ATR 42-600

Overview: ATR 42-600

Fiji Link ATR 42-600

Fiji Link, the domestic and regional subsidiary of Fiji Airways received its first brand new ATR 42 – 600 in late August 2014 adding to the newly rebranded carrier and replacing the current fleet of ATR 42-500. The ATR 42-600 have considerably more enhanced cockpit, including higher efficiency and a lower fuel burn compared to the ATR 42-500s and significantly increasing overall capacity.


Diagram: ATR 42-600

Fiji Link ATR42-600 Diagram
Fiji Link ATR42-600 Diagram

Video: ATR 42-600


Technical information: ATR 42-600

  • Passenger capacity: 46 (1 class)
  • Length: 22.67 m (74 feet 4.52 inch)
  • Wingspan: 24.572 m (80 feet 7.42 inches)
  • Height: 7.75 m (25 feet x 5.11 inches)
  • Engines: 2x Pratt & Whitney PW127M
  • Maximum speed: 463 km/h (287.695 mph, Mach 0.55)
  • Range: 1483.45 km (921.773 miles)


Seating Layout: ATR 42-600

Fiji Airways ATR 42 600 Seat Diagram


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Fiji Link ATR 42-600

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