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Fiji Airways Airbus A330-300

Fiji National Carrier Fiji Airways has a proud and rich tradition of creating unforgettable memories for its customers, providing world-renowned Fijian hospitality the moment you step onboard our fleet, with a proud past and a bright future, Fiji Airways is the symbol of the whole nation and are passionate to be the best. 

Fiji Airways plane at the Nadi International Airport.
Fiji Airways plane at the Nadi International Airport | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways launches inaugural flight to New Caledonia

Fiji Airways has commenced direct flights between Nadi and New Caledonia with the inaugural flight departing Nadi International Airport this afternoon.  With the inclusion of twice weekly flights between Nadi International Airport and La Tontouta International Airport in Noumea, the National Airline now services 26 international destinations.

Company Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen said New Caledonia has great potential, especially for our the transit guests.

“I’m delighted to welcome New Caledonia to the growing list of international destinations that Fiji Airways serves out of our hub in Nadi. There is a growing demand for connectivity across the Pacific and indeed the world, and we stand ready to fill this need when and where possible.”

The National Airline will provide twice weekly services every Monday and Thursday between Nadi and Noumea, with flights timed to connect seamlessly with our onward global connections.

“New Caledonia being a French territory, there is a lot of traffic between France and Noumea. We are in a unique position to provide seamless travel options via our flights to North America and Asia and codeshare thereon.  We have also vastly enhanced regional connectivity, offering the most comprehensive network across the Pacific with regular flights and seamless onward connections,” Mr Vijoen added.

Fiji Airways is also looking forward to increased travel between Nadi and New Caledonia as these direct flights open up new tourism opportunities in both countries.  There is also a notable Fijian population in New Caledonia who can now easily visit family and friends on the airline rated the Best Airline in Australia and the Pacific for 2023 by SKYTRAX.

September 18th 2023

Bula New Caledonia! Launch
Bula New Caledonia! Launch | Image: Supplied

Bula New Caledonia!

Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline, is proud to announce that New Caledonia’s capital, Noumea is our newest international destination.  The company confirms that Fiji has an existing Air Service Agreement (ASA) which allows Fiji Airways to provide services in French territories.

“Based on this agreement, we were able to negotiate with our counterparts in New Caledonia and select a date for the commencement of services between Nadi and Noumea. We at Fiji Airways are very excited about the prospects of this new route”, said Fiji Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO) Mr. Andre Viljoen.

The first flight to La Tontouta International Airport in Noumea will be on Thursday 30th November and starting 7th December, the national carrier will fly twice weekly, every Monday and Thursday.  Fiji Airways is the perfect hub for guests out of New Caledonia, providing a comprehensive network of onward connections to North America, Asia, as well as other Pacific Island countries.

“Furthermore, thanks to our codeshare partners, we can connect New Caledonians to more than 100 destinations around the world. At Fiji Airways, we have consistently strived to expand our regional services because we see ourselves connecting not just Fiji – but the Pacific to the rest of the world”, added Mr. Viljoen.

With the introduction of these new services, Fiji Airways will be flying directly to 26 destinations around the world.  Noumea is the third new market added to our network since international borders opened in December 2021.

“We have adopted a robust growth plan with ongoing efforts to add more routes to the network. This is part of our strategic plan to increase revenue and ensure the long term sustainability of the airline,” said the company MD/CEO.

The airline brings in 70 percent of all visitor arrivals into Fiji, and is the largest foreign exchange earner for the economy.

August 31st 2023

Fiji Airways Marks Significant Sustainability Milestone Ceromony at the Hanger Nadi International Airport in Fiji
Fiji Airways Marks Significant Sustainability Milestone Ceromony at the Hanger Nadi International Airport in Fiji | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways Marks Significant Sustainability Milestone

Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline, is proud to announce a significant milestone on our journey towards a more sustainable future for aviation. Today, Fiji Airways’ newest Airbus A350-900 XWB aircraft, named the Island of Vatulele, arrived into Nadi, Fiji from Singapore, having flown the entire 8,520 km journey powered by a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) blend.

This is the first time ever that Fiji Airways has operated a flight using a SAF blend.

Mr. Andre Viljoen, Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO, said that this inaugural SAF blend – powered flight demonstrates Fiji Airways’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring a sustainable future for aviation.

“As the national carrier of a small island developing state, we are acutely aware of the need for urgent action to combat climate change. As an airline, most of our carbon emissions are generated by using jet fuel, so to meaningfully reduce our carbon footprint, we must embrace using a blend of sustainable fuels.

Sustainable aviation fuels are produced from sustainable materials, and produce up to 80% less carbon emissions than conventional jet fuel. By using sustainable fuels, Fiji Airways and all airlines can make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

Whilst we may be a small airline, we have a bold sustainability vision. We firmly believe that every airline, regardless of size, can and must contribute to the preservation of our planet.”

Fiji Airways is about to launch a global fuel supply tender in order to secure future supply of SAF to meet its sustainability objectives of using a SAF blend.

“SAF comes with its own set of challenges because the production processes are complex, and there are only a small number of producers. Consequently, sustainable fuels are significantly (between 4 to 8 times) more expensive than conventional jet fuel, and are in short supply.

Many larger airlines with more resources have already bought up significant quantities of future SAF capacity, making it somewhat challenging to secure future supply. As demand for sustainable fuels increases, we will see investment and production ramp up, and it will become much easier and more affordable for airlines to acquire SAF. We are exploring all options, including the potential for SAF production in Fiji.”

The Island of Vatulele will be the fourth next-generation Airbus A350 aircraft to enter the Fiji Airways fleet. Fiji Airways now has one of the youngest, most modern, and most fuel-efficient fleets of aircraft in the world.

August 15th 2023

Fiji Airways takes delivery of new Airbus A350-900 XWB
Fiji Airways takes delivery of new Airbus A350-900 XWB | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways takes delivery of new Airbus A350-900 XWB

Fiji Airways has today taken delivery of its newest Airbus A350-900XWB (A350) as part of a journey to modernise the National Carrier’s fleet.  Named the Island of Beqa, the brand new aircraft, is the third A350 to join the Fiji Airways fleet. It is considered the world leader in long-range flights.

Company Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen says one of our 5 ‘Game Changer’ Strategies the National Airline has relentlessly pursued since 2017, has been the modernization of our aircraft with ‘new generation’ aircraft such as the Airbus A350.

“The A350 with its superior cabin, significant fuel savings and substantial cargo capacity has fast become the pride of our airline and the joy of our passengers.

The Island of Beqa is brand new having been put into storage immediately after manufacturing. We were able to negotiate a lucrative deal to acquire it.”

“It combines the very latest aerodynamics, new generation engines and use of lightweight materials, to bring a 25% advantage in fuel burn, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and operating costs compared to previous generation aircraft.”

Mr Viljoen adds the airline is now in a stronger position to explore new destinations.

“Fiji Airways brings in 70 percent of all visitors to Fiji. We are crucial to the long term sustainable growth of the tourism industry which is 45 percent of our Gross Domestic Product and the largest employer in the country.

As the National Airline we recognize our role is not just to be the bridge to and from the world but to support the growth of tourism, one of the ways we can do this is by introducing new destinations with potential for high tourism opportunities.”

These modern, state-of-the-art aircraft also enable us to explore new destinations much further than our current network. For example, the A350 XWBs are capable of flying much deeper into the United States or Canada.

Some possibilities we are continually exploring for the future include Dallas, Seattle, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and also Noumea, Wallis, Rarotonga, Port Moresby and several additional destinations in Australia.

The Island of Beqa will add more capacity to our leading source markets of Australia and New Zealand, North American long haul flights to San Francisco and Vancouver, as well as Hong Kong which is our current gateway to China.

July 28st 2023

New MoU to nurture local pilots and aircraft engineers CEO Congratulating an student upon graduation Certificate.
New MoU to nurture local pilots and aircraft engineers CEO Congratulating an student upon graduation Certificate. | Image: Supplied

New MoU to nurture local pilots and aircraft engineers

A new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Fiji Airways and the Tertiary Scholarships and Loan Service (TSLS) today will pave the way for more Fijian to eventually join Fiji’s National Airline as pilots and aircraft engineers.

The MoU enables Fiji Airways to administer a TSLS sponsored Cadet Pilot scheme providing a pathway for young Fijians to apply for scholarships that develop candidates to the minimum entry requirement to join the airline.  Read More

July 25st 2023

Cabin Crew with MD CEO Fiji Airways celebrates return of Cabin Crew
Cabin Crew with MD CEO Fiji Airways celebrates return of Cabin Crew | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways celebrates return of Cabin Crew

Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline is thrilled to announce the return of Cabin Crew who were regrettably let go during the challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen, today held a talanoa session with the 200 Cabin Crew to address their concerns and move forward.

“I wanted to talk directly to these returnees so that we can talk openly, put the past behind us and work as one to elevate Fiji Airways even further as an international airline that stands among the best in the world.”

Today’s talanoa session was also attended by the Executive Leadership Team who were able to answer questions and make clarifications on issues raised by the returning Cabin Crew.

“These employees hold a wealth of knowledge and experience which is invaluable to us. I am confident that after today’s talanoa session we are all united in a common purpose and strategic vision to do the best for the company and the people of Fiji.

As the leading airline in the region, Fiji Airways is committed to providing exceptional service, fostering a sense of warmth and hospitality that reflects the true essence of Fiji. Cabin Crew play a pivotal role in embodying these values and showcasing the renowned Fijian spirit to guests from around the world.”

The returnees have been undergoing various stages of training and assessment since May, in preparation for their first flights in the coming weeks.

July 21st 2023

Fiji Airways’ inaugural flight to Canberra takes off Ribbon cutting by Mr Batiweti
Fiji Airways’ inaugural flight to Canberra takes off Ribbon cutting by Mr Batiweti | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways’ inaugural flight to Canberra takes off

Australia’s Capital, Canberra has become the newest to join Fiji Airways’ comprehensive network if direct international destinations with the inaugural flight departing Nadi this morning.

The National Airline now offers twice weekly flights, marking an exciting development for both countries, strengthening tourism, trade, people-to-people connections, government relations, and cargo transportation.  Company Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen says with its world-renowned hospitality and award-winning service, Fiji Airways is set to deliver an Exceptional Fijian Experience to guests flying between these two vibrant destinations.

“This direct service will provide customers with enhanced connectivity and convenience, offering seamless access to the stunning islands of Fiji and the capital city of Australia. We also open up a new transit point for the people of Canberra to travel onwards to other parts of the world.”

“We are thrilled with this new service which further establishes our presence in the Australian market. It will undoubtedly boost the tourism industry in both countries, opening up opportunities for people to explore the diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality that Fiji has to offer. Additionally, it will provide a convenient gateway for Fijian to discover the unique attractions and experiences Canberra has in store,” said Mr Viljoen.

The direct flight offers a seamless transport link for the exchange of goods and services, enabling businesses to expand their markets and explore new trade opportunities. This will strengthen trade flows, benefitting businesses engaged in import and export activities, and further promoting economic collaboration.

“Fiji Airways is the first to re-commence international flights to and from Canberra after the COVID-19 pandemic – a clear indication that we are setting the pace in the region; and one of the reasons we’ve been named the SKYTRAX Best Airline and Staff in Australia and the Pacific,” Mr. Viljoen added.

June 21st 2023

Two Fiji Airways staff accepting the Skytrax Award dressed in the Fijian Airways Uniforms in France 2023
Two Fiji Airways staff accepting the Skytrax Award dressed in the Fijian Airways Uniforms in France 2023 | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways is Best Airline and Staff in Australia and Pacific

Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Carrier has been recognised as the Skytrax Best Airline in Australia & the Pacific at the prestigious 2023 World Airline Awards, held last night at the Paris Air Show.

In 2022, Fiji Airways was ranked third in the region – behind Qantas (which has won the award for the last four years) and Air New Zealand. This year, we have leap-frogged our two largest competitors to be declared Best Airline in Australia & the Pacific.

This is the first time that the National Airline has won this accolade while also retaining the award for the Skytrax Best Airline Staff in Australia & the Pacific for the third year in a row.  Fiji Airways has also improved its ranking in the Global Top 100 airlines, leapfrogging from 36th in 2022 to 15th in 2023 to finish ahead of Qantas (17th), British Airways (18th) and Air New Zealand (19th).

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen says these are big wins for a small airline in a highly competitive region for commercial aviation.

“Our unwavering commitment to quality service delivery is reason that Fiji Airways is today the Best in Australia and the Pacific. We may not have as much resources as larger airlines, but we have the Fijian spirit of hospitality and care. As the National Airline, we embrace and champion these values in everything we do, and this sets us apart as an airline.”

A high level delegation from Fiji Airways was in Paris, France last night to receive the awards on behalf of the company.

“I want to congratulate all the employees of Fiji Airways for these two awards for without their hard work and consistency, we would not be where we are today. I am confident the organisation will put as much effort into all our future endeavours and strive for excellence,” Mr Viljoen added.

“The fact that these awards are determined purely on guest feedback makes our two accolades all the more special. Our customers have consciously chosen Fiji Airways above all the other participating airlines in the region.”

Travellers across the world voted in the largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to determine the award winners with more than 20 million entries, and more than 325 airlines featured in the final results.  Fiji Airways is committed to Working as One to Deliver Exceptional Fijian Experiences not just with our service standards on-board, but at every customer perception point.

The National Airline continues to innovate, and introduce new strategies to grow the company, increase revenue and expand our global network.

June 1st 2023

New Meals Now Offered on all Flights
New Meals Now Offered on all Flights | Image: Supplied

New Meals Now Offered on all Flights

Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline, is excited to announce the launch of its revamped new menu cycle.  The new meal offerings underscore the airline’s investment, and commitment to improving the on-board dining experience for all guests.  There is a key focus on enhanced options for Economy Class passengers, along with a strong emphasis on healthy, fresher, seasonal ingredients across cabins.

Having been awarded the 2023 APEX Passenger Choice for Best Food & Beverage in the South Pacific, Fiji Airways intends to raise the bar even further with the introduction of this new menu.

“We are delighted to unveil our revamped menu cycle, which embodies our commitment to delivering an exceptional Fijian experience to our guests,” says Fiji Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andre Viljoen.

The menu is influenced by Executive Chef, Richard Cross’s innovative culinary style, and prepared by global catering partners to deliver a menu that features universal favourites like Butter Chicken and Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl, as well as embracing the rich flavours of Fijian and Pacific cuisine.

Guests embarking on long-haul Business Class flights will now be able to choose from an expanded appetiser and dessert menu, including indulgent house-made ice cream from locally sourced superfood ingredients like Moringa and Nama (sea grapes).  The late night Express Dining option lets customers maximise their time for rest onboard without skipping out on a delicious meal. The interlude snack service on ultra-medium haul Business Class flights has also been boosted with more substantial sandwiches and wraps for anyone who feels peckish in between meals.

Passengers flying in International Economy Class are also in for a treat with more hot main meal options on long haul flights and enhanced fresh side offerings of salads, desserts and bakery items accompanying the main meal.

A refreshed direction towards utilising seasonality and local ingredient sourcing is part of the airline’s objective to curate meals that are not only delicious but also nutritious, in both Business and Economy Class.

“Of course the Fiji Airways promise is that meals are complimentary when you fly with us, but we want to do more than just feed our guests, we want to play a part in extending their holiday experience onboard. With this new inflight menu, we hope they get a taste of the vibrant flavours of Fiji and our destinations,” Mr Viljoen added.

All meals, snacks and beverages are included in our Fiji Airways Fly Your Way brands.

May 18th 2023

Fourth Hong Kong Service from October
Fourth Hong Kong Service from October | Image: Supplied

Fourth Hong Kong Service from October

Just over a month after the resumption of flights to Hong Kong, Fiji Airways has confirmed a fourth service will be added to the route from 1st October, 2023.  The National Airline re-started with two direct flights between Nadi and Hong Kong on 1st April, with a third service from August.

Company Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen says demand on the route has picked up swiftly, enabling the airline to provide four flights a week from October.

“Hong Kong has traditionally been a strong link for us as the main gateway into China. We are pleased with how well this market has picked up in a short amount of time. With these flights, Fiji Airways is able to carry goods between Fiji and China, improving trade and economic activity.”

“Our forward bookings for Hong Kong for the next six months are 15 percent ahead of 2019. Based on this, the National Airline is confident that a fourth service will also do well.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiji Airways had five flights a week to and from Hong Kong, Mr Viljoen says the airline is committed to returning to pre-COVID levels.

“We have to put in the hard yards and rebuild connections in Hong Kong and China, and capture the attention of customers. Recently, we held a roadshow in China visiting key locations and engaging with trade and media partners. I am confident that a fifth service is possible when the time is right.

Flights between Nadi and Hong Kong are currently every Monday and Thursday. The third service from August will add Saturday flights with Sunday services from October.

April 14th 2023

Fiji Airways says Bula Canberra! promotional poster
Fiji Airways says Bula Canberra! promotional poster | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways says Bula Canberra!

Australia’s Capital, Canberra is the latest city to be added to Fiji Airways ever-growing list of international destinations.

The National Airline this morning flew a promotional flight into Canberra Airport to announce the new service from July 2023.  Fiji Airways Chief Executive and Managing Director Mr Andre Viljoen says the airline conducted extensive market research before deciding on this new service.

“As Fiji’s National Airline, we are proud to be flying to the Capital of Australia. This is a living testament to the strong relations that the two countries have always enjoyed, and demonstrates the importance of Australia as our leading tourism market.

We are pleased to be able to provide the people of Canberra the only direct flights to Nadi, facilitating a seamless holiday experience which begins the moment they step onboard. As of July, your getaway to paradise will be a short four-hour journey with our international award winning APEX Five Star service. We also anticipate the many Fiji citizens will also take advantage of this route to visit Canberra.

This marks another significant milestone for Fiji Airways as we continue to expand our network and provide greater connectivity for our customers. We are thrilled to bring our world-class service to Canberra and look forward to welcoming our customers onboard.

Our services between Nadi and Canberra will also establish a convenient onward connection to North America, other South Pacific destinations and indeed the rest of the world. Travellers can also break up a long journey with a short stay in Fiji.”

Mr Viljoen adds the new service has been made possible with the forthcoming inclusion of two new Airbus A350s into the Fiji Airways fleet.

“We will receive the first of our two new A350s in July, resulting in an immediate increase in capacity across our network. This means we will be able to dedicate more seats to the Australian market, specifically Canberra.

Australia continues to be our major source market for tourism. Not only do we need to be able to cater for the growing number of tourists visiting Fiji, but also position ourselves to create demand and ensure that Fiji Airways is their airline of choice.”

The announcement was celebrated with a promotional flight this morning, carrying Fijian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism Hon. Viliame Gavoka, the Fijian Drua, and local fans to watch tonight’s match against the Brumbies at GIO Stadium in Canberra.

Fiji Airways has also confirmed its sponsorship of the Brumbies for Super Rugby Pacific.

The National Airline will provide services between Nadi and Canberra twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays from July to the end of September, and three times a week from October onwards.

March 3rd 2023

Fly your Way Branded Fares Launch - Fiji Airways
Fly your Way Branded Fares Launch | Image: Supplied

Fiji Airways rolls out Fly Your Way

Fly Your Way branded fares are now live, providing our economy-class customers with more flexibility and choice.

The new Brands (Lite, Value, Comfort, and Plus) reflect the findings of broad market research and is designed to cater to customers’ needs.

“Our guests want the ability to tailor their journey based on a number of factors such as their budget, the number of people travelling, and the duration of stay. So we’ve come up with brands which can meet these needs”, says Fiji Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen.

Our reservations teams, global bookings agents, and the Fiji Airways website have now switched over to Fly Your Way.

“We are really excited to be able to roll out this new offering and we have every confidence that customers will see the benefits when they book their next flight with the National Airline,’ Mr Viljoen added.

The four Brands (Lite, Value, Comfort, and Plus) are part of Fiji Airways’ continuous efforts to innovate and introduce new products and services to meet evolving customer needs.

The four brands include increasing flexibility and offerings.

Branded Fares Types Launch
Branded Fares Types Launch | Image: Supplied
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