Pacific Black Duck

Pacific Black Duck


PACIFIC BLACK DUCK (Anas superciliosa) – Usually encountered in pairs or in small flocks and can be seen almost anywhere there is water. They are frequently observed in coastal areas on mud flats or in marshy backwaters; they readily travel far up any river or creek and they are adept at locating new pools after rain. Unlike many ducks, the male and female Black Duck have the same plumage colouration. They are a rather drab dark brown duck but with a bright green iridescent green flash on the wings.

Fact Card

COMMON NAME: Pacific Black Duck
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anas superciliosa
TYPE: Breeder
DIET: Mainly vegetarian, feeding on seeds of aquatic plants. This diet is supplemented with small crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic insects
SIZE: 54–61 cm
RECORDED SIGHTINGS: Viti Levu – Vanua Levu – Taveuni – Kadavu – Lomaiviti
GROUP NAME:  KINGDOMAnimalia  / PHYLUMChordata / CLASSAves / ORDERAnseriformes  / FAMILY –  Anatidae / GENUS Anas

Video: Pacific Black Duck

Audio: Pacific Black Duck

IUCN Red List Status

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Category Scale Least Concern

Additional Photographs

PACIFIC BLACK DUCK - Ducks, Geese, and Waterfowl Fiji


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Additional Sources of Information

  • NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is Fiji’s only domestic NGO working solely for the conservation and sustainable management of Fiji’s unique natural heritage – Link


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