Blue Town


The Savusavu Blue Town Model

Landscape of Nakama Creek in Savusavu: The Worlds First Blue Town Model
Landscape of Nakama Creek in Savusavu: The Worlds First Blue Town Model

The “Savusavu Blue Town model” specifically target’s developing island and coastal communities that lie within these areas of acknowledged Tropical marine biodiversity. The Blue Town model showcases how the world can help protect this “genetic bunker”. The global community has a vested interest in protecting our island nations and the diverse genetic resources of our tropical reefs and ecosystems.

Savusavu with its incredible natural beauty and diverse community will highlight and showcase Fiji’s whole-hearted commitment to COP initiatives to not only reduce carbon emissions, raise climate change awareness (these impacts on our communities and environment), but also implement real and tangible solutions, to preserve and protect our tropical marine biodiversity.

Specifically the project will look to address the following:

  1. A comprehensive town development plan that highlights the natural beauty of Savusavu while implementing best environmental practices.
  2. Complete transition to alternative energy by 2030, using Solar, Wind, Thermal or Hydro Electricity.
  3. Waste management and solid waste recycling, Savusavu rubbish dump-relocation and modernisation (existing foreshore rubbish dump is of grave concern). Completed by 2021
  4. Preservation of our marine ecosystems through effective Integrated Coastal Management Programs.
    1. Fiji wastewater management: integrated sewerage treatment facility with grey water farming / nursery component to provide income generation, added food security and growing our agricultural sector.
    2. Integrated Dive Parks.
    3. Sports fishing available as an on-flow effect of Marine Protected Areas, a sport-fishing license be issued as per each fishing charter.
    4. Developing sustainable aquaculture
  5. Sustainable tourism.


Project Partnership: Shared ownership of the project through private public partnership. (Mainly private sector driven).

Project Funding: The project envisages $50m USD. Also looking at contributions from corporate donors from across the globe: Intergovernmental organizations (foreign aid organizations such as JICA, UN, and AUSAID etc.), regional institutions, non-governmental and civil society organizations, academic and research institutions, the scientific community, philanthropic organizations and the private sector will be interested to support such an initiative

National Linkages: National Adaptation Plan / National Disaster Management Plan; National Development Plan; Integrated Coastal Management Plan; Fiji LEDS; Commonwealth blue charter – OA; Fisheries Management Plans; Mangrove Management Plan; SDG / OPP – UNFCCC.

The above concepts not only provide a robust model for other countries to follow and implement, it will also create greater awareness and significantly drive investment and environmentally sustainable tourism into Fiji and The South Pacific region.

Fiji’s Blue model town initiative, would provide a valuable and compelling marketing and advertising platform for our strategic partners who have enlisted to work with Fiji to fund and implement the model town concept.


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Additional Sources of Information

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