Petrol Stations and Fuel Costs


In this short article, we look into the fuel costs and fuel companies in Fiji. Whether you’re a local resident or a traveller seeking information on fuel options, this article aims to shed light on the intricacies of fuel costs and the range of fuel providers.

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Petrol Stations & Fuel Costs around Fiji

When coming to Fiji and renting a vehicle, one of the main topics of question is: Where are the petrol stations? What is the price of the fuel? And are the stations distributed around Fiji proportionally? Let me put your concerns to rest.

FJ Experience: Living with my other half for the last 8 years she is known locally as the Petroleum Queen and has steadily worked her way up the industry, working in all the different fuel companies, if you are on any of the two main islands of Viti Levu or Vanua Levu, you will be literally falling over them, the frequency of the different stations is very comical, you see one ablaze with colour with all its neon lights, lighting up the surrounding forecourt, then you drive for another 2-3 miles and blow-me-down there is another the other side of the road, designed to catch that market…, as the idea is that people don’t normally stop and cross the oncoming traffic to fill up their tank, this has always baffled me, but that is the state of the game. With three main companies operating on the islands: Pacific Energy, Total Energies Ltd., and Mobil, a week doesn’t go by when you don’t hear of another station popping up, with supermarkets adjoining. So you can rest assured that running dry will never be an issue.

As you go further into the centre of the island, away from the circular road system hugging the coastline, the petrol stations do become less frequent, with smaller dealers operating single-pump gas stations with an attached local convenience shop that services the local villages, as these are not profitable for the larger international companies listed above.

Visitor Advisory 1: Fuel costs The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) determines the new regulated prices of unleaded petrol, premix, kerosene, diesel, and LPG every month. This is the official link to the government source for updated fuel information.

Fuel prices in December 2023

  • The price of unleaded fuel decreases by 16 cents to $3.02 per litre.
  • Diesel will now cost $2.83 per litre, a decrease by 20 cents.

Customer service on the forecourt

The FCCC plays a pivotal role in regulating fuel prices, ensuring uniformity across the nation. This regulation has spurred healthy competition among oil companies, leading to significant improvements in customer service and facilities at gasoline stations.

Fiji offers a variety of fuels with different additives, purportedly designed to clean engines while driving, enhancing fuel efficiency and distance coverage. Notably, gasoline stations in tourist hubs and cities often operate 24 hours a day, providing convenience for travelers. However, as one moves away from these central areas, the majority of stations tend to close in the late evening.

At each station, the hardworking pump attendants on the forecourt contribute to the overall positive customer experience, ensuring that motorists receive not only fuel but also attentive and efficient service. Clad in smart trousers, company-provided T-shirts, and the obligatory cap, they work diligently during their eight-hour shifts. On quieter moments, attendants not only guide customers to appropriate pumping bays with Formula One precision but also go the extra mile. In addition to filling customers’ cars, collecting payments, and providing change, they take on tasks such as cleaning windscreens and checking oil and water levels for safety reasons.

Many locals only go to specific service stations to fill up because of the management and staff at that particular venue. Long-term friendships and business relationships have flourished simply due to customer service.

So whichever service station you use, you should be well looked after. 

Visitor Advisory 2: One final note for all the Coca-Cola aficionados: Mobil stations are restricted from selling certain products, such as Coca-Cola.