Seven Eco-Friendly reasons to explore the Fiji Islands, naturally…

  1. Accessible beauty: dense rainforests, pristine waterfalls, and unique caves
  2. A Melting pot of customs and multicultural diversity
  3. Dive, surf, Canoe, or trek your way through unspoiled landscapes
  4. Active conservation and preservation programs
  5. Experience life in a remote Fijian Village
  6. Off-the-beaten-track adventures
  7. Special events, including Eco Challenge and specialist eco-vacation packages

Partake in a traditional yaqona (Kava) ceremony, view the cosmopolitan city of Suva from the top of Joske’s Thumb, or ride the white water rapids of the Luva River. Fiji simply has it all

If you’re traveling at a more sedate pace, go trekking in any of our tropical park reserves and take in the splendor of our flora and fauna. Alternatively, for real Fiji Time, share in the indigenous way of life with a village visit.

The reception you will receive at one of the numerous homestays around the country will warm your heart and develop lifelong friendships with the friendliest people in the world.

So whether you choose to hike or bike, enter a cave or ride a wave, Fiji is tailor-made for relaxed, authentic experiences and adrenaline-filled adventure.

National Parks
Fiji’s National parks offer freshwater swimming pools, pristine waterfalls, and low-impact trekking, taking in our extensive native varieties of flora and fauna. Best known are Colo-i-Suva, Abaca/Koroyanitu (Lautoka), and Bourma (Taveuni)

Marine Parks
Fiji’s world-class marine parks offer endless opportunities for quality diving and snorkeling, Fiji best known aquatic playgrounds are found in waters around Kadavu, Taveuni, Beqa, Ovalau, Mamanuca, Yasawa, and the Coral Coast.

Volcanic Visits
Trekking is available to the extinct volcanic craters of Ovalau and Taveuni (trek to Lake Tagimoucia – 1241 meters)

Because of Fiji’s volcanic mountainous terrain, waterfalls are common on most of the larger islands. Perhaps the best known are the Bourma (Taveuni) Biausevu (Coral Coast), Rakiraki, Koroyanitu (Lautoka), Wailoku and the Navua River.

Explore Fiji’s extensive river systems, either by boat, jet boat, canoe, kayak or even on a bamboo raft (known locally as a bilibili).

Botanical Gardens
Explore our lush gardens, found in Saweni (Lautoka), sleeping Giant Mountain Range (Nadi) and Thurston Gardens (Suva)

Island Hopping

Spend a day, a week, or even a month happing amongst Fiji’s 330 magical islands. Various cruise and transfer operations offer competitive options. Options include the outer island of Viti Levu (The Mamanucas, Yasawas, off the Coral Coast and off Suva), Savusavu and Taveuni; Kadavu; Lau Group; Rotuma; Rakiraki and Lomaiviti.

Village Home Stays
One of your best options for experiencing Fiji life first hand. Fiji home stays are ever increasing in their popularity and the genuine warmth and hospitality of your hosts will remain with you forever. Situation all over Fiji

Bus Tours
A great way to see the real Fiji, Tour operators as well as local bus companies and public transport, offer a reliable and economical means of getting around the main islands of Viti Levu and Savusavu/Taveuni. Most bus timetables are available from local operators and their social media pages.

Best-known destinations are the old Colonial towns of Levuka and Suva, Taveuni Hill Fortification, and the Momi Battery Historic Park

Sand Dunes
The Historical Lapita people played an important role in Fiji’s early history. Proof of their existence has been found in the form of pottery fragments and human skeletons, buried in the Sigatoka Sand Dunes. Good trekking opportunities, great views, and nearby offshore surf breaks. This is the sight of Fiji’s first national heritage park. Covering 650 hectares, it is an important archaeological and ecological area.

Either for a few hours, for a full day, or overnight, Fiji’s varied terrain offers all levels of trekking challenges, from low impact right through to rugged and remote mountain ranges. Panoramic views of surrounding reefs and islands can be spectacular, as well as sweeping highland vistas. Inland, experience treks through Fijian farms, Indian settlements, and back country wilderness.

Cave Visits
Hidden amongst the lush scenery of Fiji’s interior, are the spectacular cave sites of Wailotua (Korovou), Naihehe (Coral Coast), and Nakoroloaloa (Pacific Harbour) The Limestone caves of Sawa-i-Lau (Yasawa’s) offer an equally unique experience. Caves in Fiji are important cultural and historical significance.

Bike Riding
Biking should be an integral part of your eco-experience, either as adventurous mountain biking, or casual scenic cycling. It is an independent and affordable way to see parts of Fiji and keep fit.

Fiji offers world class surf and reef breaks. Some of the best knows are Wikles and Cloudbreak (Mamanucas), Frigates Passage (Coral Coast) and Typhoon Alley (Kadavu)

Kayaking is an increasingly popular sporting pursuit, due to its intimate connection with nature. Adventurous ocean kayaking tours and expeditions are available through some resorts, as well as river and lagoon options. Most resorts have recreational canoes available for a leisurely exploration of nearby reefs.

Traditional Experiences
Our islands offer a wealth of cultural experiences. While visiting a Fijian village, be sure to follow the correct protocol and observe and respect local customs. And follow common sense. your resort or tour organizers can advise you on the correct procedure.

Make sure you also partake in the Kava ceremony (a traditional drink made from the infusion of dried roots of the Yaqona plant). You may also have the opportunity to witness fire walking ceremonies, traditional tapa cloth, and Fijian pottery making, or even learn how to weave Fijian mats

Storytelling plays an important role in day-to-day life in Fiji, so be willing to listen and to share a few of your own. The chance to join in a village fish drive can also be fun and rewarding experience.

Cultural Centres
Na Kalevu Cultural Centre (Sigatoka) and Pacific Harbour Cultural Centre offer a good insight into the culture, history and way of life in the islands

While in Fiji make sure you check out the local market places for a sample of local fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood. The Fiji marketplaces are a way of life in themselves. Also be sure to try to a lovo feast (food cooked in an underground oven)

Flora and Fauna
All the way from the drier sugar can belts, to the extremly rare Tagimoucia flower found in the high tropical rainforest of Taveuni, you have the opportunity to experience Fiji’s exotic bird life, varied flora and unique indigenous fauna (including the amazing crested and banded iguanas). Kula Eco Park on the Coral Coast is Fiji’s only wildlife park.

Points of Interest
Mt Victoria (Fiji Highest Mountain at 1,323 metres – trekking, village)
Mt. Korobaba (Trekking)
Joske’s Thumb (Trekking)
Cape Washington (Kadavu)
Navala Village (Viti Levu)
Naqelewai Village (Viti Levu)
Mosquito Island Day Trip (Suva)
Wainadoi Spice Gardens (Suva)

Eco-Challenge 2002
From impenetrable jungles to jagged limestone cliffs to stunning turquoise lagoons, from majestic tropical beauty to harsh rugged adventure. Fiji offers both a paradise and a fascinating study in contrast. Its people were voted recently as the world’s friendliest, but still remain deeply committed to their cultural heritage.

Eco-Challenge, the world’s premier Expedition Race, attracted the best expedition athletes from around the world to Fiji in October 2022. Seventy-five four-person international teams explored and raced through 500 kilometres of Fiji’s most impressive and untouched terrain by bushwhacking through dense jungles, mountain biking on rugged trails, paddling down jungle rivers, trekking on ancient pig hunting trails to remote villages, climbing fixed ropes up raging waterfalls and exploring the uninhabited islands.


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