Red Junglefowl



RED JUNGLEFOWL (Gallus gallus) – Jungle Fowl inhabit mature forest, scrub and thick reed breaks, but their favoured habitat is disturbed secondary forest where they feed on any fruits, insects or seeds and grains. Jungle Fowl are normally shy birds, however, the cocks are strongly territorial and advertise their territories with their characteristic crowing call which resound through the forests in areas where they occur and are the surest indication of their presence.

Fact Card

COMMON NAME: Red Junglefowl
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Gallus gallus
TYPE: Introduced – Extirpated
DIET: Fruits, insects or seeds and grains
SIZE: 70 centimetres (28 inchs)
RECORDED SIGHTINGS: Viti Levu – Vanua Levu – TaveuniKadavuLomaiviti – Lau – Rotuma
ORDERGalliformes / FAMILYPhasianidae / GENUSGallus

Video: Red Junglefowl

Audio: Red Junglefowl

IUCN Red List Status

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Category Scale Least Concern

Additional Photographs

Head Shot of Chicken Junglefowl Resting Chicken JungleFowl Junglefowl

Fijian Commemorative Postage Stamp

Red Junglefowl - Hen-and-Rooster Junglefowl of Fiji Commemorative Stamps.
Hen-and-Rooster Junglefowl of Fiji Commemorative stamps.


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Additional Sources of Information

  • NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is Fiji’s only domestic NGO working solely for the conservation and sustainable management of Fiji’s unique natural heritage – Link


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