Fiji Visitor Information

Fiji visitor information

Fiji is so much more than its stunning beaches; its vibrant cultures, rich traditions, lush rainforests, and, above all, genuinely welcoming and friendly people make it an ideal destination. Famed for its high-quality hospitality, Fiji is a very happy and relaxed place; you will feel this as soon as you arrive.  Villagers stop what they are doing to wave and smile broadly when tourists pass by, and the genuinely warm welcoming shouts of “Bula” feel like a verbal embrace. Fijians take pleasure in making visitors feel wanted and appreciated. Fiji simply loves making everyone happy.

Where is Fiji Located?

Artistic Map displaying the nations that fly to Fiji
Artistic Map displaying the nations that fly to Fiji | Image: Supplied

The relaxed mood of the country, the contrasting but soothing colour of the environment, the aquamarine shades of the sparkling ocean, the brilliant whites of the sands, and the vibrant jade and lime greens of the lush fauna blend seamlessly with the friendliness of the inhabitants and the warm sun and sea to give any visitor to our shore a unique and invigorating experience.

Instant relaxation: From the welcoming smiles at Nadi airport to the serenade of guitars, ukuleles, and singing, you know you have arrived someplace very special.

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Tourism Destinations

Ideal for All: Fiji has a well-developed tourist industry and is able to cater to all genres of travelers. Easy to get around on your own, as almost everyone you will encounter speaks English. Many organized tours and excursions of every type. A whole range of resorts to suit any preference, from small family-run establishments to large top-end resorts with every amenity you can imagine.  Discover your Fiji and don’t forget to return home to share your life experience.

Discover all of Fiji’s Entrancing Regions

Republic of the Fiji Islands Map
Republic of the Fiji Islands Map | Image: Tourism Fiji

The Coral Coast | The Coral Coast begins at Momi, approximately 20 kilometers south of Nadi. The paved highway meanders through spectacular scenery featuring Fijian villages, sugar cane fields, coral lagoons, and beaches.

Denarau | Denarau Island is located a convenient 20 minutes from Nadi Airport and 10 minutes from Nadi Town. It offers a variety of accommodations and activities, amongst which is a championship golf course.

Kadavu | The Kadavu Group, Fiji’s fourth-largest island lies about 100 kilometers south of Viti Levu. Divers are particularly fascinated by the 50km-long Astrolabe Reef which encloses a lagoon containing a number of islands.

Lomaiviti | Lomaiviti is a small group of islands (including Ovalau), approximately an hour’s ferry ride off the coast of Viti Levu. It contains both premier and backpackers resorts.

Mamanucas | Set among deep blue waters with fringing coral reefs of turquoise and pastel green, the Mamanuca Islands and the islands of Nadi Bay offer tourists some of Fiji’s most outstanding island beauty. Home to a range of resorts that are as different as they are unique.

Nadi | Nadi is Fiji’s Airport town. A colorful marketplace, located only a few minute’s drives from the airport, features yaqona stalls, homemade souvenirs, and local culture. Nadi ia also the gateway to the Mamanuca Group where leisurely options include laid-back surfer camps and exclusive hideaways.

The Northern Islands (Vanua Levu and Taveuni) | Fiji’s northern region Vanua Levu and Taveuni, as well as the smaller islands. The region is home to more than a dozen resorts that are easily accessible by air or local ferry. Most are small and intimate and offer the type of vacation difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

Pacific Harbour | Pacific Harbour best known as the ‘Adventure Capital’, was developed as a complete visitor destination with its own 18-hole championship golf course and the inland waterway. Fishing and a host of other activities await the visitor.

The Sunshine Coast (Lautoka/Rakiraki) | The rugged north coast is known as the Sunshine Coast for its relatively dry climate. This mountainous region around Rakiraki is home to the world-renowned ‘Fiji Water. Visits to the Fiji Water Plan can be arranged beforehand.

Suva | Suva, the Capital of Fiji, was developed in the late 1800s and retains much of the character of the colonial period. Its many attractions include shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, markets, a museum, and sightseeing tours.

Yasawas | The Yasawa Islands largely contain Backpacker resorts with a number of 5-star properties as well.

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