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HIKING AND RUNNING TRAILS on Blue Lagoon Resort Fiji, Yasawa Islands, Fiji (2)

Do you like to hike? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Whether your idea of a hike is a casual walk on a secluded path close to your resort, a serene day hike in beautiful Fijian National Park, or climbing the highest mountain peaks, There is a trail to explore for you.  In the following article, we have multiple tables detailing the name of the hiking trail, location, difficulty, and fitness levels required. We list resources and links to professional tour operators that live and breathe the sport, as well as seven reasons why hiking should be on your to-do list…

Enjoy Hiking the trails across Fiji in Complete Safety

Fiji’s environment is unique because there are no harmful animals or insects, no leeches or crocodiles, and wild streams and brooks are crystal clear and unpolluted. All across the Fijian Islands, one can enjoy serene contemplation of nature in complete safety. Multi-hued birds flit from the trees, and if you are lucky, you may spot several varieties of Fiji’s tiny wild parrots. While the forest can be thick and impenetrable, you will find pathways used by the Fijians, who know the jungle as well as you know your own living room.

Because of the mountainous nature of the islands, there are numerous streams and waterfalls, often with a calm pond in a rocky basin beneath the falls. One of the most famous is the sacred Bouma Falls on the Island of Taveuni, seen by the world in the motion picture Return to the Blue Lagoon(Here you will also find a natural waterslide, also featured in the movie, where local residents have enjoyed themselves for centuries).

Local Professionals – Talanoa Treks

Group of Hikers navigating a grassland hillside
Highland Hike with Talanoa Treks | Image: Supplied

The premier Hiking company in Fiji is Talanoa Treks. Everything you need to participate in this activity is provided by their team of highly skilled, enthusiastic guides. The tour operator has teamed up with local communities and other sustainability-focused organisations through the Duavata Collective, a group of like-minded tour operators who believe that tourism should enhance culture, heritage, and the environment. The carefully planned Hiking Trips offer you world-class panoramic views of the Fijian countryside, healthy and fresh food sourced from the locals, and most importantly, you become one with the village community, a meaningful and authentic experience that will live on within you forever. 

Our team cannot praise Talanoa Treks enough but do not take our words for it. Take a glance at their social media and Tripadvisor reviews. 5 Star Reviews all the way down the page are an indication of an organisation that is built around strong core values.  Duavata | Sustainable Tourism | Latest News | 2020-23

If you are volunteering or an Expat with an extended period of time in Fiji and are interested in this sporting activity, you should take a glance at the highly active Facebook Group  Fiji Rucksack Club , a great source to meet new friends as you learn about Fiji and its stunning nature.

Seven Reasons to Come Hiking in Fiji

Highland Escape Hike with Talanoa Treks
Highland Escape Hike with Talanoa Treks | Image: Supplied

If you enjoy being active on your holiday, seeing more of the place you’re visiting, and getting a real feel for a country’s vibe, then Fiji has more to offer than you might think. Yes, there’s diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, and all things water-related, but Fiji is also a great place to go hiking. The following article originally appeared in the printed Infight magazine of our national carrier, Fiji Airways. The article nicely captures the seven reasons why you should consider spending a few hours exploring the internal beauty that is the backbone of our country.

Breathe in the views

Fiji’s islands are not all delicious white-fringed specks in the ocean. Many of Fiji’s islands were formed through volcanic processes and have rugged, mountainous interiors with a mix of tropical forest and grassy slopes. A good hike will get you in amongst this and afford you fantastic views across this amazing landscape.

Take a plunge

In the tropics, one of the great pleasures is cooling off in a river on a hot day. Elsewhere you spend so much time avoiding getting wet, as getting wet means getting cold. On a hike in Fiji, jumping in the river at a lunch stop or cooling your feet on a river crossing is part of the pleasure of it all. Once you’re wet you dry off pretty quickly as you start walking.

No need to worry about dangerous wildlife

Whether you’re trekking through tall grass, swimming in the rivers, or scrambling up a hillside, you don’t need to worry about anything dangerous lurking out of sight. Fiji doesn’t have poisonous snakes or spiders, or crocs in the rivers, or anything to worry about too much. We do have pesky mosquitoes (but no malaria), but they’re not as voracious as the sand flies our friends in New Zealand enjoy! What Fiji does have as an isolated island group is some unique flora and fauna that can be hard to spot, but that you can’t see anywhere else in the world.

Experience the culture

If you’re a hiker, you know that great walks get you to places you would otherwise never see. In Fiji, longer hikes can give the opportunity to open a little window onto life in remote rural areas, whether that’s by chatting to a guide as you walk, seeing people farm, hunt and fish, or visiting villages way off the tourist track to experience their natural hospitality, and at the end of the day sit on the woven pandanus mats, share a bowl of kava, eat the food grown in their gardens and ask all the questions you can think of until your heart is content and your belly full!

Take on a challenge

The best hikes are never the easiest. Part of the pleasure of a good walk is the reward and satisfaction you feel at the end of the day having achieved something… whether that’s a long distance covered or a peak summited. Fiji’s natural terrain, tropical weather, and the fact that most routes are not purpose-built hiking tracks, but old pathways that were used to connect villages before roads were built, meaning that even the fittest hikers can feel a sense of satisfaction while enjoying the beach after their hike.

Disconnect and reconnect

Fiji’s mobile network is pretty good, but once you get in amongst the hills and valleys of the interior, you’ll not find much of a signal. It’s a great opportunity to disconnect, let your phone be just a camera, and to reconnect with nature, the people around you, and of course yourself! Listen to the experts and enjoy the benefits of not being dictated to by your device for a few days.

Escape the crowds

As hiking becomes more popular around the world, it gets harder and harder to escape the crowds. We have that in Fiji at coastal hotspots, but you can go on a 4-day hike into the interior and not see another tourist. It can really feel like a different world.

10 Essentials for Day Hiking in Fiji

Urban Adventures Hiking Trip in Fiji.
Urban Adventures Hiking Trip in Fiji | Image: Supplied

Day hiking is one of the best ways to get outside and explore the world around you. It’s inexpensive, it can be done simply, and there’s not a whole lot of planning involved. But there are some safety aspects that we do want to cover to make day hiking not only safe but also a fun and enjoyable experience for you.

Please read the list of Essentials for Day Hiking below. Most of the items you will need for your hike have most likely already been packed for your holiday, but there are a few additional items that require closer consideration. So without further ado, let’s get started…

  1. A Day Hiking pack: this can be very simple and will hold everything that you’re going to need.
  2. A Good pair of hiking shoes: is worth getting if you’re going to be hiking for more than 2, 3, or 4 miles.
  3. A Good pair of socks: I cannot emphasise enough how much we encourage people not to hike in cotton socks. Get a good pair of wool or synthetic socks that are made specifically for hiking. (Cotton socks are notoriously bad for moisture management, and it’s really easy to get blisters, so when your feet sweat, that moisture is going to stay right on your skin, which leads to blisters and discomfort and can lead to foot injuries.)
  4. At least a litre of water per person: Just having one of those little plastic water bottles that you can get at a convenience store is not enough. You need at least a litre to be safe and properly hydrated.
  5. Snacks and nutrition: It is important to bring some energy bars, dried fruit, and biscuits with you to maintain your sugar and carbohydrate levels and keep your body fueled.
  6. Lightweight Windbreaker and Rain Jacket: As the weather changes quite suddenly in Fiji, it can be easily slipped on for a few minutes when the rain shower hits. A few minutes later, you can shake off the water droplets and roll them up again and put them away.
  7. Headlamp:  Not essential, but a simple small headlamp is great to have if you intend to hike a hillside to watch a sunset.
  8. Sun Protector, Sunglasses, and Hat: to protect you from the heat in the middle of the day
  9. Small First Aid Kit: This does not have to be complicated, as the main use will be to clean and look after any blisters or small abrasions of the skin.
  10. Phone and camera: to capture those special moments

Yasawa and Mamanuca Island Hiking Trails

Two Smiling Staff members at the tour guide shack on the beach at Mantaray Island Resort.
Hiking Tours with the friendly staff at Mantaray Island Resort (Courtesy South Sea Cruises)

There are several Hiking trails across the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands of an easy to moderate level of difficulty; they range from walking around the islands at low tide to walking or running up the internal mountainous landscape.

  1. Likuliku Lagoon Resort Walking and Hiking Trails: There are several walking trails varying in length and difficulty at the resort. They include Jona’s Lookout with magnificent views over the resort and island waters, the Ridge Track to Naroba Point, and the highlight is the trek to the top of Malolo Island, Mt. Uluisilo, the site of an old WWII American Fort (Video).
  2. Malolo Island Resort Hill Top Trail: a leisurely hike up Fiji’s Malolo Island A host will talk you through the natural flora and fauna of the island along the way and point out surrounding islands and reefs.
  3. Vomo Island Resort Summit of Mt. Vomo: It is a short, steep walk of around 15 minutes to the summit, although some have completed this run in under 4 minutes. There are tracks around the base of Mt. Vomo that lead to the furthest hill at the eastern end of the mountain. It is approximately 30 minutes walk to this hill, where you will find a stunning yoga deck. From here, the views of the surrounding islands are breathtaking. Highly recommended at sunrise or sunset. There are also around 5 kilometres (3 miles) of beaches that encircle Vomo Island. To circumnavigate the entire island, it takes around 1 to 1.5 hours. Along the way, you will find numerous deserted beaches, rocky outcrops, and beautiful swimming spots.
  4. Tokoriki Island and Mantaray Island Resort Guided Nature Walks – A Casual stroll around the resorts with a dedicated host, with a fascinating Medicine talk, held several times throughout the week.
  5. Musket Cove Resort Trekking and Jogging: The island has several kilometres of trails. perfect for jogging, trekking, or a leisurely stroll, with sand and dirt pathways that meander through the resort gardens along the island ridgeline, offering spectacular views.
  6. Turtle Island Resort has some of the most amazing trails – from easy to moderate, offering the runner, hiker, or those just out for a stroll plenty of wonderful opportunities to explore the island. Hike a 500-acre paradise, run the canopied jungle trails, amble through the gardens, or explore acres of golden grassland. The scenery is spectacular: native rain forests, verdant hills, fascinating mangroves, turquoise waters and white sands, and rugged, black volcanic cliffs. Venture on your own, and guided tours are available.  
  7. Blue Lagoon Resort Fiji –  The resort has a labyrinth of trails beginning just at the base of the hill behind the resort. Here you will find trails to lead you to hidden mangroves and isolated beaches; rainforest canopied walks; adventure through the mud crab flats; and, in general, a tropical island walk experience! The resort has put together several running and walking maps, suitable for solo hikers right through to families looking for a ‘natural’ island adventure.

Island Hike Visitor Advisory 1: If these trails are unaccompanied by a guide from your resort, please always check in and out with the front desk and provide the venue with the following information: Your intended route, the number of people taking the hike, and when you are expected to return. When you are in Fiji, you instantly become part of a close Fijian family, and your well-being is of the utmost importance.

Island Hike Visitor Advisory 2: If you are taking a coastal walking trail, become aware of the tide timetable. The receptionist or the tour desk will provide you with this information. As most trails can take several hours to walk around the islands. We recommend departing on a falling tide.

Island Hike Visitor Advisory 3: Appropriate attire, correct footwear, a hat, a small towel, the appropriate sunscreen, a torch if you intend to watch the sunset from a hillside, and most importantly, plenty of fresh water, should be with you at all times.

Island Hike Visitor Advisory 4: We do not recommend turning up in any of the villages unannounced or uninvited. There is strict cultural etiquette regarding invitations, dress codes, and privacy.

Coral Coast Hiking Trails

Sigatoka National Park Walking Trails
Sigatoka National Park Walking Trails | Image: Supplied
Hiking TrailLocationLevel
Sigatoka Sand Dunes TrailCoral CoastEasy
Biausevu Waterfall WalkCoral CoastEasy
Table: Coral Coast Hiking Trails in Fiji

Sigatoka Sand Dunes Walking Trails 

Discover the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, home to over 37 species of birds, 8 of which are endemic to Fiji, including the Fiji Bush Warbler, Fiji Goshawk, many coloured Fruit doves, and Fiji White-Eyed. The Park also holds significant archaeological clues to man’s first arrival in Fiji, with pottery shards and an ancient burial ground being discovered dating back 2600 years.

Visitors can take either of the two Walking Trails. The short trail, or Yatole Kaleka Walk, is an hour-long walk with bird watching. The longer trail, or Yatobalavu Scenery, is a two-hour walk with birdwatching and dune climbing.  As you are completely exposed to the sun when on the dunes, we recommend not walking during the hottest time of the day! (between 1 pm and 3 pm)

Biausevu Waterfall Walk

The Biausevu Waterfall (Savu Na Mate Laya Falls) hike takes you on a 1- to 2-hour journey, navigating across numerous creeks, jungles, and rich vegetation. The hike is relatively easy as it is mostly flat and suitable for all ages. The distance is around 3.5km round trip, starting out at Biausevu village, and is available at most tour desks at your resort. The waterfall is around 20 metres in height and cascades down into two tiers. This is well worth the adventure.

Nadi and Lautoka Hiking Trails

Garden of the sleeping Giant, Lautoka, Nadi Fiji, Amazing colours captured reflecting of the crystal clear waters of the lake.
Garden of the sleeping Giant (Photograph courtesy of Chris G TripAdvisor)
Hiking TrailLocationLevel
Garden of the Sleeping GiantLautoka / SabetoEasy
Koroyanitu National Heritage Park TrailsLautoka / SabetoModerate – Hard
Nausori HighlandsNadiModerate – Hard

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The Garden, which contains a vast collection of magnificent Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids, once the private collection of the late American actor Raymond Burr, the garden is a wonderful spot to spend a day just wandering along the canopy-covered boardwalk, through gorgeously landscaped lawns, across calm lily ponds complete with trickling fountains and croaking frogs and finally into the heart of the dense rainforest.  Read More

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park Trail

In 1992, the Koroynitu National Heritage Park was created with the primary goal of protecting the unique wildlife, natural forests, and endemic Birdlife in the area. In cooperation with the six villages housed within the boundaries of the park, they collectively created an ecotourism park by maintaining the pathways, providing guided tours for tourists, and slowly improving the services and facilities available year after year. While preserving the natural environment for future generations, they are able to earn tourism dollars from the local and tourism markets.

The park is located about 10 miles outside of the second-largest city, Lautoka. At the entrance to the heritage park, you will find a small visitor centre where you can pick up pamphlets and more information on the history of the initiative and current walking tracks.

There are trails for all levels of hikers, from the easy to moderate two-hour hike to Savuione Falls to the 3 to 4-hour hike (one Way) to the summit of Castle Rock, where at its peak you will be rewarded with endless views of the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.

Nausori Highlands

Standing guard and resolute behind the cities of Nadi and Lautoka are the Nausori Highlands, an environment filled with volcanic peaks, rolling grasslands, vibrant forests, and many Fijian Villages that are encapsulated by this beautiful landscape. If you want to escape the normal hustle and bustle of the towns and sandy beaches of your resort, this is a place you will always remember. A stark contrast within such a short distance of each other.

There are many different hiking trails for all levels, from the hardline 21st-century explorer, such as the fanatical author Bill Bryson, to half-day shorter hikes for families and friends, taking in some stunning waterfalls cascading down the highland’s stark rock faces. Guided tours are available and recommended via Talaona Treks. As the terrain and environment can be testing at certain times of the year, May and October, the dryer months in Fiji, are more suitable.

Suva and Lami Hiking Trails

Suva Sea Wall Fiji
Suva Sea Wall Fiji | Image: Supplied
Hiking TrailLocationLevel
Colo-i-Suva National Heritage ParkSuvaModerate
Suva City Walking TourSuvaEasy
Suva City Sea WallSuvaEasy
Mt KorobabaSuva / LamiHard
Table: Central Division Hiking Trails in Fiji

Colo-i-Suva National Heritage Park

Located around a ten-minute drive outside Suva City and within frequent bus routes, Colo-i-Suva National Park boasts spectacular rainforest, crystal-clear meandering rivers, and two pristine waterfalls, one of which is the Waisila Falls. Colo-i-Suva is one of the national heritage parks in Fiji. A perfect place to spend a few hours navigating the pathways with the sounds of the local birdlife as the only sounds penetrating the atmosphere. Make sure you bring the most appropriate attire, as the temperature is much cooler than the city, and depending on the time of year, frequent sudden spells of rain can occur. There are two car parks at the entrance of the park. One will lead to the upper pools and the other to the lower pools. This is a perfect place to escape for a few hours, with a very convenient lodge where you can have a cool, refreshing meal and beverage afterward, close by.

Suva City Guided Walking Tours

If you are in the Capital, why not spend 2–3 hours with one of the most distinguished poets, Peter Sipeli, and learn about the turbulent history of this amazing nation? The tour navigates through the bustling streets, slowly revealing the historical buildings and cultural parks hidden between the newer shop facades, with landmarks such as the vibrant Suva Municipal Market, Handicraft Centre, Suva City Carnegie Library, Albert Park, and  Grand Pacific Hotel, concluding at the tranquil Thurston Gardens that is home to the National Fiji Museum. This should be on your to-do list if you find yourself in the capital for a few days.

Suva City Sea Wall

Take a leisurely and brisk stroll, side by side with locals, along this long drive. The sea wall area is a favourite for power walkers and joggers enjoying the early morning or late afternoon sunset. A perfect place to meet some of the locals. The start of the walk is opposite Thurston Gardens and next to the Suva Bowling Club (Grand Pacific Hotel Side). Our team does this walk regularly, and it can be done by everyone as it is on level ground all the way and is perfect to revitalise the body.

Mt Korobaba

Mt. Korobaba is a challenging half-day hike, with the peak standing at 441 metres. It’s a popular but challenging track that will take most hikers 2–3 hours to reach the summit. Equip yourself with proper hiking boots or decent walking shoes and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. We always take a few dry biscuits or energy bars when we go hiking.

360-degree panoramic views of the varied Suva landscape await at the summit. Perch yourself on one of the many flat boulders and revel in your accomplishment with the now peaceful city below, the mountainous natural interior, and the pristine oceans touching the coastline.

Mount Korobaba is at its best in the early morning, before the Fijian sun gets too hot. Always check the weather patterns before setting out, as wet conditions can make the summit trail extremely muddy, slippery, and unsafe. If the weather is bad on the day of your hike, simply cancel.

Taveuni Hiking Trails

Hiking in Taveuni
Hiking in Taveuni. (Image courtesy of Tides Reach Resort)
Hiking TrailLocationLevel
Tavoro falls (Bouma waterfalls)TaveuniEasy, Moderate
Lavena Nature WalkTaveuniEasy, Moderate
Table: Northern Division Hiking Trails in Fiji

Taveuni, most commonly known as the Garden Island of Fiji, is mainly covered by national park status, with pristine waterfalls, hikes, and coastal walks within its protected boundaries. Hiking to the Bouma waterfalls or the Lavena Coastal Walk is fun for all, including children and adults looking for adventure.

Bouma waterfalls

There are three waterfalls here, each with naturally formed swimming pools at its base. A short casual walk takes you to the most famous waterfall in Fiji. There, you can decide whether to go onward to the picturesque second and third falls or relax. We recommend bringing your snorkeling and swimming gear with you.

Lavena Nature Walk

Take an all-day adventure walk at the filming location of the second Blue Lagoon movieHiking this trail is like stepping back into the past; the trail loops steeply up to the island’s highest point. The deeper you delve into the interior of the island, the more diverse the fauna and flora become. Your world will be opened up to the most amazing birdsong, from the collared lory and Orange dove to the red-shining parrots and Kadavu fantails. Wild orchids line the branches of the trees with their varied, multicolored, and scented bloomage.  This is a must for all, with varied hikes for different skill levels. Simply talk to your resort’s reception or tour desk.  This is a must for all travelers to the island.

Kadavu Hiking Trails

Naikorokoro Waterfall Trek
Naikorokoro Waterfall Trek (Image Courtesy of Papageno Resort)
Hiking TrailLocationLevel
Naikorokoro Cascades TrailKadavuEasy to Moderate
Table: Eastern Division Hiking Trails in Fiji

Naikorokoro Waterfall Trek

Naikorokoro Waterfalls consist of two separate falls. The first is the most popular and has easy access. If you’re feeling adventurous, there is a jump of about 5 metres or 15 feet at the first waterfall into the plunge pool, and double this at about 10 metres or 30 feet! At the second waterfall, a guide from the resort will show you the best spots to do this safely. The adrenaline rush of landing in crystal-clear Fijian waters is a truly memorable event. Shoes and a towel are recommended if you’re planning on getting in the water. The hike level is easy to moderate.

Video:  Hiking through Fiji – Culture and Cuisine