Setareki Ledua sailed a traditional sailing canoe right around the world using nothing but the stars to guide the way.

 Part of a group of youth adventurers selected to represent the Pacific nations during the Te Mana Te Moana World Expedition, Ledua faced every obstacle   Mother   Nature   could   throw at him as he made his way from Fiji to New Zealand, and back to the West Coast of North America via French Polynesia and Hawaii.

He spent two years at sea raising awareness of our ailing oceans and the threat to the way of life in tiny islands communities throughout the Pacific. All this he did before he turned 21

He handled storms and waves the size of apartment buildings, and so when a worldwide pandemic came along in March 2020, he used the calm he found on his journey to deal with it. What does not kill you makes you stronger – Ledua knows a lot about that.


Ledua comes from a long lineage of traditional canoe builders in Fiji. In fact, it was his family who was part of the team who built the traditional canoe presented to Queen Elizabeth II a few years ago.

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