Metallic Pigeon



METALLIC PIGEON (Columba vitiensis) – The White-throated Pigeon Columba vitiensis is an attractive dark pigeon with a bright iridescent sheen in certain lights. In Fiji, it is common on the larger and many of the intermediate-sized islands but is the least conspicuous of the native pigeons. It is commonly called the Chilli Pigeon because of its fondness for feeding on chillies. Here it often encounters real problems, as chilli bushes are small and cannot usually bear the weight of hefty pigeons. In the mornings, White-throated Pigeons may be commonly seen on roads or tracks taking grit. Unlike the Ducula pigeons, Columba pigeons have a gizzard in which they store grit to help them grind down their food. The latter consists of small fruit, seeds and young shoots.

Fact Card

COMMON NAME: Metallic Pigeon
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Columba vitiensis
TYPE: Breeder
DIET: Small fruit, seeds and young shoots
SIZE: 37 Length
RECORDED SIGHTINGS: Viti Levu – Vanua Levu – Taveuni – Kadavu – Lomaiviti – Lau
ORDERColumbiformes / FAMILYColumbidae / GENUSColumba

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IUCN Red List Status

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Category Scale Least Concern

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metallic pigeon Fiji Metallic Pigeon


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Additional Sources of Information

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