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Overview: Port of Suva

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Port of Suva is Fiji’s largest, busiest and biggest container and general Port providing the maritime gateway to the country’s capital city of SuvaSuva is a picturesque city with a harbour nestled in the position of 18 degrees -8 South, 178 degrees -26 East.

Transport and communication infrastructure are of a high quality and standard comparable with Australia and New Zealand with easy access to major shipping lanes criss crossing from the US or Asia to Australia and New Zealand, easily making Fiji a suitable Port to hub for the South Pacific. (Fiji Ports,2023)

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Layout of Port of Suva

Aerial View of Port of Suva

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List of Wharfs and Berths

  1. Kings Wharf: Length – 492 metres | 3 Berths: Kings South; Kings Central; Kings North; 11 Meters
  2. Walu Bay: Length – 189 metres | 1 Berth: Walu Bay; 9 Meters
  3. Princess Wharf: Length – 163metres | 1 Berth: Princess; 4 Meters


Location: Suva Port

History of Port of Suva

Kings Wharf Wooden Construction Year 1910 - 1918

Construction of the Kings Wharf began in 1912 to replace the smaller Queen’s wharf at Pier Street, the wharf was a wooden structure which serviced Fiji and the Pacific Islands for nearly 50 years.

In 1961 the wharf entered the era of concrete deck and piles with additional cargo sheds being built.

By early 1970’s Suva Wharf was a bustling centre with the arrival of container and roll-on, roll off services. With the imposed additional constraints bringing with it technological advancement, reconstruction and redesign of the wharf was necessary. Work began in October 1982 to cater for this but the shipping industry continued to evolve with Lift-On and Lift Off advancement, by late 1990’s MPAF had to begin planning again for Port Infrastructure.

October 2005 was the completion of FPCL’s $31 million upgrading and rehabilitation works on the wharf structure including a life line section designed to withstand high seismic activity.

Additional Photos

Kings Wharf c.1950s Source Fiji Museum P32.4149 Kings Wharf c.1950 Source Fiji Museum


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