Port of Lautoka


Overview: Port of Lautoka

Aerial View Port of Lautoka

Port of Lautoka is Fiji’s largest Port for handling bulk cargo, specializing in bulk sugar, molasses, woodchips, petroleum, and gas. Lautoka services the shipping needs of Western Viti Levu and is the base for Fiji’s famed Blue Lagoon Cruises and Nai’s Cruises.

Lautoka, is situated at position 18 degrees -8 South, 178 degrees -26 East and inline with major shipping lanes criss crossing from the US or Asia to Australia and New Zealand, easily making Lautoka an additional Fiji Port, suitable to hub for the South Pacific.

Video: Fiji Ports Terminal

Layout of Port of Lautoka

Aerial View of Lautoka Port

Port of Lautoka Diagram
Port of Lautoka Diagram


Location: Port of Lautoka

History of Port of Lautoka

In 1900, the Colonial Sugar Refining Company wharf was built at Lautoka (Port of Lautoka), which was then declared a Port of Entry.  In 1961 the new Fiji Ports wharf opened at Lautoka, next to the CSR wharf that had served the town for many years

In 1959, all general cargo was handled through the Colonial Sugar Refining Co Ltd (CSR) pier where Ports Authority of Fiji took on the Port and undertook major construction in 1959 to the basic main face it is today. Fiji Sugar Corporation was formed and took over the operations of CSR and constructed its own molasses and sugar loading facility, in July 1987, Tropik Wood Industries built their woodchip loader and in late 1988, the Japanese government through a government grant built a local fishing Port to cater for the local fishing and domestic seafaring market.

In June 2005, FPCL completed its $21 million Lautoka Wharf Extension giving Lautoka additional berths to its original one berth capacity. Extensive reclamation totaling 28 acres has been completed too providing FPCL with additional land in Lautoka for Port related activity to enhance it Port. (Fiji Ports, 2023)


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