ATR 72-600

Overview: ATR 72-600

Fiji Link ATR 72 - 600.

Fiji Link is a subsidiary of Fiji Airways servicing both domestic and regional flights across the Pacific. The ATR 72 took delivery as part of the overall Fiji Airways group rebrand, which included the rebrand from Pacific Sun to Fiji Link.

Fiji Link as part of the Fiji Airways family retains prominent brand elements in its livery and design, which includes the name “FIJI” featuring prominently on the aircraft belly.


Diagram: ATR 72-600

Fiji Link ATR 72-600 Diagram
Fiji Link ATR 72-600 Diagram

Video: ATR 72-600


Technical information: ATR 72-600

  • Passenger capacity: 68 (2 class)
  • Length: 27.16 m (89 feet 1 inch)
  • Wingspan: 27.05 m (88 feet 9 inches)
  • Height: 7.72 m (25 feet 4 inches)
  • Engines: 2x Pratt & Whitney PW127M
  • Maximum speed: 463 km/h (287.695 mph, Mach 0.55)
  • Range: 1648.28 km (1024.19 miles)


Seating Layout: ATR 72-600

Seating Layout ATR 72-600


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Fiji Link ATR 72 - 600

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