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Being a small nation with abundant natural resources, our islands are blessed with year-round warm weather, golden sandy beaches, clear blue water, attractive coral reefs, and exciting high waves. Coupled with this, Fiji has the facilities, infrastructure, and atmosphere to provide a truly unique and unforgettable vacation experience. Challenge a round of golf, venture out for a dawn surf, be tempted by a two-day trek through ancient sand dunes, or simply join the locals for a darts session in a nearby club.  From thrilling rushes to soft, laid-back activities, from exciting involvement to sideline observations, Fiji is a virtual sporting wonderland.

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7 Active Reasons to get motivated in Fiji

  1. Individual and team options, catering to all levels of ability
  2. Unparalleled diversity of land-based sports, including championship golf courses
  3. A myriad of water activities, including diving on world-class reefs
  4. Exciting spectator sports such as rugby, Fiji national sporting pastimes
  5. Wide range of venues, complexes, and resort facilities
  6. Group sports event for executives
  7. Local comradeship and new friendships

Sports Arenas & Stadiums Across Fiji

Fiji Sports Council Official Logo, with a pastel coloured painting in the background, with the same colours as the logo
Fiji Sports Council Official Logo | Image: Supplied
Damodar City Aquatic Centre Suva Fiji 1DAMODAR CITY AQUATIC CENTRE – 1 x 25-meter pool – 1 x 50m pool – Fully lit for night training and grandstand seating, Capacity of up to 500, spectators. Change rooms, Bathroom utilities, VIP Lounge, Control room available and offers convenience with Central Suva.Suva
FMF GYMNASIUMFMF GYMNASIUM – Total Seating Capacity: – 1,600, Multi-purpose courts, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Futsal courts, 4 x change rooms with bathroom facilities, Kitchen and CanteenSuva
ANZ Stadium Laucala Bay Road SuvaHFC BANK STADIUM – Full FeaturesSuva
King Charles Park NadiKING CHARLES PARKNadi
Lawaqa ParkLAWAQA PARKCoral Coast
NATIONAL FITNESS CENTRENATIONAL FITNESS CENTRE – The Front of the Facility, Bag Storage, Reception, Gym Equipment, Changing Rooms, Showers and ToiletsSuva
hockey Arena in Suva FijiNATIONAL HOCKEY CENTRE – Seating Capacity: 500, International standard water-based synthetic pitch the finest playing surface available in Fiji and around the Pacific Island region, 4 x air-conditioned change rooms with bathroom facilities, canteen, medical room, office spaceSuva
Ra Sports GroundRA SPORTS GROUNDRakiraki
VICTORIA TENNIS COURTSVICTORIA TENNIS COURTS – Waiting room, Rules of the Facility, Victoria Tennis Courts, Squash CourtsSuva
Vodafone Arena Fiji SuvaVODAFONE ARENA – Total Seating Capacity: 3,300 – International standard wooden spring court floor caters 2 x basketball, 3 x volleyball, 2 x netball, 2 x futsal courts, 4 x air-conditioned rooms with bathroom facilities, VIP Lounge, Kitchen, Office space, canteen & 2 x electronic scoreboards.Suva

Fiji Sporting Associations

Fiji Cricketers enjoying a friendly competition
Fiji Cricketers enjoying a friendly competition | Image: Fiji Cricket Association
SportsAssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
ArcheryFiji Archery AssociationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
AthleticsFiji Amateur Athletics FederationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
BadmintonFiji Badminton AssociationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
BaseballFiji Islands Baseball AssociationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
BasketballFiji Amateur Basketball FederationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
Billiards/Snooker Billiards and Snooker Association of FijiWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
BodybuildingFiji Bodybuilding AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
BowlingFiji Bowling AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
BoxingFiji Amateur Boxing AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
ChessFiji Chess FederationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
CricketFiji Cricket AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
Cycling (Amateur)Fiji Amateur Cycling AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
FootballFiji Football AssociationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
GolfNational Golf Association of FijiWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
GymnasticsGymnastics Federation of FijiWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
HockeyFiji Hockey AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
JudoFiji Judo AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
Karate-doFiji Karate-do federationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
NetballFiji Netball AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
Outrigger CanoeFiji Outrigger Canoe Racing AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
Fiji National RugbyFiji National Rugby LeagueWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
Fiji RugbyFiji Rugby Football UnionWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
ShootingFiji Shooting AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
SquashFiji Squash rackets AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
SurfingFiji Surfing AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
SwimmingAmateur swimming associationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
Table TennisFiji Table Tennis AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
TaekwondoFiji Taekwondo FederationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
TennisFiji Tennis AssociationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC
TriathlonFiji Triathlon AssociationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
Touch RugbyTouch Rugby AssociationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
VolleyballFiji Volleyball FederationWebsiteFacebookInstagramFASANOC
WeightliftingFiji Weightlifting FederationWebsiteFacebook InstagramFASANOC

Recreational Sports

SUP whilst on holiday
SUP whilst on holiday | Image: Supplied
SnorkellingTrekkingWhite Water Rafting
Wind Surfing

Land Based Activities

HIKING AND RUNNING TRAILS on Blue Lagoon Resort Fiji, Yasawa Islands, Fiji (2)
Hiking And Running Trails on Blue Lagoon Resort Fiji, Yasawa Islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied


Fiji is renowned for its competitive abilities and great achievements in the world of rugby. While not many people may succumb to the idea of participating in a torrid rugby match, many are avid game fans, with Touch Rugby increasing in popularity across the islands. Whether it’s an international battle in Suva’s National Stadium or an intervillage competition in the outer islands, Fiji offers rugby spectatorship of the highest quality.


Fiji offers some of the finest championship golf courses in the Pacific, including Denarau, Suva, and Pacific Harbour. Challenging courses, quality greens, and year-round warm weather have all helped put Fiji on the international sporting map, with the Fiji International Golf Tournament held from 2014 – 2018 catapulting our world-class facilities across the networks to the masses. Local Golfing Giant Vijay Singh is in his own right a sports model and ambassador for Fiji.

Other Land-Based Activities – Hiking

Water Based Activities

Kite Surfing in Fiji
Kite Surfing in Fiji | Image: Supplied

Fiji, with its pristine blue waters and over 333 spectacular islands, offers a myriad of opportunities for diving, surfing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

Diving & World Class Snorkeling

Renowned as the soft coral capital of the world, Fiji stands among the best dive destinations, offering remarkable variety, a rich panorama of brilliant colors, and an amazing selection of fish and coral. Dive operators are spread all through the islands.


Surfing Fiji has a renowned reputation amongst the international surf community for its exciting reef breaks (for all levels of surfers) and secluded locations. Specialist Fiji surfing resorts are found on Viti Levu, Mamanuca Islands, and Kadavu.

Sport Fishing

Its warm, tropical waters and rich oceanic ecosystems, make Fiji an excellent place for sports fishing all year round. Fiji is teeming with various types of fish of all sizes, great fishing spots, and a wide variety of marine life, making game fishing on these islands an adrenaline-pumping and memorable experience…


Kiteboarding has to be one of the best traveling adventure sports of all time, it’s an incredible vehicle for experiencing the world, and finding places you would never discover any other way. What is so good about Kitesurfing is anybody can do it, all you need is the wind, and you go where the wind will take you.

Other Sporting Activities – Sea Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting

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