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Food and drink have become one of the main highlights for many travellers on their holidays. Some of the fondest moments are captured while sitting around a dining table or having a cold, refreshing beverage at a local bar with new friends in the evening, detailing your many adventures.  Whether you want to sample the most satisfying street food (street barbecue or specialty crab burgers) or try the most exquisite examples of fine dining at some of the internationally awarded restaurants across the islands, Fiji Journal (FJ for short) writers will detail their best food and drinks all across Fiji.

Main Food Markets | Satellite Markets​

Aerial View of the Suva Municipal Market - Fiji Food Guide
Aerial View of the Suva Municipal Market | Image: Supplied

The fruit and vegetable markets are normally the central social hub for Fijians, a place where the smiling, friendly locals sell their produce. The main municipal markets can be easily found, as they are normally located adjacent to the main bus stations. This is to allow the majority of goods to come fresh from the countryside every day.

These bustling arenas have rows and rows of tables laden with delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, with the markets bursting at their seams and extending outside.  So if you wish to get immersed in the daily sights and sounds of the locals, you will not regret heading down to experience this cultural highlight. Throughout the market, the Fijian and Indo-Fijian sellers are generally very patient and happy to chat.

Alcoholic Fijian Beverages

Vonu Beer on Ice
Vonu Beer on Ice | Image: Supplied

There are so many different alcoholic beverages available across the islands that you will be spoilt for choice, from the wide selection of New Zealand and Australian wines to the locally crafted beers and rums.

IN DEPTH SUPPORTING ARTICLE:  We have put together a short article detailing the most popular beverages you will come across on your travels and why they are worth having a tipple. So get your taste buds ready for a unique tropical journey.

Tropical Fijian Fruits & Island-Inspired Drinks

Delicious Mango Drink - Fiji Food Guide
Delicious Mango Drink | Image: Supplied

Fiji is paradise on earth, with a kaleidoscope of pristine environments gracing every corner of the country. Combine this with the delicious, mouth-watering tropical fruits that grow free and wild and have a far superior quality than the artificially ripened kinds found in supermarkets in temperate climes. Cultural recipes handed down between generations, from the simple lemon and lime refreshing beverage to the more refined fine dining restaurants, have started to define the unique culinary palette of the islands, elevating and refining the fruits in a carefully balanced way. Full Article

Non-Alcoholic Fijian Beverages

Fijian Wild Coffee Beans - Fiji Food Guide
Fijian Wild Coffee Beans | Image: Supplied

As you wake up, take a small shot of the immune-boosting Juice Fiji drink, a concentrated fruit and vegetable combo that will protect you from dusk to dawn. Three natural artesian water brands to take with you to quench your thirst during the day. A trio of coffee brands to have during lunch, and Taki Mai, a natural kava beverage that comes in multiple flavors that soothes and calms the body, at the close of the day with your friends. Each beverage purchased supports Fijian-made local businesses and entrepreneurs across Fiji.

IN DEPTH SUPPORTING ARTICLE: In the following article, titled4 Non-Alcoholic Refreshing Fijian Beverages‘, we have put together four locally produced natural beverages that are suited to different times of the day.

11 Different Types of Coconuts

Woman with coconut drink relaxing in hammock at the beach
Woman with coconut drink relaxing in hammock at the beach | Image: Supplied

We touch upon the many different coconut varieties scattered across Fiji, how you can husk a coconut and scrape out and produce the thick, creamy coconut milk from the shell, and conclude with the recipe for Fiji’s national dish, Kokoda, so you are able to have a Fijian experience at any time of the year.

IN DEPTH SUPPORTING ARTICLE: In the  article11 Different Types of Thirst Quenching Coconutsis going to briefly introduce you to the symbolic relationship the Fijian people have with the coconut tree.

Video: Heavenly Street Food Tour
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