Fan Tailed Cuckoo

Fan Tailed Cuckoo

Fact Card

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cacomantis flabelliformis
TYPE: Breeder
DIET: A variety of insect and their larvae, fruits and vegetables, small reptiles, mammals and birds, especially bird chicks.
RECORDED SIGHTINGS: Viti Levu – Vanua Levu – Taveuni – Kadavu – Lomaiviti
GROUP NAME:  KINGDOM – Animalia / PHYLUM – Chordata / CLASS – Aves
ORDER Cuculiformes / FAMILYCuculidae / GENUSCacomantis

Video: Fan Tailed Cuckoo

Audio: Fan Tailed Cuckoo

IUCN Red List Status

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Category Scale Least Concern


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Additional Sources of Information

  • NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is Fiji’s only domestic NGO working solely for the conservation and sustainable management of Fiji’s unique natural heritage – Link


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