Pacific Pirates (2011) | Some are calling it the biggest and best swell to hit Fiji in 20 years, check out Dean Bowen, Scardy, Nick Vasicek, and Mikey Brennan chase down some monster waves at Cloud Break.

Surf Resorts & Tours in Fiji

Matanivusi Surf Resort (Courtesy of Management)
Matanivusi Surf Resort (Courtesy of Management)

Brothers Surf Tours | Nadi – Fiji’s world-class surf breaks are the ultimate destination for surfers all over the world, Brothers Surf Tours will have you surfing the waves of your life at premier surf breaks such as Cloudbreak, Wilkes, Swimming Pools, Namotu Lefts, Desperations, Restaurants, and more. Brothers Surf Tours will handle all transportation, picking you up from your hotel, taking you directly to the best waves on the day, and returning you back to your hotel.

Funky Fish Beach and Surf Resort | Mamanuca Islands – Funky Fish Beach and Surf Resort is in a perfect position to help our guests get out to the best Surf Breaks in Fiji. Wilkes Passage, Namotu Left, and Swimming Pools are only a 20-minute boat ride away. The World famous Cloudbreak and Restaurants are just 30 minutes by boat from our shores. Our boats run daily to and from the Surf Breaks. Transfer times are dictated by the tides and the swell conditions which change daily, we want you to be there when it counts!

Plantation Island Fiji | Mamanuca Islands – The Lexmee Evening Star departs every day during High Tide (just ask us when high tide is if you are not sure). You can then choose to visit one of the 7 breaks, depending on which has the better surf and on your surfing skill.  Read More…

Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort Surf | Coral Coast – The surf in Fiji is world-class as you know, but forget about Cloudbreak/Tavarua and come to Matanivusi for the best surf in Fiji without the crowds. Frigates on its day are just as good and will give you the wave of your life. With 22 years of surfing experience in this area of the Coral Coast, we know the surf breaks like the back of our hands and will get you to the best breaks at the right time every day. Read More…

Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort | Taveuni Island – An amazing surfing experience is offered directly out front of Maqai Beach (pronounced as “Munguy”). Whether you’re a weekend surfer, beginner, or advanced level, Maqui has waves for you in Fiji!. The advantage of Maqai Resorts location is that you can see the main breaks anywhere from the resort; kick back in the Sandbar or on the deck of your bure and choose the best time of the day to hit the waves – when the weather is changeable, you can score the best session of the day. Staying at Maqui Resort you can’t stay any closer to the breaks, they are directly 1500m offshore – no long boat rides to cut into your surf time – a 10-minute boat ride will have you surfing Maqai, Kavas, or Bula Bowls.

Tavarua Island Resort | Mamanuca Islands – Known as one of the world’s premier surf destinations, learn, advance, and harness the pristine power of one, or all, of the notable breaks only a short distance from your front door. With this many options, there’s nearly always something working.

Namotu Island Resort | Mamanuca Islands – We are situated a stone’s throw from Fiji’s best surf breaks. Check Namotu Lefts, Swimming Pools, and Wilkes Pass from the beach, or travel just 10 minutes to surf Cloudbreak and 5 minutes to Restaurants. We have lefts and rights, fast and hollow or waves for beginners. Surf, SUP, kite, foil, or sail, we have it all on our doorstep.  Unlike other resorts, we include unlimited use of surfboats so you can spend as much or as little time in the water as you like. Need to re-apply sunscreen or switchboards? No problem, our boat will take you back to shore and bring you right back out in minutes.  Read More…

Musket Cove Island Resort Fiji | Mamanuca Islands – Experience the world-famous Cloudbreak, Restaurants, and other acclaimed Fiji surf breaks. All within 20 minutes of Musket Cove. Shared excursions or private charters are available.

Six Senses Fiji | Mamanuca Islands – With world-class reef breaks just a short boat ride away, Six Senses Fiji offers a breathtaking surf experience for every guest. For those looking to start a new hobby, Tropicsurf provides all the knowledge and skills necessary to get you up and gliding. And more seasoned pros, Tropicsurf will take you to ride the wave of your life. This sport is all year and for all abilities.

Matava Resort | Kadavu Island – Matava Resort offers access to several remote world-class surfing reef breaks on the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef that face the predominant South-Easterly swell.  There are five nearby passageways through the barrier reef and three of these can offer excellent reef break surfing. We run 3-hour boat surf trips on request at a time of day best suited to the tide and prevailing surfing conditions.

Lomani Island Resort | Mamanuca Islands – Fiji is home to some of the world’s best surfing, and Lomani Island Resort lies right at the heart. If you’ve got an appetite for adventure and a love for the surf, Lomani Island Resort is just the place for you.  Some of the best breaks in the world can be found just 20 minutes boat ride from Malolo Lailai Island, including the world-famous Cloudbreak, voted one of the world’s top-10 best/most challenging breaks, and Restaurants. With swells ranging between two and 20ft and a reef break, these two breaks are for advanced surfers only. Intermediate surfers will enjoy heading out to Desperations, ideal for short boarders and bodyboarders, or Namotu Left, considered by some the best longboard wave in Fiji. Wilkes Pass has waves suitable for all skill levels, and if you’re just starting out, jump off the boat at Swimming Pools. It can be difficult to catch, but you’re guaranteed a fun ride.

Surf Breaks Footnotes

Mamanuca Island Surf Breaks

Pacific Harbour Surf Breaks

  • Frigates | Frigates is definitely a world-class left that can rival Cloud break for power, size, and consistency. Because of the gradual tapering of the reef, it can handle all swell sizes. The SE trade winds are offshore, so when the inside waves near Matanivusi are blown out there is always the consistent Frigates. Because it’s out in the ocean, about 20 kilometers fromMatanivusi, it picks up all swell. However, some west in the swell can make it a bit dicey.  It definitely makes the end section stand up! Frigates are accessed by a number of resorts and can get crowded. However, once the swell gets up over 10’ there is a drop in the numbers tackling the waves. A longer board is recommended to tackle the big drops and strong offshore winds.  (Courtesy of Matanivusi Surf Resort).
  • Shifties | Shifities has deep water take off making the break a ‘not too threatening’ ride. This outside point of the Barrier Reef picks up all the swell and can be double the size of J’s and Vunaniu. It is powerful and thick. When everywhere else is flat you can almost guarantee a 4-foot wave at Shifties. Also, it can be surfed at all tides. Again a wind of the north quadrant is needed.  (Courtesy of Matanivusi Surf Resort).
  • Fiji Pipe | FIJI PIPE is a hollow and sometimes heavy left-hand reef break that breaks really good on 2-6 ft swells. The SE trade winds blow offshore all day here during winter and can create some epic barrel rides.  (Courtesy of Matanivusi Surf Resort).
  • J’s | J’s is a hollow, fast wave that breaks from 2’ to 6’. It’s best around the high tide with winds from NE to W. It needs some west in the swell to run down the reef.  (Courtesy of Matanivusi Surf Resort).
  • Vunaniu | Vunaniu is a short wedging right that has a bowl section at the end, usually smaller than other breaks. A good option for kids down on the inside at high tide. It does get good.  (Courtesy of Matanivusi Surf Resort).

Kadavu Surf Breaks

  • Vesi Passage | Located around 10 minutes by boat from the resort, this site has both left and right-hand-breaking waves. The main break is predominantly left, holding quality waves of up to 12ft and is all power from top to bottom. It can be surfed at the upper end of an incoming tide and is best on a northerly wind and a southeast swell.  (Courtesy of Matava Eco Resort).
  • Soso Passage | Located around 20 minutes by boat from the Matava resort, this site features left-hand-breaking waves that can be surfed in almost any wind direction, best on a southeast swell. It can be surfed on both high and medium tide, has an average size of around 4-6ft, and up to 10-12ft between June and September.  (Courtesy of Matava Eco Resort).
  • Naiguro Passage | Depending on its power and size is a thick, steep right-hander. Works best on a southwest swell.  (Courtesy of Matava Eco Resort).

Taveuni Surf Breaks

  • Maqai | Maqai is the jewel in the crown of this part of Fiji. A long right-hander that breaks through all tides – the reef doesn’t go dry at low tide like many breaks in the tropics, and if you get washed through on any tide, it’s into deepwater and an easy paddle back round to the take-off – that is surfable from waist high (still has punch enough to have fun) to just about anything that Huey can throw at it.  It is at its best in northerly quarter winds, and even though it changes character with different wave heights, directions and periods like any other break, intermediate through to expert surfers can enjoy it in all its moods – get in deep and find the barrels that can go the whole length of the break on a good day, or hang wide and inside and have a blast carving up the big walls for the taking.  (Courtesy of Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort).
  • Kavas | Kavas is located just 600 m across the reef pass from Maqai. It works in winds from the southeast (a common wind in the winter months) through to the north and is best surfed from mid to high tide. It is a winding, walling left for competent to expert surfers, that peels for 150 m with occasional barrel sections and fast walls for carving. Hollow and fast off the takeoff, the wave then opens out to quick racing walls with nice rip-able sections. A shallow spot, surfable at high tide only with great barrel opportunities in the right conditions.  (Courtesy of Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort).
  • Bula Bowls | Bula Bowls is located on the other side of the reef from Maqai right (also straight offshore from Maqai). Also, a left-hander that works with winds from the southeast through to the north, it is a slightly softer breaking wave than Kavas and suitable from intermediate surfers up. When the swell is smaller, it’s a friendly left-hander that can offer up shorter, but fun, waves. On big swells, another heavier wide peak starts firing, which swings into the breaks at the end of the first section and can offer up back-door barrels and big carves for the experienced.  (Courtesy of Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort).
  • Purple Walls | The Purple Wall is a 15 min boat ride to a shallow reef off the coast of Taveuni. Purple Wall is a thick fast right-hander that is a heavy wave in long-period swell and only for the competent to expert surfers due to both the heavy wave and the shallow reef; surfed at mid to high tide. It comes in as an A-frame take-off that throws up deep barrels and solid walls for the experienced surfer that enjoys being challenged.  (Courtesy of Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort).
  • Black Rock | Around the corner at Black Rock (10 mins west of Maqai), is a left-hand ledge known as Black Rock or Left-Overs; it is partway up the channel between Taveuni and Qamea, so picks up waves during big swells and is very sheltered from most winds. It is a short fun wave that breaks down the edge of Black Rock during larger south to southwest swells; it doesn’t get big and is 40-50 m long, but ruler-straight when the conditions are right, with gentle to no winds.  (Courtesy of Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort).
  • Mulomulo | Similar to some of the breaks in the Mentawai’s, at least with respect to discovery, it had been sitting under our noses for over 10 years, but only surfed in the past year. Mulomulo is 5 mins past Black Rock, a left-hander that is very sheltered.  (Courtesy of Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort).