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“Life is a journey; take a taxi when the road gets bumpy.” Fiji taxis operate from designated taxi bays on regulated metre-based fares in and around the main towns and cities of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, and Taveuni, providing cost-effective point-to-point transport for locals and international travellers and perfectly complementing the local bus and coach services.

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Three Yellow Taxis in Fiji - Fiji Taxi and Fares
Three Yellow Taxis in Fiji – Fiji Taxi and Fares | Image: Supplied

The team at Fiji Journal has collected together all our top tips, facts, and an updated Fiji taxi price list below to give you a head start when navigating the city roads in Fiji.

Visitor Advisory 1:  Most taxi drivers have their own business cards detailing their contact information, enabling you to book them again as and when needed, so when you find that passionate professional, make sure to ask as you depart the taxi for this information. The team at Fiji Journal always recommends booking with an established taxi company.

Visitor Advisory 2:   Journeys over 16 kilometres (10 miles) can be negotiated. The drivers normally know the cost incurred in travelling between different towns and tourism hotspots, so have a little bit of fun with your bartering. He or she will normally have a fixed limit in mind, as he will have to take into account the return journey. A typical journey between Suva and Nadi can cost around 150 FJD, but if you take a few friends or carpool with others, you can reduce this cost to the price of a mere bus ticket. The person in the front seat normally pays a little more for the journey.

Visitor Advisory 3: Always take some smaller-denomination bank notes ($5 and $10) and a handful of coins ($1) with you when travelling via taxi, as the driver may not have suitable change.

Six Fiji Taxi Facts

Yellow Registered Taxi Number  Plate | Image: Supplied
Yellow Registered Taxi Number Plate | Image: Supplied

Taxi Facts 1: Licenced taxis in Fiji can be distinguished by the colour of the registration plates, which are ‘Goldfinch’ yellow and each have a prefix of LT at the start of the registration number. (See Image Above.)

Taxi Facts 2: All Taxis must have a mechanical or electronic taximeter in clear view for the customer (See Image Below.)

Taxi Facts 3: Fiji Taxi must at all times display their official licence, which includes a photograph of the driver and the driver’s name and public service vehicle licence number. (The drivers in Fiji normally attach them to the rear view mirror, with their licence and registration number painted on the dashboard and the backs of the headrests.) (See Main Video.)

Taxi Facts 4: Fiji Taxi operators must supply, upon request, a receipt for taxi fare paid, which must include the following: (i) taxi number, (ii) date, (iii) taxi fare, (iv) VAT component, and (v) distance travelled. This is not commonly desired by the customer, so it might confuse some drivers. The more established and well-versed companies will be more prepared; if you require this slip of paper for your own personnel records, give the driver a heads up whilst navigating to your destination.

Taxi Facts 5: Uber is not available in Fiji; a similar app called BulaTaxi was released in Fiji a few years ago but did not get enough traction. The service is not really needed in Fiji; simply ask at your reception desk or step outside your hotel or resort in all urban areas, and a flow of available taxis will normally pass within a few minutes.

Taxi Facts 6: Airport taxis are bright yellow in colour, (an easy colour to spot), and they operate out of Nasouri and Nadi International Airports. The taxi service has to maintain the highest standards and quality of service to achieve their licence to operate within the airport’s boundaries. So if you are heading to the capital, Suva, or the tourism hub of Denarau, this is a perfect introduction to Fiji.

Fiji Taxi Fares (Fares and Charges in Fiji)

Flagfall, or flag fall, is a common Australian expression for a fixed start fee, especially in the taxi, haulage, railway, and toll road industries. “Flagfall” is a taxi word that means the minimum cost for hiring a taxi. When the taxi meter is started, your cost starts at the flag fall value, and increases with distance travelled or time taken.
Flagfall, or flag fall in Taxi | Image: Supplied
  • STANDARD TAXIS – The following are the maximum fares for journeys less than 16 kilometres by taxis with mechanical and electronic taximeters:  Flagfall $2.00 – For each or part of 100 metres after flag fall $0.10
  • AIRPORTS – Taxis operating from the Nausori Airport (Outskirts of Suva City) and Nadi International Airport has:  Flag fall of $7:10
  • OUTER ISLANDS – Taxis operating in the following towns Ovalau, Vanua Levu, Taveuni and Kadavu has a:  Flag fall of $2:30
  • If a taxi is required to wait for a period either before, during or at the end of a journey, additional charges for waiting may be made at the rate of $0.18 for each minute after the first 5 minutes of each separate period of waiting time.
  • Taxis shall increase their flag fall by $1.00 between the hours of 10.00pm to 6.00am.
  • Taxis have a drop charge of 10 cents every 100 metres of distance travelled.

Tables: Taxi Charges

Taxi Service Authorized Fares and Charges.
Fares and Charges All Taxis (excluding Airport Taxis) on Viti Levu. | Image: Supplied
Taxi Service Authorised Fares and Charges.
Fares and Charges All Taxis (excluding Airport Taxis) in Vanua Levu / Ovalau / Taveuni / Kadavu | Image: Supplied
Taxi Service Authorised Fares and Charges.
Fares and Charges for All Airport Taxis in Fiji | Image: Supplied
Video: Fiji Vlogs – Taxi Rides in Suva City


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Additional Sources of Information

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