Aerial View of the Lau Group of Island in Fiji.

How many Provinces are there in Fiji?

Fiji is comprised of 14 administrative provinces divided across the four divisions (Northern, Eastern, Central, and Western). Each province orchestrates the provision of resources and services to the indigenous Fijian population through the Fijian Affairs Board. To assist you, we have added a colour-coded main map below detailing the approximate sizes and locations of the different provinces, with a smaller black and white map inserted at the bottom right-hand corner outlining the four main divisions of Fiji.

Provinces of the Central Division

  1. Tailevu Province
  2. Naitasiri Province
  3. Namosi Province
  4. Serua Province
  5. Rewa Province

Provinces of the Western Division

  1. Nadroga Navosa Province
  2. Ba Province
  3. Ra Province

Provinces of the Northern Division

  1. Bua Province
  2. Macuata Province
  3. Cakaudrove Province

Provinces of the Eastern Division

  1. Kadavu Province
  2. Lau Province
  3. Lomaiviti Province

Map of Fiji’s Provinces and Divisions

Provinces and Divisions in Fiji Islands
Provinces and Divisions in Fiji Islands



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