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Bats of Fiji

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Common NameScientific NameGroup
Fiji Flying Fox(Mirimiri acrodonta)Megabats
Pacific Flying Fox(Pteropus tonganus) Megabats
Samoan Flying Fox(Pteropus samoensis)Megabats
Fijian Blossom Bat(Notopteris macdonaldi)Microbats
Pacific Sheath-tail Bat (Emballonura semicaudata)Microbats
Fijian Free-tailed Bat(Tadarida bregullae)Microbats

Fiji Mongoose

There are two species of Mongoose in Fiji, The Small Indian Mongoose, and second introduced specie with the common name of Indian Brown Mongoose (Confirmed by Nature Fiji July 10, 2010). 

Common NameScientific NameWeightLengthLifespan
Indian Brown MongooseUrva fusca Up to 11 poundsHead to body length is 13-48 inches. Tail is about 7-13 inches.6-12 Years
Small Indian mongooseU auropunctata LCUp to 11 poundsHead to body length is 20.0–26.4 inches6-12 Years

Whales of Fiji

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ImageCommon NameScientific NameWeight LengthLifespanInfo
Drawing of a Whale Humpback 1Humpback WhaleMegaptera novaeangliaeUp to about 40 tons Up to about 60 feet About 80 to 90 years PDF
Drawing of a Whale Brydes 1Bryde's Whale Balaenoptera edeniAbout 90,000 pounds 40 to 55 feet Unknown but sexually mature at 9 years PDF
Drawing of a sperm whale 1Sperm WhalePhyseter catodon15 tons (females) to 45 tons (males) 40 feet (females) to 52 feet (males) Up to 60 years PDF
whale dwarf sperm 1Dwarf Sperm WhaleKogia simus300 to 600 pounds Up to about 9 feet Up to 22 years
Short Finned Pilot Whale 1Short-Finned Pilot Whale Globicephala Macroryhnchus2,200 to 6,600 pounds 12 to 24 feet 35 to 60 years PDF
Melon Headed Whale 1Melon-Headed WhalePeponocephala Electra460 pounds 9 feet 45 years
Pygmy Killer Whale 1Pigmy Killer WhaleFeresa AttenuataUp to 496 pounds Up to 8.5 feet Unknown
Cuviers beaked whale 1Cuvier's Beaked Whale Ziphius Cavirostris4,000 to 6,800 pounds 15 to 23 feet 60 years
Gervais beaked whale 1Beaked WhalesMesoplodon Sp.About 2,640 pounds About 15 to 17 feetEstimated at least 27 years but may be up to 48 years
Short Beak Common Dolphin 1Short Beaked Common Dolphin Delphinus DelphisAverage about 170 pounds (adults) About 6 feet About 40 years PDF
Dolphin Bottlenose 1Bottlenosed Dolphin Tursiops Truncates300 to 1,400 pounds 6 to 13 feet 40 to 60 years
Spinner Dolphin 1Spinner DolphinStenella LongirostrisApprox. 130 to 170 pounds 4 to 7 feet (males slightly larger than females) 20 years PDF
Rough toothed dolphin 1Rough-Toothed Dolphin Steno Bredanensis350 pounds 8.5 feet 36 years

Mammal - (class Mammalia), any member of the group of vertebrate (backbone) animals in which the young are nourished with milk from special mammary glands of the mother. (Jones, 2022)

Tabua - A tabua is a polished tooth of a sperm whale that is an important cultural item in Fijian society. They were traditionally given as gifts for atonement or esteem, and were important in negotiations between rival chiefs. The dead men would be buried with their tabua, along with war clubs and even their strangled wives, to help them in the afterlife. Originally they were very rare items, available only from beached whales and from trade from neighboring Tonga.

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10 cents - New front design features a Beka-Mirimiri, (Fiji Flying Fox) which is one of the world’s rarest mammals.