Fiji Car Rentals: Top Options for Your Island Adventure


The thrill of exploration is within us all. We are born with a sense of adventure and a desire to learn new things. While in Fiji, there truly is no better way to embrace your ‘explorer spirit" than to head out on the road and experience many of the spectacular and charming treasures that our beautiful island nation has to offer. However, you shouldn’t just pick the first car rental service you see- here are several considerations that will help guide you through this process, so you can choose the right establishment best suited to your specific needs, and ultimately a pleasurable experience.

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Five epic drives in Fiji that you should consider:

  1. Outstanding Road Trip for families – Viti Levu Coral Coast
  2. Exceptional Road Trip for Scenery Buffs – Viti Levu Suncoast
  3. Greatest Road trip for waterfalls – Taveuni (Garden Island)
  4. Unrivaled Road trip for passionate historians – Ovalau and Suva
  5. Pulsating road trip for offbeat adventures – Vanua Levu’s Hibiscus Highway

What is required to drive a rental vehicle in Fiji?

  • To rent a car, a driver must be at least 21 years old and have held a driver’s license for two years.
  • Drivers must carry while driving their valid driver’s licenses, car registration, and insurance documents
  • You need to submit the required documentation before you can rent a car in Fiji. You need to have your local driving license in the English language for at least two years. If it’s written in another language, you need to acquire an International Driver’s Permit. If you are below 25 years old, a surcharge per young driver regulation may incur. Take note that you will be required to pay for your car using your credit card.
  • Third-party insurance is obligatory. Some agencies include it in their daily rates whereas others tally it on at the end. Figure on another $30 at least. It’s suggested that you get personal liability insurance if you are not already covered. (Renters are liable for the first $500 damage).
  • Always read the Terms and Conditions of the respective Rental Company, so the whole process runs smoothly upon arriving in Fiji.  The process should only take 15 minutes if all the paperwork is completed correctly.

How to choose the right car rental Operator Online

Tips for Choosing a Fiji Car Rental Company On the Internet
Choosing a Fiji Car Rental Company On the Internet | Image: Supplied

What type of vehicle do you require for your Fijian adventure?  If you’re thinking about the best car you need for driving in Fiji, the answer depends on where you want to go and how many people are with you on your trip. You can choose from various vehicle types that suit well with your solo trip, small group tour, family vacations, and even group travel. You can also note the driving distances in Fiji and find the best vehicles to use on adventures.

  • Car / Sedan – This is the best choice if you’re looking for an affordable rate and excellent fuel economy. It can accommodate at least five passengers. You can stow your luggage and still be at ease and comfortable during your travel journey
  • SUV – Rent an SUV if you’re looking for an ultimate outdoor adventure. The SUV has a spacious interior and smooth drivability that is fit for your next experience. The SUV can accommodate 7 to 8 passengers
  • Van – If a seven-passenger space is not enough for you and your luggage, consider renting a van that has a twelve to fifteen-passenger capacity. You need to travel without feeling too packed for the day. A 4-wheel drive is also great if you’ll be traveling on roads that are in slightly poor condition.
  • Luxury car – If you can afford to rent this type of car, then why not? Aside from great comfort and high-quality travel, this type of car has many unique features that fit your personality

Check Online Reviews

The next step is checking online reviews, keeping in mind that every business will have its share of good and bad reviews. The important thing to look for is multiple reviews describing the same experiencesAlso, most review websites allow businesses to respond to reviews. A venue picking an argument with a past customer over a bad experience is a red flag, while measured responses that show a willingness to solve the problem are a good sign.

Car Cleaning Protocols | Servicing

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, tougher strict cleaning protocols have been implemented by several car rental firms across Fiji.  The respective government at the time,  provided guidance on how they could ensure the health and wellbeing of all their customers.   For example, Avis released a short educational video and diagrams to illustrate their new protocols.  A quick message via social media or email to a respective establishment prior to booking might be a wise move if this concerns you.

Average Car Rentals Price

Car rental can be pricey in Fiji, with an average, rental car costing $66 per day or $460 per week, so plan your budget accordingly, additional features and a newer vehicle may incur additional fees.

Here are the day rates for car rentals in Fiji:

  • Small car/day – FJ$65-$170
  • Medium car/day – FJ$85-$180
  • Premium car/day – FJ$150-$250

Car Rental Companies

The following lists displays the different Rental Car Companies distributed around Viti Levu, Fiji, we have detracted all the small venues that have not got a presence online, so although it is not definitive, it provides a mixture of the larger international companies alongside the locally-owned businesses.

Nadi Airport Car Rentals

  • Avis Fiji
  • Budget Rental Cars
  • Bula Car Rentals
  • Central Rentals
  • Coastal Rental Cars
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty Car Rental

Nadi Town Car Rentals

  • AAAK Rentals
  • Aims Rent-a-Car
  • Angels Car Rentals
  • Go Dirty Tours
  • Satellite Rent-a-Car

Suva Car Rentals

  • AAQIB Rentals
  • Avis Fiji
  • Budget Rental Cars
  • Central Rentals
  • Coastal Car Rental
  • Europcar
  • Hertz

Coral Coast Car Rentals

  • Budget Rental Cars
  • Coastal Rental Cars
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty Car Rental

        IN DEPTH SUPPORTING VIDEO: Car Rental Inspection – Worth a Glance The video creator above highlights key aspects to consider when renting a vehicle, emphasizing the importance of actions like inspecting the exterior and interior condition, checking fluid levels, and recording  (photos/video) these details while still at the rental company’s premises. While the specific location in the video may vary, the general advice is universally applicable.

        Car Rental Companies Footnotes

        Presented below is a detailed alphabetical listing of car rental companies in Fiji, individuals can access additional information about each car rental company by clicking on the provided links.

        • AAAK Rentals:  For individuals seeking an affordable rental car in Fiji, AAAK Rentals proves to be the ideal choice. Offering a broad selection of the latest model and well-maintained vehicles, the company endeavors to deliver the best possible service to its clients. Clients can benefit from features such as unlimited mileage, air-conditioning, and full insurance coverage. Prospective renters are encouraged to peruse AAAK Rentals’ fleet of vehicles to select one that aligns with their needs, with the guarantee that a suitable option awaits. Having been stationed in Nadi for the past few years, AAAK Rentals has consistently provided safe and reliable cars at budget-friendly rates. The company assures reliable service, enhancing the holiday experience
        • AAQIB Rentals:  As a leading operator in Fiji, AAQIB RENTALS specializes in car rental, hotel accommodations, and airport transfers. The company caters to both domestic and international travelers seeking transportation for business or leisure purposes within Fiji. AAQIB RENTALS extends its services to include picking up tourists and travelers from key airports such as Nadi, Nausori, and Labasa, transporting them to their hotels or desired destinations, and vice versa. With branches strategically located in Nakasi, Nausori, Lautoka, Tailevu, Labasa, and offering airport pick-ups and drop-offs to Nadi, Nausori, and Labasa Airports, AAQIB RENTALS ensures convenience and accessibility for its customers.
        • AIMS Rent A Car:  Aims Rent-A-Car, a proudly Fiji-owned company, assures customers of excellent service when renting a car. The dedicated staff, well-acquainted with the mainland, are passionate travelers themselves, offering flexibility to meet individual requirements. With a commitment to making the car rental experience seamless and enjoyable, Aims Rent-A-Car maintains a year-round fleet comprising 4WDs, cars, and minivans.
        • ANGELS Car Rentals:  At Angels Rental Cars, customers can expect the quality and service associated with a leading car rental provider. The assurance is that with Angels Rental Cars, individuals will experience rides in the utmost comfort. The company places the customer at the forefront, embodying the principle that at Angels Rental Cars, “YOUR BEST RIDE IS OUR PRIDE.”
        • ARIES Rental Cars:  As a limited liability and licensed car rental business, Aries operates as a trusted service provider offering a diverse range of car rental services in Fiji for its expanding local and global clientele. The company takes pride in its commitment to providing customers with tailored services, aiming to give them every reason to choose Aries for their car rental or leasing needs. Aries emphasizes safety, comfort, and customer care, positioning itself as a reliable rental car company in Fiji. Prospective customers, whether new or returning, are encouraged to contact the customer services team for personalized assistance with their car rental requirements. For visitors desiring a chauffeur, Aries offers the ‘throw in a driver’ package, allowing them to relax and enjoy the scenery while friendly staff awaits them at the Nadi International Airport terminal.
        • AVIS:  As the premier car rental company in Fiji, Avis caters to the needs of both leisure and business travelers alike. With five strategic locations spanning international airports and downtown areas, Avis ensures convenient access for its clientele.
        • BUDGET Rentals:  Budget Rentals, catering to all car rental needs across Fiji, offers a range of options at budget-friendly prices. With ten conveniently located rental facilities scattered throughout Fiji, including key airports like Suva Airport and Nadi Airport, Budget ensures accessibility. Whether in search of economical compact cars or the luxury of a BMW 5 series, Budget car rental provides a diverse selection. Emphasizing a fleet of new cars and renowned Fijian service, including delivery and pick-up services, Budget is committed to customer satisfaction. For those uncertain about driving in Fiji, Budget also offers a chauffeur drive service directly from the customer’s door.
        • BULA Car Rentals:  Offering a unique exploration of Fiji, the company invites individuals to discover the destination in a manner like never before. Operating under the guiding principle of doing things “THE BULA WAY,” the company prioritizes delivering friendly, personal service and providing safe, clean, and economical car rentals at affordable prices.
        • CENTRAL Rent A Car:  Operating for nearly 50 years, Central has been a stalwart in delivering exceptional service and affordable car rental options for both domestic and international travelers. Strategically positioned around Viti Levu, the company’s head office is situated at 293 Victoria Parade, Suva, with dedicated services at Nausori Airport. Central’s office adjacent to Nadi International Airport operates 24/7, providing continuous support to clients. Boasting a substantial fleet, Central offers a variety of vehicles, including cars, family vans, and 4WDs, encompassing major makes and models, all equipped with air-conditioning and available in both manual and automatic transmissions. The company places a strong emphasis on maintaining excellent quality and condition for all its vehicles, ensuring they undergo servicing after every rental period at the two large service centers located at Nadi Airport and Lami, Suva
        • COASTAL Rental Car:  Coastal Rental Cars, a distinguished 100% Fijian-owned enterprise with over a decade of operation in Fiji, stands as one of the country’s premier car rental companies. Leveraging extensive industry experience, the company ensures a broad selection of vehicles and upholds a reputation for delivering excellent quality service recognized nationwide. As one of Fiji’s largest and finest rental and transfer agencies, Coastal Rental Cars boasts multiple locations throughout the country, offering a diverse fleet of cars in various models and designs to suit diverse travel preferences. Prospective customers are encouraged to visit one of Coastal Rental Cars’ office locations or reach out for affordable rates and swift processing, promising a seamless journey along Fiji’s roads from Coast to Coastal.
        • HERTZ FIJI:  Hertz offers unique car hire services for those who wish to avail themselves of the freedom of a self-drive holiday here.
        • SATELLITE Rent A Car:  Prospective customers are invited to experience the offerings of Fiji’s First Choice Rental Car Company. With a diverse fleet encompassing the latest models and well-maintained vehicles, the company is committed to delivering optimal service to its clients. It is believed that a suitable vehicle is available for every individual. Operating out of Nadi for the past two decades, the company has consistently provided safe, reliable, and late-model cars at affordable prices.
        • THRIFTY Rental Car:  With over 45 vehicles in 3 primary categories, Thrifty Car Rentals has a car to suit your needs.
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