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Fijian Ground FrogFijian Ground Frog - Platymantis vitianus (Endemic) These frogs once lived throughout Fiji but now only survive on four mongoose-free islands: Taveuni, Gau, Ovalau and Viwa (Tailevu).  A giant ground frog once lived in Fiji but is now extinct.  Description Shades of brown, with a white spot behind the eardrum some having an X marking on the shoulders or a white vertebral stripe running the length of the body. Habitats usually found in and around damp areas of the coastal and lowland forest floor near water. Behaviour - Nocturnal and secretive - sit for a long time in one position until suitable prey comes along. They consume live insects Good swimmers.#colspan#
Size (snout-vent length (SVL))Females 85-270mm (SVL) - Males 50-110mm (SVL) - Hatchlings from 9-11 mm. (SVL) #colspan#
Fiji Tree Frog Developing eggs laid in leaf of Pandanus tree Pandanus tectorius FijiFijian Tree Frog - Platymantis Vitiensis - (Endemic) - Currently found in Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.Description - Light creamy grey to brilliant yellow, tans and oranges Habitat/Behaviour - Nocturnal animals and search for mates and forage for food (insects) at night. They mostly found in closed canopy rainforestm river systems. These frogs are good swimmers and climbers#colspan#
Size (snout-vent length (SVL))Females 47-60 mm - Males 32-45 mm - Hatchlings from 9-11 mm. #colspan#