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The Fijian Made brand has been a staple brand for locally generated products since its enactment in 2011. Through the Fijian Made – Buy Fijian brand initiative, local businesses are given the opportunity to register their products under a certified respective emblem that provides an added recognition in the domestic and international market. When you purchase a Fijian made product or service, you’re helping to create jobs and promote growth. Your purchases ensure that the money spent in Fiji and is reinvested in the Fijain economy and the communities. We must grow our economy and it is through the “Fijian Made” Brand that manufacturers and retailers – large and small – can contribute to the economy while also benefiting consumers. Supporting the Fijian Made brand means that you are assisting local businesses to flourish and promoting economic growth. Take pride in your locally manufactured products today, support Fijian Made.  Source  (

1Fijiana Cocoa FOOD & COOKING
2Rise Beyond the Reef WOMENS ARTISANS
3VaiWai - a truly natural alkaline artesian waterFOOD & COOKING

Fijiana Cacao Logo

Fijiana Cacao is a premium chocolate brand from the pristine islands of Fiji. We make our pure, high quality, single-origin Fiji dark chocolate in extremely small batches and we do it the old fashioned way – largely by hand and using just two locally-sourced ingredients: sun-dried cacao from remote, rainforest plantations and raw cane sugar.

Rise Beyond the Reef Logo, Fijian Made

Rise Beyond the Reef bridges the divide between remote communities, government and the private sector in the South Pacific, sustainably creating a better world for women and children.

Vai Wai Official Logo Fijian Made Products

With a desire to put pure artesian water into the hands and homes of the world, VaiWai® was born. VaiWai® is bottled at sourced on organic certified land, of the finest quality; a truly natural alkaline artesian water.

Our company grew, little by little maintaining its family values caring for its people, the community, the environment, and for the future. We are proud that throughout the world, VaiWai® is now synonymous with pure, great-tasting Fijian water.