Vanua Levu

Romantic Savasi Island Resort, Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji Happiness In Fiji
Romantic Savasi Island Resort, Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji Happiness In Fiji | Image: Supplied

Location of Vanua Levu

Rivers of Vanua Levu

Main River Boda River, Bua River, Buca River, Bucaisau River, Dama River, Dreketi River (1), Galogalo River, Kasavu River, Kilaka River, Korolevu River, Korotasere River, Labasa River (2), Lagalaga River, Lakeba River, Lekutu River (3), Mataniwai River, Naiselesele River, Nakura River, Nala River (4), Nalomate River, Naqereqere River, Nasavu River, Nasekawa River (5), Nasoni River, Natoavou River, Navilagolago River, Nubu River, Qaloyaqa River, Qawa River, Sarowaqa River (6), Suetabu River, Tabia River, Tibitibi River, Togolevu River, Vaturova River, Vunivia River, Vuniyaro River, Wailevu River, Wainikoro River (7), Wainunu River (8), Yanawai River Tributaries (1) Dreketi River – Tributaries (Nabiti River, Korovuli River, Nakorotolutolu River, Nanenivuda River, Nasuva River, Seaqaqa River, Vunibelebele River. Naua River (Tributary: Drawa River,Lutukina River, Navuturerega River) (2) Labasa River – Tributaries Wairikicake River, Wairikiqisi River (3) Lekutu River – Tributaries Kavula River (Tributary: Nadamanu River, Nawailevu River) (4) Nala River – Tributaries Koroivonu River (5) Nasekawa River – Tributaries Drakaniwai River (6) Sarowaqa River – Tributaries Tavua River (7) Wainikoro River – Tributaries Nadogo River, Nalagi River (8) Wainunu River – Tributaries Dawacumu River, Nabuna River, Navilevu River

Biodiversity Conservation Project

Vanua Levu – Bird Sightings at Buca Bay

Metallic PigeonSpotted DoveOrange Dove
Peale’s Imperial PigeonWhite Rumped SwiftletWandering Tattler
Black NoddyLesser FrigatebirdWhite-faced Heron
Pacific Reef-HeronFiji GoshawkPacific Kingfisher
Red Shining-ParrotCollared LoryOrange-breasted Myzomela
Northern Wattled-HoneyeaterPolynesian TrillerFiji Whistler
Fiji WoodswallowNatewa SilktailStreaked Fantail
Slaty MonarchFiji ShrikebillVanikoro Flycatcher
Pacific SwallowRed-vented BulbulFiji Bush Warbler
SilvereyeLayard’s White-eyeCommon Myna
Jungle MynaFiji ParrotfinchRed Avadavat
Many-colored Fruit-DoveGreat FrigatebirdBrown Booby
Swamp HarrierShy Ground DovePacific Golden-Plover
Great Crested TernStriated HeronPacific Robin
Polynesian StarlingWhite Tern 
Table: Vanua Levu – Bird Sightings at Buca Bay

Human Geography

Three administrative provinces on the island of Vanua Levu:

  1. Bua Province
  2. Macuata Province
  3. Cakaudrove Province

People also ask:

Coconut Plantations in Vanua Levu

What does Vanua Levu mean?

Vanua Levu means ‘ Great Land’

How do you get to Vanua Levu Fiji?

There are two main options: by air or by sea. Air: Please read the following question for the different companies that operate flight services to the island, Sea: Grounder and Interlink Shipping offer services each week by sea to the island. More information on this can be read here.

How long is the flight from Nadi to Vanua Levu?

The standard internal flight from Nadi to Vanua Levu takes approximately one hour (60 minutes). There are 3 companies that provide reliable and professional service to the island: Fiji Link, a part of the Fiji Airways domestic family, departs from Nadi International Airport, Northern Air, a private company that operates out of the international airport based in Nasouri Suva; and Island Hoppers, a smaller company catering primarily to the tourism market

Fiji Airways and Northern Air have a fixed timetable they follow that services the island, whereas Island Hoppers is guided by the tourism market and is more adaptable to the client. For a full list of all the domestic airports in Fiji, read the following article: Domestic Flights: Getting Around Fiji.