SS Santhia



SS Santhia – was a 5,544 GRT steam cargo liner built for the British-India Steam Navigation Company in 1901 by William Denny & Brothers, Dumbarton. She was used for the transportation of Indian indentured labourers to the colonies.

Table of Indian Emigrant Ships

No.ShipArrival DateArrivalsTypeTon
1Leonidas14 May 1879463Sailing Ship111
2Berar29 June 1882424Sailing Ship902
3Poonah17 September 1882477Sailing Ship1199
4Poonah19 June 1883496Sailing Ship1199
5Bayard20 August 1883494Sailing Ship1,028
6Syria14 May 1884438Sailing Ship1,010
7Howrah26 June 1884495Sailing Ship1,098
8Pericles3 July 1884461Sailing Ship1,598
9SS Newnham23 July 1884575Steam Ship1296
10Main30 April 1885725Sailing Ship1691
11Ganges27 June 1885523Sailing Ship1,529
12Boyne26 April 1886537Sailing Ship1,403
13Bruce21 May 1886458Sailing Ship1,200
14Hereford24 April 1888539Sailing Ship1456
15Moy3 May 1889677Sailing Ship1,697
16Rhone15 May 1890585Iron Sailing Ship1,768
17Allanshaw17 June 1890573Iron Sailing Ship1,589
18Danube15 June 1891591Sailing Ship1,459
19Jumna27 June 1891447Iron-hulled full-rigged ship1,048 GRT
20British Peer23 April 1892527Three Masted Iron Sailing Ship1428
21Avon5 May 1892520Iron Sailing Ship1,572
22Hereford15 June 1892479Sailing Ship1456
23Moy14 April 1893467Sailing Ship1,697
24Jumna23 May 1893310Iron-hulled full-rigged ship1,048 GRT
25Ems20 April 1894570Iron Sailing Ship
26Hereford28 June 1894511Sailing Ship1456
27SS Vadala26 March 1895747Steam Ship3,388
28SS Virawa26 April 1895677Steam Ship3,334
29Erne24 April 1896557Fully rigged sailing ship1,692
30Elbe13 June 1896615Three-masted, iron sailing ship1,693
31Rhone11 May 1897653Iron Sailing Ship1,768
32Clyde1 June 1897670Sailing Ship1,840
33Moy1 June 1898568Sailing Ship1,697
34Avon25 July 1899467Iron Sailing Ship1,572
35Ganges3 September 1899464Sailing Ship1,529
36Ganges21 June 1900554Sailing Ship1,529
37Elbe26 July 1900604Three-masted, iron sailing ship1,693
38Arno23 July 1900627Iron sailing ship1,825
39Rhine30 August 1900491Iron Sailing Ship1,691
40SS Fazilka28 March 1901804Steamship4,152 GRT
41SS Fultala12 May 1901809Steamship4,155
42SS Fazilka18 June 1901776Steamship4,152 GRT
43SS Virawa26 April 1902718Steam Ship3,334
44SS Fazilka20 June 1902840Steamship4,152 GRT
45Mersey13 June 1903585Iron sailing ship1,829
46Elbe5 August 1903590Three-masted, iron sailing ship1,693
47Arno4 September 1903634Iron sailing ship1,825
48Arno3 May 1904631Iron sailing ship1,825
49Ems30 July 1904526Iron Sailing Ship1,829
50SS Fultala10 April 1905827Steamship4,155
51SS Virawa17 July 1905615Steamship3,334
52SS Wardha28 July 1905892Steamship3,917
53SS Fultala17 August 1905790Steamship4,155
54SS Fazilka17 April 1906881Steamship4,152 GRT
55SS Fultala28 April 1906801Steamship4,155
56SS Wardha28 June 1906834Steamship3,917
57SS Fazilka28 January 1907875Steamship4,152 GRT
58SS Virawa23 March 1907759Steamship3,334
59SS Fazilka25 April 1907796Steamship4,152 GRT
60SS Sangola18 March 19081132Steamship5,149
61SS Sangola6 June 19081086Steamship5,149
62SS Sangola1 February 19091152Steamship5,149
63SS Sangola21 April 1909667Steamship5,149
64SS Sangola7 March 1910926Steamship5,149
65SS Santhia22 April 19101021Steamship5,544
66SS Sangola5 June 1910869Steamship5,149
67SS Santhia8 July 19101030Steamship5,544
68SS Mutlah22 May 1911834Steamship3,393
69SS Sutlej25 June 1911850Steamship3,549
70SS Ganges22 July 1911860Steamship3,475
71SS Mutlah18 August 1911863Steamship3,393
72SS Sutlej4 October 1911811Steamship3,549
73SS Sutlej27 April 1912857Steamship3,549
74SS Indus8 June 1912804Steamship3,393
75SS Ganges18 July 1912843Steamship3,475
76SS Ganges8 November 1912846Steamship3,475
77SS Ganges21 February 1913771Steamship3,475
78SS Sutlej11 April 1913808Steamship3,549
79SS Ganges29 May 1913848Steamship3,475
80SS Ganges9 September 1913784Steamship3,475
81SS Chenab24 March 1914855Steamship3,930 GRT
82SS Chenab16 June 1914717Steamship3,930 GRT
83SS Mutlah7 May 1915852Steamship3,393
84SS Ganges21 June 1915846Steamship3,475
85SS Mutlah1 August 1915812Steamship3,393
86SS Chenab1 September 1916882Steamship3,930 GRT
87SS Sutlej11 November 1916888Steamship3,549


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