7 Nippitaty Alcoholic Fijian Beverages

7 Nippitaty Alcoholic Fijian Beverages

There are so many different alcoholic beverages available across the islands that you will be spoilt for choice, from the wide selection of New Zealand and Australian wines to the locally crafted beers and rums. We have put together a short article detailing the most popular beverages you will come across on your travels and why they are worth having a tipple. So get your taste buds ready for a unique tropical journey.

rum ratu dark 1Fiji Rum
Ratu Dark
Savoury, Smoked Oak Aromas Give Way To Rich Sweetness Of Caramel, Vanilla And Tea Leaves With A Mouth-watering Liquorice Finish – 5 years old (minimum)
rum bati darkFiji Rum
Dark Bati
Intense Dried Fruit Aromas Finishing With Molasses And Charred Oak Flavour – 2 years old
rum bati whiteFiji Rum
Bati White
Fresh Citrus Aroma With A Soft Vanilla Oak Taste – 2 years old
rum bati whitechocFiji Rum
Bati White Chocolate
Fijian White Rum With White Chocolate And Vanilla Oak Flavours That Create A Rich Yet Clean Finish – 2 years old
rum bati bananaFiji Rum
Bati Banana
Fijian White Rum With The Depth Of Creamy, Smooth Banana That Is Perfect For Tropical Cocktails – 2 years old
rum bati coffeeFiji Rum
Bati Coffee
Fijian White Rum With Aromas Of Freshly Ground Coffee Beans And A Soft And Smooth Mocha Finish – 2 years old
rum bati coconutFiji Rum
Bati Coconut
Fijian White Rum With A Decadent Coconut Flavour That Is Perfect For Tropical Cocktails – 2 years old
rum ratu spicedFiji Rum
Ratu Spiced
Complex Charred Oak And Citrus Aroma With A Rich Vanilla And Candied Orange Flavour, Combined With The Warmth Of Cinnamon And Star Anise – 5 years old (minimum)
rum ratu signatureFiji Rum
Ratu Signature
Aromas Of Zesty Orange, Dark Chocolate And Coffee, With A Velvet Mouth Feel Of Coconut And Spiced Oak Followed By A Lingering Fresh Citrus Flavour 8 years old (minimum)
rum bati spicedFiji Rum
Bati Spiced
A Subtle, Well Rounded Rum That Is Lightly Spiced With Warm Vanilla Overtones – 2 years old
Vonu Pure LargerVonu
Pure Larger
Vonu Transforms Pure Fijian Water Into A Pure, Ultra Low Carb, Naturally Brewed Lager With A Refres
Upper Cut Larger Fiji BeveragesDog Beer
Upper Cut
Hop Dog Pale Ale Fiji BeveragesDog Beer
Hop Dog
Pale Ale
Tribe Vodka Drink Fiji Raspberry FlavourTribe Vodka
Tribe Vodka Rasberry
Tribe Vodka Drink Fiji Lime and Soda FlavourTribe Vodka
Tribe Fusion Vodka Lime & Soda
Tribe Vodka Drink Fiji Blue Lagoon FlavourTribe Vodka
Tribe Blue Lagoon
Tribe Vodka Drink Fiji Lemon Soda FlavourTribe Vodka
Tribe Ice Vodka-lemon & Soda
Fiji Gold BeerFiji Gold
FIji BitterFiji Bitter
Table: Alcoholic Fijian Beverages

Fiji Rum

Fiji Rum Barrels
Fiji Rum | Image: Supplied

How to impress your friends and family when you first savor the delights of Fiji Rum

Rum has been a favorite of many sailors transversing across the great oceans for hundreds of years, Whilst you are navigating across the islands of Fiji on your own adventures, it is the perfect opportunity to savor the rich flavours of the handcrafted award-winning Fiji Rum. Formed from hand-cut sugar grown in Fiji’s rich and fertile volcanic soil, purist local waters, filtered through the coconut shells that dot the landscape, and matured in specialty selected ex-bourbon oak barrels in Fiji’s perfect tropical climate. The simple but complex addition will open you up to a new taste profile, deepening your connection to these islands. We have added a few bullet points below detailing how to impress your friends and family and taste like a Pro.

1: Cleanse your palate with crackers. Don’t have coffee, chocolate, or spicy foods beforehand.

2: The visual experience is a huge part, so select a clear glass (Wine Glass)

3: Hold the glass up to a light source to examine the rum and then tip it. Older rum will have a darker ring where the liquid meets the glass.

4: Watch the rum slide back down the glass when you straighten it. That’s called “legs.”  This shows how thick the rum is. (full-bodied rums have thinner “legs.”)

5: Next, take a sniff and try to identify some of the rum’s aromas.

6: The last step is to take a sip or to be more specific, multiple sips.

Describing Rum tasting to your friends

  1. First SIP – The first sip you take will be to overcome the shock of the alcohol on your tongue. When you’re ready, take a second sip and pay attention to the rum’s sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, and acidity.  Take a short pause
  2. Second SIPThis time you’re paying attention to whether the rum is smooth, light, or syrupy.
  3. Third SIP –  will be to note the aftertaste, how it tastes, and how long before it fades away.
  4. Then you’ll be able to describe to your friends exactly how it tastes, the viscosity, and strength.
Video: Rum Co. of Fiji

Dog Beer

Dog Beer is Fiji’s newest, locally made and owned craft beer
Dog Beer is Fiji’s newest, locally made and owned craft beer | Image: Supplied

Craft Beer is a beer that has been made by craft breweries, they normally produce smaller amounts, with a larger emphasis on enthusiasm and passion for the process with newer flavours and textures being released. Over the last few years, there have been several smaller companies scattered across the islands starting their own craft breweries. Dog Beer is Fiji’s Newest and very popular craft beer available on tap with Pale Ale and a Light Lager, they are slowly increasing their reach over the islands, so if you see the Dog logo staring out at you from the bar, be sure to give it a taste, this is a wonderfully light beer, to have in the evening with your friends.

Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter and Vonu Pure Lager
Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter, and Vonu Pure Lager | Image: Supplied

The three most popular beers in Fiji amongst the locals and tourists are Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter, and the various flavours of the Vonu Range. They normally take prime positions at the resort bar sitting alongside the imported beers. They are considerably cheaper and definitely worth trying on your vacation. If you step outside the resort into one of the local supermarkets, you will notice whole walls of beer cartons covering from floor to ceiling-like breeze blocks.

If you acquire a taste for them on your trip, it might be worth considering buying them from the supermarket, you will occasionally see travelers hiring a local taxi, running in, and purchasing a few cases to save some money.

Booze Review Youtube StationFiji Gold, 8/10 | Fiji Bitter, 9/10 | Vonu 8/10

Video: Fiji Bitter Extra Promotional

Tribe Vodka

Tribe Ice
Tribe Ice | Image: Supplied

Tribe is a convenient ready-to-drink vodka, served in a 355 ml bottle, the brand has seven assorted flavours Tribe Fusion, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Bourbon and Cola, Raspberry, Blue Lagoon. and Tribe Ice. A very popular drink amongst the locals, and lines the bar fridges with its multi-coloured array. If you fancy a casual bottle of vodka, with a meal or social drink you cannot go wrong with one of these, a nice complimentary beverage.  Promotional Video

Cocktails and Mocktails

A collection of brightly coloured cocktails and Mocktails
A collection of brightly coloured cocktails and Mocktails | Image: Supplied

What is the difference between a Cocktail and Mocktail? 

Mocktails are specially crafted mixed drinks similar to cocktails but without liquor and other alcohol-based components. They usually include many of the same ingredients as cocktails on the menu — like freshly squeezed juice, infused syrups, shrubs, flavored sugars or salts, and more. (Allrecipes, 2023)

Fiji is renowned for its freshly squeezed natural fruits the main ingredients of the cocktails, and its teetotaller sibling Mocktails, with many resorts having their own signature concoctions, only served on their premises. There is nothing like having one of these drinks to start the evening, be sure to check out the bar menu and the accompanying restaurant’s drinks menu for the many different flavours and ingredients. They are simply Fiji in a Glass, natural, colourful, and will instantly put a smile on your face. You haven’t truly experienced Fiji until you have had a couple of these beautiful works of art.

Beer Coasters from the Past

Various Fiji Beer Coasters
Various Fiji Beer Coasters | Image: Supplied


  • ABV: Alcohol by Volume is the standard measurement used to communicate to the consumer how much alcohol is contained in a Spirit.
  • Aging: Placing the rum into barrels to rest
  • Angel share: How much rum is lost due to evaporation
  • Fermentation: Taking the raw product (molasses or cane juice) and adding yeast until it ferments into alcohol
  • Fermentable Material: The base organic matter used during the fermentation process. In Rum production, the fermentation material can be molasses, syrup, or juice, all of which must come from sugar cane.
  • Molasses: A dark by-product of processing sugar cane that is used for fermentation
  • Column Still: such large stills are used in alcohol production. It allows faster and more efficient production, with a purer, stronger, and more delicate product.
  • Pot Still: A pot still is traditionally a copper distilling apparatus that operates on a batch basis.
  • Rhum Agricole: A French style of rum where sugarcane is used rather than molasses
  • Yeast: A tiny, yet powerful fungus that converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation.
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