Fijian Hospitals and Medical Facilities | Expat’s Guide

The-Lautoka-Hospital-in-Fij Fijian Hospitals and Medical Facilities Expat’s Guide

Our team of Fijians has compiled a list of all the hospitals and medical facilities across the two main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The table has been constructed to allow you to quickly identify the nearest hospital to your residence or workplace.  This is an emergency service most of us will never need to use, but being aware of the contact details and having an in-person visual confirmation tick in the box is always recommended. Like all other emergency services, our recommendation is to add the contact details to your phone or travel manifest for quick and…

Public Healthcare in Fiji

“Collaborative regional approaches to affordable, appropriate, accessible, and quality clinical healthcare to Pacific Island Countries”
“Collaborative regional approaches to affordable, appropriate, accessible, and quality clinical healthcare to Pacific Island Countries” | Image: Supplied

Expatriates’ are able to use and seek treatment at the many government-run public hospitals in Fiji. Although the level of care is not always of the standards available in developed countries, with wait times tending to be considerably longer than expected, the quality and quantity of equipment may be extremely basic, inefficient, or in some cases non-existent.

Visitor Advisory 1: The further you remove yourself from the three main urban areas of Fiji, the greater the distance and travel times to access appropriate facilities if needed in an emergency.

The 3 main public hospitals in Fiji are The Colonial War Museum Hospital located on the outskirts of Suva City in the Central Division; its counterpart Lautoka Hospital serving the people of the city with the same name in the Western Division; and, finally Labasa Hospital on Vanua Levu in the Northern Division. Each has several smaller specialized sub-divisional hospitals (SDH) dispersed across the different provinces and districts of Fiji.

Visitor Advisory 2: The Main Hospitals All Have English-speaking Staff

We have created 4 separate tables detailing the different hospitals with respect to their division and province. It is always worth knowing the location of your nearest medical facility when traveling, hopefully, you will not need to use their services, but it is better to have the information and not use it, than not have the most pertinent information when required.

Hospitals in the Central Division

Outside the Colonial War Museum Hospital in Suva City Fiji Signage at the front of the building
Outside the Colonial War Museum Hospital in Suva City Fiji | Image: Supplied
Colonial War MemorialCentral Division458N/A
St GilesCentral Division136N/A
Tamavua/TwomeyCentral Division91N/A
KorovouCentral Division17Tailevu
Nausori MaternityCentral Division15Rewa
NavuaCentral Division12Serua Island/ Namosi
VunidawaCentral Division21Naitasiri
WainibokasiCentral Division14Rewa
LautokaWestern Division339Ba, Lautoka City
BaWestern Division50Ba
TavuaWestern Division42Tavua District
RakirakiWestern Division22Ra
NadiWestern Division85Nadi Conurbation
SigatokaWestern Division60Nadroga-Navosa
LabasaNorthern Division161Macuata
SavusavuNorthern Division58Cakaudrove
NabouwaluNorthern Division31Bua
WaiyevoNorthern Division33Taveuni Island
LakebaEastern Division12Lakeba Island
LomalomaEastern Division16Lomaloma District
LevukaEastern Division40Lomaviti Islands
VuniseaEastern Division22Kadavu Island
RotumaEastern Division14Rotuma Dependency
MatukuEastern Division5Matuku Island
Table: Fijian Hospital – National Referral Centre (NRC) – Sub-Divisional Hospital (SDH)

Private Fiji Healthcare | English Speaking

E-Medical-Services-Team at Zens Medical In Fiji (Courtesy of Management).
E-Medical-Services-Team at Zens Medical In Fiji | Image: Supplied
Nasese Private Hospital331445062 Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva
Oceania Hospitals3303404120 Amy Street, Suva
Zens Medical Centres670353340 Lodhias Street, Nadi
7766600/9996003Namaka Lane, Nadi
666302810 Mana Street, Lautoka
Private Fiji Healthcare | English Speaking – Listed above are the few private hospitals in Fiji, they are mainly concentrated around the two main populated areas of Viti Levu, Suva or Nadi. These centers are normally open 24 Hours a day, with more specialized staff and diagnostic equipment available. Although the conditions and equipment are far superior to the public government hospitals, they are still lacking.

Visitor Advisory 3: STRONGLY ADVISE you to include in your travel insurance medical evacuation to Australia or New Zealand as part of your health Travel Insurance Cover. This is normally only a few extra dollars and you can rest assured you will be safe, DO NOT TREAT THIS AS AN EXTRA OR OPTIONAL.

Pharmacies in Fiji

Pharmacies in Fiji
Pharmacies in Fiji | Image: Supplied

Pharmacies and Drug Stores are widely available across all the cities and major towns of Fiji, enabling easy access to all expatriates and tourists on their holidays, with several pharmacies staying open late into the evening.  It is highly advisable to bring sufficient supplies of necessary medication with you when coming to Fiji, with a doctor’s letter for the prescription from home, to present to the border control agents at the airport, and if you need to purchase an additional prescription during your travels.

Visitor Advisory 4: If you need prescribed medicine for your health condition, talk to your GP or practice nurse about your travel plans at least 2 months before your departure date. They can tell you if you need to make any special arrangements.  (Traveling with your medicines,   Always carry medicines and medical equipment (needles, syringes, and so on) in their original, correctly labeled packages.  Details of your medicine, including its generic name (not just the brand name))

Visitor Advisory 5: Carry your medicine in your hand luggage (although check your airline’s regulations before travelling) with a copy of your prescription and consider packing some extra medicine in your suitcase or holding luggage in case you lose your hand luggage.

Visitor Advisory 6: Check that the expiry dates of your medicines will be valid for the duration of your visit abroad.

Health Hazards in Fiji

Stomach Bug in Fiji
Stomach Bug in Fiji (Getty Images)

One of the two most common health issues expatriates have repeatedly reported are Food poisoning and stomach bugs, the three main causes being meat and fish products and the local tap water.

Visitor Advisory 7: Expats should avoid the following to minimise the chances of either of these two health issues upon arrival to Fiji 1) Avoid purchasing Meat or Fish from questionable establishments, especially from the roadside markets, as they normally have no refrigeration. 2) Buy bottled water or boil the water you drink or use to clean salads and raw vegetables, and when socializing avoid ice cubes or ice in your drinks.

Visitor Advisory 8: Pre-Travel Vaccinations for Fiji: There are no mandatory immunizations required for travel to Fiji. However, those moving to Fiji should ensure routine vaccinations, including measles and mumps, rubella, diphtheria tetanus pertussis, polio, chicken pox, and flu vaccines are up to date.

Video: A Miracle in Fiji
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