that is buzzing with life and new visual cues designed to entice. You have a few more pieces of housekeeping to do. On the right-hand side, almost instantly as you come through the doors, you will see the Vodafone Retail Outlet, and almost directly opposite is the Digicel counterpart located adjacent to the car rental firms. (Image Above)

Take our advice: pop into either one of these two and get yourself a SIM card with a 25-dollar top-up on the card. This will provide you with enough credit for your holiday. Get this task out of the way. If you do not have a dual-sim phone, make sure your current sim is stored safely in your wallet or hand luggage to be retrieved later. Do not leave the airport; before doing this, your transport or transfer will still be waiting for you, and the process takes less than 5 minutes.

Now you are locked and loaded with everything you need to venture out into Fiji, safe in the fact that you can contact home and venues within Fiji without returning home to a mountain of debt caused by expensive roaming bills.  If you completely forget to do this don’t worry we have added a link to all the mobile phone outlets across Fiji in the above table, they will provide the same service.

Visitor Advisory 2: (Tourists & Holiday Makers) Our suggestion is to choose the mobile phone and internet service provider you are most comfortable and familiar with and not complicate or experiment with a new company whilst on holiday, as they fundamentally do the same job. The prices and promotions might be slightly different at any given time, but not substantially different enough to warrant extensive consideration and pondering the negatives and positives.

If you have used the Vodafone network at home, then choose Vodafone on your vacation; similarly, with Digicel. They are both highly professional companies that have fully trained members of staff and packages solely constructed to assist tourists entering the country.

The prices and packages available continuously change, so we have added a link above, so you can capture the latest specials and promotions. Facebook is heavily utilized in promoting current promotions, so it might be worth a quick glance at the last few posts.

Never miss a moment Vodafone Tourist Sim
Never miss a moment Vodafone Tourist Sim | Image: Supplied

Visitor Advisory 3: (Tourists & Holiday Makers) First thoughts: WOW! 2GB of free data should be plenty for our vacation. Happy with the knowledge that we had a local SIM, enabling us to phone home, speak to friends and family, and surf the web, only to find out that in the small print on the promotion, the 2GB expires in 48 hours. Two simple words come to mind: “bl**dy annoying’. So as recommended in Tip 1, purchase around 25 FJD in credit, and this should see you through very comfortably.

***As far as we can find out, there is no difference between a tourism SIM and the regular SIM the locals use.  Various packages are available on the SIM that comes with preloaded benefits, further details on these can be obtained by visiting the Vodafone Airport Outlet.

Huawei Vodafone Dongle in Fiji and Unwired Internet home station
Huawei Vodafone Dongle in Fiji and Unwired Internet Services | Image: Supplied

Visitor Advisory 4: (Expats) If you are staying in Fiji for an extended period of time, over a year, you should also consider using TFL and UNWIRED (Digicel); they provide a much wider selection of packages and options if you sign up for a yearly contract. The same applies to Vodafone, and Inkk Mobile Fiji (we have no real experience with the latter but have heard good reviews from close friends).

Our team uses the Vodafone Mobile dongle (image above) for all internet services, as it is convenient and you can simply place it into your pouch in your bag and instantly become a hotspot. On a new device, the battery lasts for a good 10 hours of continuous use. The older it gets, like most things, the power drops to half a day; this occurs after a year or so of use.

Even without the dongle, you are able to convert your mobile phone into a hotspot. Simply type ‘mobile phone hotspot’ into YouTube, and you should get a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video: Digicel Fiji

Will my phone work with a Fijian SIM Card?

There are a few minor technical requirements, for the Fiji SIM CARD to work on your phone; we will go into greater detail on what these are below for complete clarification, but the simple answer to the question ‘Will my phone work with a Fijian SIM Card?’ is YES YES YES”. As long as you’re not using a phone from the late 1980s, the kind that is the size of a breeze block, you should be all good to go. Now for the technical answer…
Your device has to be a GSM dual-band or tri-band phone and operate on a 900 MHz frequency. You can simply check these details by going to your settings on the phone or the official website of the phone manufacturer.

Do I need any Identification to register for a SIM CARD?

Registering is free, but you will be required to present a valid original ID in order to register. Any of the following IDs can be used: Passport, Driver’s License, or Employment card.

What is VIBER?

Viber is one of the mobile apps that allows you to speak for free with secure calls and messages to anyone and anywhere. The app can be downloaded directly to your phone or computer; users simply need to enter their phone number to get started. Viber uses your mobile phone as your identity. To verify your account, Viber will send you a PIN via SMS to activate your account. Once activated, the app links to your contact list to help you find and connect with friends.

Over the last five years, this platform has really established itself across the Fijian islands, with many well-known venues listing their Viber credentials. It’s a wonderful option and a cost-saving alternative, and we would highly recommend this platform for volunteers or Expats who are staying for an extended period of time. Here is the official website for further details:  Link – International Call – (Viber Out)


Vodafone – Customers can also Recharge and subscribe to Local Mobile Data Packages by dialing *555# or Local Voice Packages via *143#. The Balance check option is available via *131#.

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