Surfing and Windsurfing in Fiji

Male Surfing at Matanivusi Surf Resort.

Surfing in Fiji: The following article covers the different Surf Resorts and tour operators across Fiji, with detailed tables listing the different Surf breaks by destination, type, length, and the required surfing ability recommended.  We start the article with a general outline of the different Surfing tournaments and frequently asked questions that have been posed by members of our social media platforms. ‘Surfing evokes in us a deep connection with our soul and identifies something that is beyond imagination Albert Falzon

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Surfing Tournaments + Surfing Decree

Surfer with Surfing Board
Surfer with Surfing Board (@Pixelbay)

Several international surfing tournaments held in Fiji over the last few decades have placed the pristine Fijian Islands directly into the homes of millions via their TV and sporting networks, from the Red Bulls Surfing Tournament held in 2023 to the Fiji Pro (WSL Championship Tour) held between 1999-2008 and 2012-2018, the Kelly Slater International in 2016, Globe Fiji (2006), and the Roxy Fiji Pro going all the way back to 2005.

As the popularity of surfing increased over this time period, the national government signed into law its Surfing Decree, which became effective in July 2010. This decree removed restricted surf spots, enabling anyone with a surfboard and a boat to have access to Cloudbreak and Restaurants on Tavarua, swimming pools on nearby Namotu, and any other surf spot that previously may have been restricted. The decree defined “surfing area” as the “reefs or other foreshore or offshore areas, which are used for surfing or any water sport.”

With these restrictions removed, the local surfing scene started to flourish, with many local talents taking to the sport. You can discover more about the local surfing scene and the latest news at the Fiji Surfing Association

Surf Destination: Mamanuca Islands

Surfer gliding through the Cloud surfing break, Mamanuca Islands Fiji
Cloud Break (Image Red Bull)

Mamanuca Islands Surf Resorts

The Mamanuca Islands in Fiji are rated as one of the world’s premier surf destinations, with surf breaks to suit all ages and levels of ability, providing a breathtaking surfing experience for every visitor, ranging from the infamous Cloubreak for the elite athletes in the sport to the intermediate and beginners who are opening up a deeper level of mastery.

The archipelago of islands is dotted with resorts, each with a unique character and accompanying atmosphere, all simply a stone’s throw from your bungalow to the surf breaks of your choice, normally within 5–20 minutes by boat.

Here is a list of seven resorts you should consider when circumnavigating the many options available, as the community atmosphere when you wake up in the morning and the entertainment provided in the evening are nearly equal to the surfing itself.

  1. Funky Fish Beach and Surf Resort
  2. Plantation Island Fiji
  3. Tavarua Island Resort
  4. Namotu Island Resort
  5. Musket Cove Island Resort Fiji
  6. Six Senses Fiji
  7. Lomani Island Resort


Table: Mamanuca Islands Surf Breaks

Surf BreaksLengthAbility
Left Hander
150 mIntermediate
Tavarua Rights
Right Hander
- - -All Levels
Namotu Lefts
Left Hander
200 mIntermediate Advanced
Wilkes Passage
Right Hander
100 mIntermediate Advanced
Swimming Pools
Right Hander
100 mBeginners Intermediate
Left & Right Hander
150 mIntermediate Advanced
Left & Right Hander
50 mBeginners
Tavarua Cloud Break

Surf Destination: Kadavu Islands

Leisure Activities at Papageno Resort, Kadavu, Fiji.
Leisure Activities at Papageno Resort, Kadavu, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Kadavu Surf Resorts

The islands of Kadavu provide an opportunity to surf some of the more remote surf breaks Fiji has to offer, far away from the tourism crowds. The Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef hugs the southern coastline and is your closest neighbour, enveloping you in the true Fijian environment and culture while surrounding you with some of the best surfing breaks of your life.

Matava Beach Resort, an ideal venue to call home for your stay, is in the main hub of the surf breaks and offers 3-hour surf excursions across the reefs, with boat trips scheduled sporadically across the day, dependent on the time of year, winds, and seasonal currents.

Table: Kadavu Surf Breaks

Surf BreaksLengthAbility
Left & Right Hander
100 MetersBeginners
King Kong's
Left & Right Hander
50 MetersIntermediate Advanced
Rights Hander
200 MetersIntermediate Advanced
Vesi Passage
Lefts Hander
200 MetersAdvanced
Typhoon Valley
Lefts Hander
100 MetersIntermediate Advanced
Frigates Pass
Lefts Hander
300 MetersIntermediate Advanced

Surf Destination: Nadi

Natadola Beach Surf, Fiji Islands, Surfers paddling out to catch the wave, Sunny Crystal Clear Water
Natadola Beach Surf, Fiji Islands | Image: Supplied

Nadi Surf Resorts and Tours

On the border between Nadi Town and the Coral Coast, there are a couple of Surf breaks that should be on your list of considerations.

The Brothers Surf Tours operator is a well know tourism company that teaches surfing and will have you surfing the waves of your life in no time. They will handle all transportation, picking you up from your hotel, taking you directly to the best waves on the day, and returning you back to your hotel.

Table: Nadi Surf Breaks

Surf BreaksLengthAbility
Momi Bay (Mini Cloudbreak)
Left Handler
100 MetersIntermediate Advanced
Left Handler
80-100 MetersBeginners Intermediate

Surf Destination: Taveuni

Surfing at Taveuni Palms Resort Fiji
Surfing at Taveuni Palms Resort Fiji | Image: Supplied

Taveuni Surf Resorts and Tours

There are two recommended Surf Resorts, you should consider on the island of Taveuni, The Maqai Beach Resort and the Qamea Resort and Spa.

Whether you’re a weekend surfer, beginner, or advanced level, Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort has waves for you in Fiji! The advantage of Maqai Resorts location is that you can see the main breaks anywhere from the resort. Qamea Resort & Spa is your unrivalled luxury surf resort, they offer you undiscovered, uncrowded, and untapped surf breaks, with world-class 4.5-star accommodations.

Adventures by fellow explorers that are worth a glance: Luke’s Report – Maqai Eco Resort, Qamea Island – Fiji

Table: Taveuni Surf Breaks

Surf BreaksLengthAbility
Right Hander
150 MetersIntermediate Advanced
Purple Wall
Right Hander
50 MetersIntermediate Advanced
Bula Bowls
Left Hander
100 MetersIntermediate Advanced
Left Hander
150 MetersIntermediate Advanced

Surf Destination: Suva

Suva Reef Lighthouse.
Suva Reef Lighthouse | Image: Supplied

Table: Suva Surf Breaks

Surf BreaksLengthAbility
Suva Reef Lighthouse
Right Hander
- - - Intermediate

Surf Destination: Coral Coast & Pacific Harbour

Coastal Photo of Glamping at Nanuku Resort Fiji, Pacific Harbour in FIji, Tent, Surf Board, Bonefire. Beachfront.
Surf Glamping Pacific Harbour | Image: Supplied

Coral Coast Surf Resorts

The Coral Coast and Pacific Habour is a paradise for package vacations, a destination ideal for those who wish to have an adrenaline-pumping holiday that neighbours the tourism hub of Nadi, far enough away from the tourism crowds but close enough to enable you to dip your toe if you wish.

The Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort Surf and Waidroka Bay Resort have the most dedicated team of surfing professionals, with highly experienced staff who know the surf breaks like the back of their hands. They are dedicated to ensuring the best surfing experience for all their guests, providing you with the right time every day to set out for the waves of your life.

Table: Coral Coast Surf Breaks

Surf BreaksLength (m)Ability
Lulus Bend
Left Hander
50Intermediate Advanced
J's (Jay's)
Right Hander
150Intermediate Advanced
Resorts Left
Left Hander
Right Hander
- - - Intermediate
Serua Rights
Right Hander
100 Intermediate Advanced
Sigatoka Rivermouth
Left & Right Hander
50Beginners Intermediate
420's (Four Twenties)
Left Hander
100 Intermediate Advanced
Waidroka Lefts
Left Hander
100 Intermediate Advanced
Right Hander
- - - Beginners
Right Hander
- - - Advanced
Fiji Pipes
Left Hander
100 Intermediate Advanced
Black Rock
Left Hander
50 MetersIntermediate

Reef breaks occur when wave energy breaks over areas of coral or rocky reefs. Beach breaks, conversely, occur when rolling waves interact with the shallow sandbanks of a given beach. (Redbull, 2019)

YouTube Playlist:  Surfing in Fiji

Frequently Asked Questions

Traveler navigating the international airport in Nadi
Airport Guide (Photo: Fiji Airways)

Where can I get the current Weather Information in Fiji? provides an interactive weather forecasting service worldwide, with wind and wave forecasts for kiters, surfers, paragliders, and everyone else. By simply clicking on the icon top right on the map, a dropdown list with a feature-rich selection of weather forecasts becomes available at your fingertips. Spend a few moments and familiarise yourself with this free online utility.

The Fiji Meteorological Service A Fijian government body provides frequent weather bulletins on its website; it’s a resource that you should get acquainted with. It is not as interactive as but does provide an in-depth account of the current weather conditions across the Fiji Islands.  Facebook

What are Fiji Airways Surf Board Requirements?

Fiji Airways, the national Carrier for Fiji, would classify surfboards as Bulky items. A bulky item is described as: ‘any ‘one’ piece exceeding 158cm (62 inches) but not exceeding 277cm (109 inches) in total dimension [length + width + height], at a maximum weight of 30kg (66 lbs)’.   These items are subject to the bulky item fee; plus the rate of excess weight or piece beyond each passenger’s allowance.  Please always refer to ‘Oversized Baggage Rates’ on Fiji Airways’ official website.  ***ALWAYS MAKE THE AIRLINE AWARE THAT YOU WILL BE TAKING YOUR SURFBOARD WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR FLIGHT DATE.

When is the best time to go surfing in Fiji?

Peak Surfing Season in Fiji is between March and September, with Good Conditions continuing on between the months of November to  February.

Best Surfing locations for Beginners in Fiji?

There are three standout Surf Breaks ideal for beginners and individuals entering the sport:

  1. The Swimming Pool (Mamanuca Islands – Right Hander): Reef,
  2. Natadola Beach (Nadi – Left Hander): Beach & Reef,
  3. Kiddieland (Mamanuca Islands – Left & Right): Beach


With a further five that are ideal for people who have mastered the preliminaries and wish to step up their game, these surf breaks are only ideal for beginner surfers at specific times, dependent on the tides and winds, so it’s always best to consult a local professional at the resort to gauge when this is best. The five surf breaks mentioned are:

  1. Vunaniu (Coral Coast/Pacific Harbour – Right Hander): Reef,
  2. Sigatoka Rivermouth (Coral Coast/Pacific Harbour – Left and Right Handers): River mouth,
  3. Resorts Left (Coral Coast/Pacific Harbour – Left Hander): Reef,
  4. Daku (Kadavu – Left and Right Handers): Reef,
  5. Tavarua Rights (Mamanuca Islands – Right Hander): Reef.
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