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Visitor Advisory 1: As of the latest update in January 2024, the entire Electronic Ticketing System, known as eTransport, has completed its operational lifespan. This electronic ticketing system, utilized by all bus operators in Fiji and facilitated by Vodafone Fiji, was initially introduced in 2017 under the FijiFirst government. It is important to note that, at the time of this update, the system is still in operation, and the information provided here is current. We will promptly update any changes that may occur.

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Electronic Ticketing System – eTransport

Passengers who wish to travel via public bus, including Coaches, are required to purchase e-ticketing disposable cards which are available at all Coach stations and Vodafone outlets across the country. Disposable cards are also available for purchase on public buses and are available in $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations. They are recommended for passengers who do not use the public bus regularly.

How to use the eTransport card/FAQ?

Electronic Ticketing System
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If I do not travel regularly on a bus do I still need to register for a permanent eTransport Card? 

No. Disposable cards will be available for purchase on the buses. and do not require any registration. Disposable cards will be available for $2.  $5, $10. $20. $50  and  $100 denominations,  Disposable cards are recommended for tourists and passengers who may not use public buses on a regular and ongoing basis. Disposable cards have 30 days expiry from the first day of use.

How do I pay my fare using my permanent or disposable eTransport Card?

To pay for your bus fare, you first need to tell the bus driver your destination. Once the driver enters the number of stages (s) you are traveling to, you will be asked to tap your eTransport Card against the Point-Of-Sale(POS) machine in the bus. Once the fare is paid, the POS machine will print a ticket that will state the number of stages (s) you are traveling and the amount of the fare, along with your remaining balance.  For disposable cards, ensure that the driver activates your card by tapping on the bus POS as the disposable cards need to be activated before use.

If I purchase a disposable card what happens to any balance remaining?

Any balance remaining on your disposable card will be refunded to you in cash. You will need to visit any Vodafone retail or authorized agent outlet with your disposable cards and a valid ID to get a refund before the card expires (30 days after being issued).

Can my eTransport card be used in other buses apart from the bus which services our area? 

Yes. Your eTransport Card will be valid on any public bus in Fiji, provided it is topped up with the proper balance for your trip.

What happens If I was charged an incorrect fare? What do I need to do? 

When boarding the bus, check the fare when the driver enters the stage to see that it is correct. Also, be sure to only tap your card at the POS once; multiple attempts of tapping your card may incur extra fares being deducted. If you think that you have been overcharged, please keep your receipt and advise the driver. You can sort refunds from the respective Bus Company with a copy of your receipt as evidence of an overcharged bus fare. You will have to go through a verification process before being refunded.

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Video: How to use the eTransport Card Tutorial